Practice Continuous Operational Improvement

Practice Continuous Operational Improvement

By: Antonio Piraino, ScienceLogic CTO

What really excites me about digital infrastructure is that it accelerates the learning curve in IT,” says Rachel Chalmers, Research Vice President of 451 Research . People incorporate the lessons learned into the next generation of building and deployment and that is an incredibly virtuous cycle. Agile programming paradigms like Scrum and XP put a ton of pressure on IT operations to ramp up much more quickly. These paradigms tended to develop in the web world where applications were being written to elastic cloud front ends, and as they migrated into the enterprise, agile programmers would demand the same kinds of scalability from IT operations. This has been a big driver of the adoption of hybrid and cloud deployments by enterprises.

It’s also been what’s behind the rise of the DevOps movement, and all of these movements trace themselves directly back to the Toyota production system. The idea of Toyota’s production system is that you can streamline, optimize, and examine the results and then feed those results back in for an ever more streamlined and modernized production process. “In order to get those lessons learned into the feedback process, you need to demand visibility and control of all your AWS assets, and that’s really where a watchdog like ScienceLogic can help a lot,” says Chalmers.

About Antonio Piraino

Piraino has 15 years of IT experience in sectors ranging from telecommunications to software development. A noted thought leader in cloud computing, Piraino came to ScienceLogic from Tier1 Research (a division of The 451 Group). As vice president and research director at Tier1, Piraino provided insight to service provider and enterprise clients, with a focus on data center, hosting and cloud computing technology research. Prior to Tier1 Research, Piraino was a technical manager for gaming software development firm Derivco. Piraino started his career in the satellite space, leading TDMA development for INTELSAT. Since then, his IT roles have taken him across the globe, including leadership positions with China Telecom, Telecom Italia, Akamai, and BCE Teleglobe.

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