Ubuntu Server 12.10: What to Expect

From standard feature upgrades to controversial integration with Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), we’ve already surveyed the highlights of the desktop version of the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 release. But what do Ubuntu server users have to look forward to Oct. 18? Read on for a round up of the new bells and whistles set to make their debut in the backroom version of one of the world’s most popular open source operating systems.
Since Ubuntu Server 12.10 is not a longterm support (LTS) release, which means its lifetime of official support from Canonical will be relatively short, it’s not likely to see significant implementation in production environments. But that also makes it a ripe testing ground for Ubuntu developers to roll out new server features and get some real-world feedback in time to smooth out the kinks before the next LTS release.
Ubuntu Server 12.10: What’s New
Toward that end, Ubuntu Server 12.10 will introduce its fair share of enhancements. Probably the most significant for many users is an upgraded version of the OpenStack open source cloud infrastructure. Ubuntu 12.10 will include the latest release of OpenStack, known as Folsom.
But perhaps more importantly, Ubuntu Server users can look forward to an easy means of keeping

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