OpenStack Folsom Release Arrives, Set to Impact the Cloud

The latest version of the open source OpenStack cloud platform, and the first version delivered by the newly formed OpenStack Foundation, is upon us. OpenStack Folsom is based on work from more than 330 contributors who implemented 185 different features, according to the OpenStack Foundation. There are enhancements to networking features, block storage and support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor. Here are more details. 
Contributors to Folsom also focused on localization efforts, including a new translation framework for user-facing guides and documentation. You can find complete Release Notes here. According to the announcement of Folsom:
"OpenStack Folsom automates pools of compute, storage and networking resources, now including emerging Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions via OpenStack Networking plug-ins, to build private and public cloud infrastructures without vendor lock-in. OpenStack Networking currently includes plug-in support for Open vSwitch, the Ryu open source network operating system, standard Linux bridge networking and commercial solutions from Cisco, Nicira, and NEC, with others in development."

We’ve reported on the formation of the Foundation extensively, and there is no doubt that it will swing a big stick on the cloud computing scene going forward.
"The launch of

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