Android Malware Hits Record Heights, Report Warns

Android malware has increased 472 percent since July, a new report from Juniper Networks warned earlier this week, with the months of October and November shaping up to see the fastest jump in Android malware ever discovered, the company stated. The number of Android malware samples identified in September increased by 28 percent over the […]

Google releases Android 4.0 source — and Honeycomb too

Google released Android 4.0.1 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) code to open source, along with the Android 3.x (“Honeycomb”) code that it has kept under wraps since it arrived on Android tablets earlier this year. The release follows the Nov. 11 introduction of Android native development kit (NDK) v7, which has been upgraded for Android 4.0 with […]

Andy Rubin: Android 4.0 to be open sourced by year end

Speaking at this week’s AsiaD conference in Hong Kong, Andy Rubin, Google Senior VP of Mobile and the man in charge of Android development, confirmed that the source code for the next major update to Android, version 4.0, will be available as open source “a couple of weeks” after the recently announced Galaxy Nexus smartphone […]

Android 4.0: New design, new features

The latest version of Android, 4.0, will offer a brand new design, better gesture control and a number of minor improvements, many of which were inspired by iOS, WebOS and especially by Windows Phone 7. A few Windows Phone 7 design ideas, a few WebOS gestures and some iOS for the user interface: for the […]

How Linuxy Is Android?

The Kindle Fire, the Android-based tablet Amazon revealed in late September, could well be the next step in the ongoing metamorphosis of Google’s Linux derivative into a proprietary operating system. Even if Amazon does not lock down its altered Android platform, it clearly has created a major fork in the Linux road. Modifying Android is […]

India’s $35 Tablet ‘Aakash’ Launched, Runs Android 2.2

India’s much talked about US$35 tablet running Android 2.2 Froyo is finally launched. World’s cheapest tablet will be called ‘Aakash’ and it’s exact price is Rs.2,276. At current rates, final cost will be around US$50, which still makes it the world’s cheapest tablet. If the price point of this Android tablet impressed you already, specifications […]

Survey says: Innovators prefer Android

According to market analyst Nielsen’s August market data, more than half (56 percent) of the smartphones acquired over the most recent three months ran Android. Perhaps the market analyst’s most interesting observation, though, is that innovators prefer Android to iOS by a margin of 40 to 32 percent. In terms of competition among the top […]

Android Now Owns Nearly Half the Global Smartphone Market

Not only is the smartphone market itself surging, but one market research firm shows Android at nearly 50 percent of the global smartphone market. The data from Canalys also shows that Android is handily leading Apple’s iOS in market share, and that the worldwide smartphone market grew 73 percent year-on-year, with more than 107.7 million […]