Linux AIO Team Releases an All-in-One ISO Image for Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS

Mr. Željko Popivoda from the Linux AIO team reports that Linux AIO Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS is now available for download and, as its version number suggests, it is based on the latest point release of Canonical’s Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) operating system, including the Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, Kubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, Ubuntu GNOME 14.04.3 LTS,

Work sprints with a Pomodoro timer

Time management is important for everyone. When we get our tasks done efficiently, we leave more time for other things we’re passionate about. There are numerous tools on your Fedora system to help you manage your time effectively. One of them is a Pomodoro timer. The… Continue Reading →

Monthly News – September 2015

News We’ve a lot of news this month. Before getting started and talking about what we’ve been working on, I’d like to thank all the people who helped us. More than 300 people donate to us every month and more so than the financial support this gives us, it’s also a sign of appreciation and […]

New Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities Fixed in Ubuntu 15.04, Users Urged to Update Now

The first kernel vulnerability patched in Ubuntu 15.04 has been discovered by Benjamin Randazzo and it is related to an information leak in Linux kernel’s md (multiple devices) driver, which could allow a privileged, local attacker to retrieve sensitive information from the kernel. The second security flaw was discovered by Marc-André Lureau in Linux kernel’s

User Freedom Summit

The FSF’s 30th anniversary celebrations are this Saturday, October 3rd. We are so excited about our party and User Freedom Summit! RSVPs for the FSF30 party will be closed as soon as we hit our capacity limit, which we expect to happen by midnight tomorrow at the latest. If you are registered to attend the

Azul Zulu 8 charm now available

Canonical is excited to announce that Azul Zulu 8 is now available in the Juju charm store. With 300 charms and growing, the Juju charm store is the destination for cloud-based enterprise applications. Azul Zulu® is a certified, multi-platform build of OpenJDK that is compliant with the Java SE 8, 7, and 6 standards. As developers and operations […]

Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.1 Now Available for Download with Over 20 Bugfixes

After announcing the release of the eighth maintenance release of the still supported Mesa 10.6 branch, Collabora’s Emil Velikov comes today, September 26, with news about the first point release of the new Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0 series.

According to the release notes, which we’ve attached at the end of the article…

Parsix GNU/Linux 8.5 (Atticus) Announced, It Will be Based on GNOME 3.18

Now that the Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0 (Mumble) distribution has been released, and that the highly anticipated GNOME 3.18 desktop environment hit the streets with its numerous new and attractive features, the developers of Parsix GNU/Linux teased users on Twitter about the upcoming release of the Debian-based operating system.

Parsix GNU/Linux 8.5 is the next major release of the distribution, and it will be dubbed Atticus, built around the recently announced GNOME 3.18 desktop…

GStreamer 1.6 Arrives with OpenGL 3, Stereoscopic 3D and Multiview Video Support

The developers of the open-source and cross-platform multimedia framework that is being used by numerous commercial and open source software projects were extremely proud to announce that GStreamer 1.6 is now available for download.

According to the release notes, which have been attached at the end of the article for reference, GStreamer 1.6 introduces support for stereoscopic 3D and multiview video streams, better handling of DTS (decoding timestamp) and PTS (presentation…

ClearOS 7.1 to Offer a Replacement for Microsoft Active Directory, IPv6 and Btrfs Support

ClearFoundation’ David Loper comes today with news about the immediate availability for download of the first RC (Release Candidate) build of the upcoming ClearOS 7.1.0 enterprise-class, server oriented GNU/Linux distribution based on CentOS 7.

According to the release notes, ClearOS 7.1.0…

Krita Port to KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt 5 Almost Done, Krita 3.0 Coming Later This Year

Krita developer Boudewijn Rempt reports on the work done by him and other devs that are part of the team responsible for porting the famous open-source and cross-platform digital painting software to the next-generation KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt 5 technologies.

Therefore, the good news we want to share with you today is that the port of Krita to Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5 is almost done, with a few quirks here and there, but, technically, they are done porting it. Of course, t…

Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 Might Include New VPN Switch in the Indicator Network

After receiving the email from the Ubuntu Community Manager, David Planella, in regard to the work done by the Ubuntu Community Team in the week that has just passed, we’ve been informed by Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak about the latest features that landed in the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system and will ship with the…

Ubuntu Touch Weather App Reboot Approved, File Manager to Receive Samba Support

We’ve just received a very interesting email from Canonical’s David Plannella, who writes about the things achieved by the Ubuntu Community Team during the week that has just passed, keeping everyone up to date.

According to Mr. Plannella, the most …

Wine to Get a Stable Release Once a Year

The Wine developers are putting some order into their project, and they have decided to switch the project to a time-based release model, with major releases coming only once a year.

Wine is a rather predictable piece of software, and we know that a new version is launched every Friday, at intervals that can vary between a few weeks and even a single week. Until now, the developers have been maintaining two branches, a development one and a stable one. For the past year or …

QEMU Vulnerabilities Closed in All Ubuntu-Supported OSes

Quite a few QEMU vulnerabilities have been identified and fixed in Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. A new patch has been released, and it’s now available through the regular channels.

QEMU is defined as a machine emulator and virtualizer, so it’s a virtual machine like GNOME Boxes or VirtualBox, to some extent. This is the not the first time that vulnerabilities have been found in this packages, and it won’t be the last. In any case, users should really…

Steam for Linux Beta Client Gets a Fix for the Audio Wizard

The Steam client is approaching another stable release, and developers have just added a number of general fixes and improvements, with a little something for the Linux platform.

The Steam development cycle is completely unpredictable, and Valve could release a new stable version tomorrow or next week. The general rule seems to be that, when the changelogs are getting shorter and full of small fixes, it’s quite likely that devs are approaching a new release.

According to…

Grand Ages: Medieval Strategy Game Released for SteamOS

Grand Ages: Medieval is a new strategy game that combines both turn-based elements and real-time battles into a single experience. It’s developed by Gaming Minds Studios and published by Kalypso Media Digital.

Players will immediately notice that the game takes a lot after the Total War series, but the developers from Gaming Minds Studios have tried to make their own thing. The reception hasn’t been all that great, but the title is still young and it has time to gather more…

Fresh Team Fortress 2 Update Released by Valve

Valve has released a new major update for Team Fortress 2, the first-person multiplayer game that is still among the most played games on the Steam platform.

Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play game that puts a big emphasis on items that can be equipped in games and less on providing users with advantages over the other players. The fact that you can sell and buy hats seems to be a very successful model for Valve, and this is probable one of the most profitable titles develop…

Webconverger Kiosk Devs Found Out Firefox Is Leaking Info

Webconverger is a powerful Linux distribution that can be deployed in places like offices or Internet cafes, or any other kind of environment where users don’t need to have any kind of access to the desktop.

As you can imagine, there are many distros out there that are designed to work as a kiosk and Webconverger is not the only one. To that effect, Webconverger is a commercial product, which in this case make its developer work harder to make sure that they remain in the r…

Xubuntu 15.10 Beta 2 Screenshot Tour – Change Is Not on the Menu

Xubuntu 15.10 Beta 2 was released by its developers yesterday, but don’t expect to see anything out of the ordinary in this new iteration. The gallery posted below will make this quite clear.

The Xubuntu distribution hasn’t changed all that much in the past couple of years. The OS is based on the Xfce…