New release date for Mageia 3

After some thought and discussions it was decided to delay the Mageia 3 final release until the 18th of May. We still have some release blocker bugs to fix, meaning bugs which cannot be fixed after release through updates. They … Continue reading

We are nearly there! Mageia 3 RC is out

We are now 2 weeks from the end of the trip! (at least we hope we will have no delay). Mageia 3 RC release is now available for the very last tests. We need your feedback more than ever. Mageia … Continue reading

Mageia 3 beta 4 live ISOs are now available

Just a short post to let you know the Live ISOs for Mageia 3 beta 4 are now being uploaded. Sorry for the long wait for these. We hope they will be worth waiting for! As always please test them … Continue reading

Let’s have a round-the-world party!

Mageia 3 release is coming up in around one month – who wants to join in the celebrations around the world? We’ll be emailing everyone who registered on the Mageia Communities page on the wiki, but if you’re not on … Continue reading

Mailing-lists migration in progress

When the Mageia project was started, it didn’t have any server. Fortunatly people from proposed to host the basic project infrastructure (mainly the website, wiki and mailing lists) until the project can have its own servers. Mageia.Org now has … Continue reading

Mageia 3 beta 4 is waiting for your tests

After all the delays in our Mageia 3 planning,  we’re very pleased to be able to announce the beta 4 release. Packagers and the QA team have worked hard to fix as many bugs as possible. We are now one … Continue reading

Mageia’s 2013 General Assembly and the new Mageia board

As usual, Mageia.Org’s general assembly was held during FOSDEM in Brussels. During the general assembly Anne Nicolas (ennael) presented the associaton’s moral report to the assembly. During and after the presentation participants raised their questions about it, answered by ennael … Continue reading

Mageia 3 beta 3 is finally out!

As we said in a previous blog post, Mageia 3 planning was modified to give us some more time – for one beta release more, and to enable us to hunt more bugs. We finally had to face quite a … Continue reading

Mageia 3 planning – or, the old story of the hare and the tortoise

After some discussions in a Mageia council meeting, it has been decided to give some more time to the lead-up to the Mageia 3 final release, so we can have more tests, more bug fixes – and  a more stable … Continue reading

Read all about it! Introducing the Mageia documentation team

When you discover a new distro, you can explore the different menus and tools and find out what is familiar and what is new to you. But you also need some more detailed explanations of the different features which are … Continue reading

Time for tests! Mageia 3 beta 2 is out

  We are reaching the final run for Mageia 3 release: beta 2 isos are available for tests. This was a real release full of server failures and bugs . Still, the QA team did a fantastic work as usual. … Continue reading

Mageia 3 beta 2 is coming soon

Being later than planned is becoming quite a tradition with Mageia3! Due to some unforeseen problems with the build server and a nasty kernel bug affecting USB support, beta 2 development release is also a bit delayed. All being well … Continue reading

Mageia will have a booth at FOSDEM 2013

As with previous years, Mageia will be at FOSDEM 2013. We will have a booth in building K, first floor. If you are around let’s meet and speak about our favorite distribution! We will speak about coming Mageia 3 release, but … Continue reading

Happy Mageia New Year!

To all Mageia people around the world, wherever you are, summer or winter, we hope 2013 is a great year for you – and we plan to make it a great year for Mageia! Looking back… 2012 was a pretty … Continue reading

Mageia 3 beta 1 waits for your tests

Finally here is Mageia 3 beta 1. This first beta release was a bit tricky as it comes with some major new features in installer. GRUB2 has been included as an option for now. Using DVDs with classical installer you will … Continue reading

Mageia 3 beta 1: release hell strikes again!

We initially planned Mageia 3 beta 1 today but release time can be unpredictable. Beta 1 will come with some big changes in installer and it took much more time than we expected to integrate it. QA is in progress on … Continue reading

Mageia 1 EOL

Mageia 1 has now reached EOL (end of life) and will not receive any further security or bugfix updates.
You are encouraged to upgrade to Mageia 2 to remain fully updated.
Please see here for more information on upgrading.

Send bugs ad patres for Mageia 3 alpha 3!

Finally the bug hunt was successful and this alpha 3 release is now available for tests. We hope you will enjoy this new one. Upgrade from Mageia 2 is now possible and we need your feedback to make it smooth … Continue reading

Mageia 3 alpha 3 is a bit delayed

Due to some graphic issues during QA tests of alpha3 isos, we will delay a bit this third alpha release.
Stay tuned!

From great to excellent!

Quick update – deadline for submissions is November 30, so please let us have your contribution really soon! Mageia 2 looks good – now let’s see what you can really do! Before we look to Mageia 3, we would like … Continue reading