Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) Gets Linux Kernel Regression Fix

A Linux kernel regression for Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) has been identified by Canonical and the developers have issued a patch that should be available through regular channels.

Canonical lands numerous kernel updates during the development cycle of an Ubuntu version and it’s likely that some of those will probably cause problems due to some unforeseen circumstances. That’s quite normal and it’s one of the reasons for the existence of there regression fixes.

“USN-2448-1 fixed vulnerabil…

Divinity: Original Sin For Linux Will Launch with Improved Engine and Gameplay

Divinity: Original Sin is a complex RPG developed by Larian Studios that managed to get a lot of praise from the community. It’s been out on Windows for quite some time and the developer are also planning a Linux version.

The Linux edition of Divinity: Original Sin has been in the works for some time and the devs said that it will be out for the open source platform sometime in March. Now, more good news is coming from Larian Studios as the developers also said that the Linux version of Divin…

Gates of Horizon Is a New MMO for Linux without Subscriptions or Micro-Transactions

Gates of Horizon, a new massively multiplayer online game developed and published by Hex Keep, has been released on Steam for Linux.

There are quite a few MMO titles on Steam for Linux already and they are pretty varied, for the most part. Surprisingly enough, there is no game quite lite Gates of Horizon, which does away with fancy graphics and focuses more on the gameplay experience. This title has been described as a space conquest online game, but it does features some interesting RPG elem…

Ubuntu Systems Used in Slovakian Municipal Elections

Linux systems are becoming more and more popular, not to mention easier to use. The direct result of this is that the public sector has started to take notice. In Slovakia, for example, Ubuntu has been used in the recent elections.

One of the main features of Linux systems is definitely security and that might be the main reason for choosing it, especially in a sensitive domain like the elections. Another major advantage is that Linux is usually open source and that helps city administrations…

Manjaro 0.8.11 Brings Support for Linux Kernel 3.18

Manjaro 0.8.11 is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux, which is also 100% compatible with the repositories of the base system. It’s been out for a short time, but developers have already pushed a second major update for it.

It took developers a lot of time to get Manjaro 0.8.11 out the door and it looks like there are still a large number of issues and other problems to be fixed. The good news is that devs are very much aware that they need to fix things, so they are working very hard fo…

Lubuntu 15.04 Alpha 1 Is Out and Still Uses LXDE – Gallery

Lubuntu 15.04 Alpha 1 (Vivid Vervet) has been officially released and it follows its Kubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME brethren. Users can now download and test this latest installment.

The Ubuntu ecosystem gathers some of the most important desktop environments under one roof and LXDE is just one of them. Besides Xubuntu, which is a no-show for this Alpha, Lubuntu is actually the lightest version available.

It’s capable of running on systems with very low hardware requirements and it can be consider…

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Alpha 1 Prepares for GNOME 3.14, Go Forth and Test

The Ubuntu GNOME developers have released the first version of the 15.04 branch for their Linux distribution and it looks like this operating system is also going through some interesting changes, just like Ubuntu, although not on the same scale.

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Alpha 1 (Vivid Vervet) is the next version in the series and the first Alpha version has arrived with a moderate number of changes, although some important ones are being prepared and they will likely land in next devel iteration.

Latest Calibre eBook Reader and Converter Now Support Latest Kobo Firmware

The Calibre eBook reader, editor, and library management software has just reached version 2.13 and the developer has added an important driver and made quite a few fixes and improvements.

Many users don’t know that Calibre can be used not only as an ereader or eBook converter but also to manage the library collection on the host computer or in the storage of the devices.

That includes basically anything that comes with a display and the ability to load eBooks, like phones, tablets, and erea…

Kubuntu 15.04 Alpha 1 Is the Biggest Update in Years, Features Plasma 5 by Default

Kubuntu 15.04 Alpha 1 (Vivid Vervet), a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that uses the KDE desktop environment, has been released and is now ready for testing.

The first round of Alpha releases for the new 15.04 branch has arrived and Kubuntu is the first one in line. The developers now have an ISO image that can be tested and they made a number of very important changes.

The biggest one is the upgrade for the desktop, which now uses Plasma 5 by default. It was about time to see it added t…

Ubuntu Touch to Land with Bq Aquaris e4.5 Phones in February

The privilege of getting the first Ubuntu phone on the market belongs to Bq, which will release its Aquaris e4.5 device to the European public in February, 2015.

