Are Google Android SmartPhones and Tablets Too Disposable?

No one likes the idea that $500 tablet or smartphone they just purchased will be obsolete in just under a year’s time. Still, I’m starting to detect a trend in the Google Android device world. Unlike their Apple counterparts, it looks like Android devices are seemingly disposable and become outdated pretty darn quickly. Does that […]

Android Apps and the Honeycomb Holdup

Android Honeycomb tablets are now on store shelves and vendor websites. Six months from Honeycomb’s release, tablet makers have finally optimized their hardware to fit the new made-for-tablets OS version to their larger-than-smartphone screens. But where are the apps? Buyers of shiny new 8- and 10-inch touchscreen Android tablets suffer from a glaring lack of […]

Apple iOS versus Android

As Android’s popularity grows its competitors look for ways to slow it down. Things are looking a little rough for Android right now. Its increased popularity is not only attracting millions of new fans but is also attracting unwanted patent attention from competitors unhappy with its success. Earlier this week Apple won a significant patent […]

Version 3.2 of Android for tablets released

Android SDK tech lead Xavier Ducrohet has announced that the Android Platform 3.2 mobile operating system has been released. The developers have made the corresponding SDK (Software Development Kit), including an emulator, available to download. Like its series 3 predecessors, the operating system that is mainly developed by Google has been optimised for tablet PCs. […]

ZeuS trojan attacks Android

Several AV vendors report that, after targeting Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices, a variant of the ZeuS online banking trojan now also infects Android smartphones and will upload any TANs that arrive via SMS text message to a server. If they have control of victims’ PCs as well as their smartphones, criminals are then […]

List of Companies that Pay Royalties to Microsoft for Using Android OS

According to Microsoft, Google’s Android OS is infringing on many of its patents and hence those manufacturers who use Android for their devices owe royalties to Microsoft. But the intriguing fact is that, instead of suing Google itself for infringing on its patents, Microsoft is finding it easy to sue or threaten smaller firms which […]

Browser market share sees Chrome growing, Firefox stalled

Chrome is rapidly establishing itself as the third browser and statistics suggest that it is the browser benefiting from Internet Explorer’s losses. Although data from the companies that sample browser usage on the web is not inherently reliable on its own, when the same trend is apparent from different sampling techniques, it becomes notable. According […]

Google Stops Linux Searching as Linux 3 Advances

All good things must come to an end, even on the Linux Planet. This past week we were alerted to the demise of Google’s Linux search after years of activity. While one Linux asset is now gone, the future of Linux in the form of Linux 3.0, KDE and Btrfs continue to move forward. 1. […]

Android Market’s Malware Flood Level Rises With Plankton Surge

Yet another Android malware package has been publicized just two weeks after the last one, dubbed “DroidDream Light,” was disclosed. This latest malware, named “Plankton” by Xuxian Jiang, an assistant professor in North Carolina State University’s computer science department, exploits Dalvik, Android’s process virtual machine, Jiang wrote. That allowed it remain undetected by traditional antivirus […]

A new stable release of Chrome: safer and snazzier

Today’s new stable release of Chrome brings improvements in security, privacy, and graphics to Chrome’s 160 million users. Chrome is now more secure, thanks to enhancements to our Safe Browsing technology. In addition to protecting you from certain malware and phishing websites, Chrome now warns you before downloading some types of malicious files. We’ve carefully […]

Android Seen Reaching for Its Wallet

Google will unveil a mobile payment service on Thursday in New York, according to a recent Bloomberg report. This will be available on Android smartphones from Sprint Nextel. The service will let Android smartphone owners with the NFC feature enabled pay for goods and redeem coupons through their handsets. Google will roll out the service […]

Is Android Really the ‘Open’ Platform?

Much has been claimed by Google ever since the infant days of its Android mobile operating system. The claim it has seemed to champion the most is that its platform is open by nature. One of the biggest complaints about iOS has been Apple’s lockdown policy, so naturally, Google would want to make its platform’s […]

The Android Empire Rules the Smartphone World

The Android platform tops the list in sales of smartphone operating systems for the first quarter of 2011, according to a report by market researcher Gartner. Total smartphone sales accounted for 23.6 percent of global handset units overall, and various phones sporting Google’s Android OS took 36 percent of that market. They sold more than […]

Google Deodorizes Sniffable Android Security Flaw

Google has begun rolling out a patch to fix a security flaw in versions 2.3.3 and earlier of its Android mobile operating system. That flaw affects all Google services using the ClientLogin authentication protocol. It lets hackers access any personal data available through Android’s application programming interfaces. “The flaw is now fixed for all versions […]

Google plans to close Android hole as soon as possible

Google says that it has started “to roll out a fix which addresses a potential security flaw that could, under certain circumstances, allow a third-party access to data available in Calendar and Contacts”. The fix will roll out globally over the next few days, said a Google spokesperson in an official statement. No user action […]

Introducing CityHash

We’re pleased to announce the new CityHash family of hash functions for strings. We’re releasing two functions today: CityHash64 and CityHash128. They hash strings to 64- and 128-bit hash codes, respectively. These functions aren’t suitable for cryptography, but our experience so far shows that they’re great for, say, hash tables. We tried to optimize for […]

Linux Foundation announces Android Builders Summit and Embedded Linux Conference

The Linux Foundation has announced the 2011 Android Builder Summit to take place from 13 to 14 April at the Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco. Following the Embedded Linux Conference, the ABS will run for one and a half days, starting at 1 pm on the 13 April. The ELC runs from the 11 to 13 […]

Tread Carefully in Shopping for Early Android Tablets

If you caught the Super Bowl over the weekend, and paid attention to the advertisements–which always go for a pretty penny–you no doubt saw Motorola’s ad for its Android tablet, and other ads featuring the open source Android mobile OS. Aside from the notable fact that a Linux-based operating system was right there in between […]

Chrome 9 is released! Top 5 features in the new chrome browser

Google finally released Google chrome 9 stable, 2 weeks later than it’s promised release-date. We have summarized top 5 must-try features in new chrome! Read and look more at Unixmen

Android 3.0 Platform Preview and SDK released

Google has announced the availability of a preview of the Android 3.0 Platform, code-named “Honeycomb”, and updated the SDK tools with an enhanced UI Builder and 3.0 support. The preview of 3.0 contains APIs which are non-final but which will allow developers to become accustomed to the tablet form factor support which has been the […]