Not Everyone Is So Smitten with OpenStack

Recently, the might of the OpenStack open source cloud computing project has reached epic proportions. Announcements from Red Hat, Rackspace and Canonical have flowed in about grand OpenStack-based plans and The OpenStack Foundation recently formed. But not everyone is so amped up about OpenStack. Gartner researchers have issued a stern warning about the platform. Here are the details.
Lydia Leong is the author of the cloud computing report and a research VP at Gartner who focuses on cloud computing. In her report, she writes:
"Hype around open-source CMPs (cloud management platforms) is causing some customers to make unfounded assumptions that may lead to poor sourcing decisions when they are choosing a CMP to build a private cloud, or when buying cloud IaaS from a service provider. Some people have been led to believe that because OpenStack is open source, it is an open and widely-adopted standard, with broad interoperability and freedom from commercial interests. In reality, OpenStack is dominated by commercial interests, as it is a business strategy for the vendors involved, not the effort of a community of

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