The first two companies that have been confirmed to release phones with Ubuntu Touch are Meizu and Bq. Until now, only Meizu showed any kind of involvement with Ubuntu Touch and they were the first to announce a launch window. On the other hand, Bq has been silent, but it seems to have been very busy and to be the first one out the d…

LibreOffice 4.3.5 Is Now the Most Advanced Stable Release

The Document Foundation has announced the release of LibreOffice 4.3.5, the famous open source office suite, making this the most advance stable version available.

The LibreOffice team of developers from The Document Foundation have released a new maintenance update for LibreOffice 4.3.x branch, which is the latest one made available. Because this is a maintenance version, there are no major upgrade or new features, but there are some interesting changes. It you already have this branch insta…

What is Ubuntu Snappy?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably heard about this new thing from Canonical called “Snappy” Ubuntu Core, but at the same time trying to understand exactly what it is may leave you cross-eyed, especially with the buzzwords such as “cloud”, “containers” and “apps” floating about. Once you get a handle on it, it’s obvious […]

Robolinux 7.7.1 LXDE Runs Windows App with Stealth VM

Robolinux 7.7.1, a fast and easy-to-use Linux distribution based on Debian has just received a new desktop environment, LXDE, making this the third second flavor of the distribution.

The other two flavors of the distro are GNOME and Xfce and now the developers have added LXDE. Normally, we would think at the Xfce edition as the lighter one, but now that LXDE has been implemented that role falls on the flavor. The new addition is not terribly different from the other ones and only features a o…

Calculate Linux 14.12 Is Based on Gentoo and Has Numerous Flavors

Calculate Linux, an optimized distribution designed for rapid deployment in corporate environments that’s based on the Gentoo project and includes numerous pre-configured functions, has been upgraded to version 14.12 and is now available for download.

The Calculate Linux distribution is actually made up of quite a few different flavors which are aimed at different users, with very different hardware configurations.

It’s difficult to maintain a single quality edition of a Linux distro, so you…

GTK 3.14, Nautilus 3.14 Land In Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet [Quick Update]

Quick update for Ubuntu users planning to use Ubuntu 15.04: GTK 3.14 has landed in Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet. And of course, the default Ubuntu themes, Ambiance and Radiance, have been updated with GTK 3.14 support.Furthermore, Nautilus, an application that wasn’t updated in quite a while and was still at version 3.10, has been updated […]

Beautiful New “Paper” Theme Made for GNOME and GTK3

A new GTK+ theme called Paper is being designed right now and it looks like it’s already a winner, even if it hasn’t been finished.

There are hundreds of active themes right now for Linux systems, and to be fair, only a small number of them are actually good enough to be considered. Most of them are too tacky or they belong in an era when that sort of design was acceptable. We’re not including here the themes provided by default in famous operating systems like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, or Fedora.

Torchlight II Might Be Arriving Soon on Linux

Torchlight II is an action hack-and-slash title developed and published by Runic Games on Steam and it looks like it’s getting closer to a Linux release.

The game has been made available on Windows and Mac OS since 2012 and it looks like the Linux version of the game is finally getting some attention. The developers from Runic Games also ported their first Torchlight for the Linux users, although they had some small technical problems.

“Torchlight II takes you back into the quirky, fast-pace…

Hearthlands City-Building Game for Linux Looks and Feels like Zeus or Pharaoh – Gallery

Hearthlands, a new city-building real-time strategy game developed and published by Sergio & Simon on Steam, has been released on the Windows and Linux platforms.

Linux gamers don’t have too many strategy games like Hearthlands, although there are a number of city-building titles. The Tropico franchise comes to mind, but this game looks and feels much more like the old Caesar, Pharaoh, and Zeus, although it incorporates many more features.

“You take a role of a king in a procedurally generat…

SuperX 3.0 Beta Is Out and It’s a Surprising KDE Experience – Gallery

SuperX 3.0 Beta, an operating system that is highly modular, flexible, and that comes with a customized KDE desktop aimed at all user categories, is now available for download and testing.

Not too many people have heard about SuperX, but that is only because the developers don’t make releases often. In fact, the previous iteration of SuperX arrived all the way back in October 2013, so it’s been more than a year since then. From the looks of it, the makers of this distro used the time to make …

Reviewing 2014, Penguin Porn, and Dropping Distros

Today in Linux news are several reviews of the events of 2014. Elsewhere Linux.conf.au lost its hashtag to an adult entertainment awards and another Linux security flaw is making the news rounds. KDE 3-clone Trinity desktop saw a new release and Bruce Byfield asks why the number of Linux distributions are declining. The most interesting […]