Google’s Pursuit of Open Video Standards is Coming to a Head

We’ve made the point many times that one open source browsers–with Firefox and Chrome leading the way–are setting the pace in browser innovation, but as open source browsers run neck-and-neck, and still compete with Internet Explorer, are we in danger of seeing fragmented standards? On The Chromium Blog this week, Google officials wrote that they […]

On GPL Compliance, Android Tablets Get an ‘F’

There seems to be no stopping the current avalanche of Android tablets, and that’s undoubtedly a good thing for Linux. A shadow was recently cast upon that otherwise sunny landscape, however, in the form of a report examining said tablets’ GPL compliance. “The GPL requires that vendors either provide the source code to the GPL […]

Google: Most Android devices now running version 2.2

Figures released for the last two weeks of activity show that 52.8% of devices running Google’s open source Android mobile operating system are now running version 2.2. The figures come from the latest Platform Versions device dashboard breakdown of different versions of Android in current use on the Android Developer portal. The share taken by […]

Can Android do Serious Linux Work, or is it Just a Toy?

Lugging a laptop around is preferable to commuting, but why not go even more portable with a smartphone or tablet? Can Android serve as a capable remote server administration platform? Android is based on Linux and is open source, so it seems it should be a natural for portable administration. Both Apple’s iOS and Google’s […]

How Badly Is Android Rattling RIM?

A flap has arisen between ITG Investment Research and market intelligence blog Asymco over data regarding Verizon, Android and Research In Motion sales figures. Android’s strong showing is killing off the RIM BlackBerry, according to an Asymco analysis, based on a report from ITG Investment Research. However, Verizon has “three strikes” against it, Asymco said, […]

Chrome Beta Testers Get Their Hands on Google’s Little Black Book

Google’s testing program for its open source Chrome operating system is no ordinary beta. The company is inviting applications to be one of the reportedly 60,000 users who will be part of the beta test and receive a Cr-48 netbook loaded with Chrome OS. Google reportedly is signing up beta testers by U.S. ZIP code […]

Android 2.3 Platform

For developers, the Android 2.3 platform is available as a downloadable component for the Android SDK. The downloadable platform includes an Android library and system image, as well as a set of emulator skins and more. The downloadable platform includes no external libraries. To get started developing or testing against Android 2.3, use the Android […]

Google releases Chrome 8.0 stable

Previously only available in the Beta channel, Google has released version 8 of the Chrome web browser into the stable channel. This major update is the first version capable of using the upcoming web store and includes a built-in PDF viewer that’s sandboxed to help prevent attackers from exploiting security vulnerabilities in the plug-in. A […]

KDE Part of Google Code-in

This year, KDE is delighted to have been chosen to take part in Google Code-in. Following the success of Google Summer of Code in previous years, Google Code-in is a new program to encourage pre-university students to contribute to free software communities. Like other participating organizations, KDE has provided a list of tasks that can […]

Google Soups Up Apache With New Speed Module

Google on Wednesday released mod_pagespeed, a module for the Apache HTTP Server that will automatically perform various website speed optimization tasks. This includes 15 or so on-the-fly optimizations. Google claims mod_pagespeed reduces average page load times by up to 50 percent. However, mod_pagespeed works only on Apache servers and is complex to deploy, according to […]

Google open sources Apache server speed mod

Google has open sourced an Apache server module designed to speed website performance. Presumably, the module is based on the mystery Google Web Server the company uses to serve its own pages. Known as “mod_pagespeed,” the Apache module speeds performance “on the fly” in 15 separate ways, which include optimizing page caching, minimizing client-server round […]

Android faces critical security study

An analysis of the most critical part of the Android smartphone operating system has turned up programming errors, some of which could allow hackers or malicious applications to access users’ e-mail or other sensitive information. The study examined the publicly disclosed version of the Android kernel – heart of Google’s open-source software for phones – […]

Oracle goes in hard on Google Java suit

Oracle has updated its patent infringement suit against Google. Now the enterprise software corporation has point-blank accused the ad broker of directly copying its Java code, according to reports. According to InfoWorld, the originally vague suit now includes specific examples of code that Oracle claims Google had filched to use in Android, with examples thoughtfully […]

As Apple and Google Compete Fiercely, Remember Google’s Search Ecosystem

Without a doubt, Google’s Android mobile OS is already giving Apple a run for its money on the smartphone front, but does it have an even more promising future on other types of devices? If you haven’t seen HDTVs powered by Android and Google TV, have a look. The Google Tablet, which runs Android and […]

The Android invasion cometh: is resistance futile?

Last month, we learned from Gartner that Android will probably be the number-two worldwide mobile OS this year, and may lead the pack by 2014. With Android’s growing use as the OS embedded in phones, netbooks, tablets, set-top boxes, and LCD HDTVs, we can’t help wondering: will the Linux-based OS soon dominate the entire non-PC […]

Gmail vs. Zimbra Desktop 2.0

In the battle of Web-based clients, who’s going to take the crown? Gmail or the newly released Zimbra Desktop 2.0? After a week of comparison, the findings are in and there’s a clear winner. With 2.0, Zimbra adds support for social networks, Zimlets, and more — but are they enough to unseat Gmail? I’ve always […]

Google releases Chrome 7.0 stable

Nearly seven weeks after the arrival of Chrome 6 on its second birthday, Google has released version 7 of Chrome into the web browser’s stable channel. The update includes hundreds of bug fixes, an updated HTML5 parser, support for directory upload and an HTML5 File API, which allows for web-based content to read files stored […]

Google stays strong as Yahoo slips in search market

Google had a good month in September, with its search share gaining and rivals Yahoo and Microsoft Bing taking a hit. Google, the dominant search leader , grabbed 72.15 per cent of all U.S. searches in the four weeks ending 2 October, according to Hitwise, an online traffic monitor. That’s up slightly from 71.59 per […]

As Goes Chrome OS, So Goes Google’s Chrome Browser

If you happen to think, as I do, that Google Chrome is emerging as the very best browser available, it’s worth noting a point that we’ve made many times on OStatic: Chrome’s evolution will have everything to do with the ongoing development of Google’s upcoming Chrome OS. Chrome OS, Google’s first operating system aimed squarely […]

Taking Care of Business with 12 Great Android Apps for Enterprise Users

While Android smartphones were initially targeted at the consumer market, with the release of Froyo/Android 2.2, they’re increasingly making their way into the enterprise — and several Android applications are now available that are specifically designed to meet business users’ needs, covering everything from document scanning to task management. Although many of these Froyo apps […]