Mageia 3 beta 1 waits for your tests

Finally here is Mageia 3 beta 1. This first beta release was a bit tricky as it comes with some major new features in installer. GRUB2 has been included as an option for now. Using DVDs with classical installer you will … Continue reading

Mageia 3 beta 1: release hell strikes again!

We initially planned Mageia 3 beta 1 today but release time can be unpredictable. Beta 1 will come with some big changes in installer and it took much more time than we expected to integrate it. QA is in progress on … Continue reading

Mageia 1 EOL

Mageia 1 has now reached EOL (end of life) and will not receive any further security or bugfix updates.
You are encouraged to upgrade to Mageia 2 to remain fully updated.
Please see here for more information on upgrading.

Send bugs ad patres for Mageia 3 alpha 3!

Finally the bug hunt was successful and this alpha 3 release is now available for tests. We hope you will enjoy this new one. Upgrade from Mageia 2 is now possible and we need your feedback to make it smooth … Continue reading

Mageia 3 alpha 3 is a bit delayed

Due to some graphic issues during QA tests of alpha3 isos, we will delay a bit this third alpha release.
Stay tuned!

From great to excellent!

Quick update – deadline for submissions is November 30, so please let us have your contribution really soon! Mageia 2 looks good – now let’s see what you can really do! Before we look to Mageia 3, we would like … Continue reading

Mageia 1 reaching EOL

This is a reminder about the end of life process for Mageia 1. Mageia 1 got the project off to a great start, and is soon heading for a well deserved rest. According to our support policy every release is … Continue reading

Troubles with the mailing-lists server

As some of you may know, part of our mailing-lists are still hosted on server and we thank them for that. This server is having an issue at the moment and is unreachable. So for now following mailing-lists are … Continue reading

Modification in Mageia 3 planning

Due to the delay of the Mageia 3 alpha 2 release, the alpha 3 release will be postponed until  2012 Nov. 12th. It will give more time for development, bug fixing and QA. The final release of Mageia 3 is … Continue reading

After a nice bug hunting, Mageia 3 alpha 2 is out!

After some days spent on bug hunting with QA team, alpha 2 isos are finally ready to be tested. Alpha 2 comes with a full set of isos. As usual you will find 2 DVDs using classical installer and a … Continue reading

Mageia 3 alpha 2 a bit delayed

While Mageia 3 alpha 2 is planned for tomorrow, we can already announce some delay (a few days): some issues   to be solved on isos so that we can release a full set including live CDs and DVDs. Stay … Continue reading

Wow! Where did the time go? We’re 2!

Back in September 2010, when Mageia was born, we had big dreams for our baby distro.  It’s great to be able to say: our dreams are coming true! What’s happened since our first birthday? We released Mageia 2 and have started … Continue reading

Try Mageia 3 alpha 1!

Here we go again! Mageia 3 is on the way, and here is the first alpha release. Alpha 1 is now available for download. We are now waiting for your tests. You will find, as usual, DVD and dual isos. … Continue reading

Last run for Mageia 2: test beta 3!

For some days the suspense was at its height. We are now happy to deliver this beta 3  release which is the very last beta version for Mageia2. Lots of work has been done on release blocking bugs, final design is nearly all integrated and we now wait for all your feedback. Beta 3 comes with all the […]

Mageia 2 is approaching: test Mageia 2 beta 1

We are now entering last run for Mageia 2 release: first beta is now available for tests. Beta step is essential as it will focus on fixing bugs and improving integration for all distribution. This is now also the main focus for our packagers team. They are waiting for your reports! Get more information on […]

Here comes Mageia 2 Alpha3!

The third development release, Mageia 2 Alpha3 is now available for tests. This is the last alpha version so we really need your input now. More information on Alpha3: alpha3 release notes; in particular, check our known issues and what you can test and report; development roadmap specifications download links Thanks to everyone for their hard work […]

Mageia 2 Alpha 2 is ready to test

Here’s the next milestone on the way to Mageia 2 – Alpha 2 ISOs are ready for download. More than ever we need you to test, test, test and report bugs. Check the wiki links for: alpha2 release notes; in particular, check our known issues and what you can test and report; development roadmap specifications download […]

Mageia 2 Alpha 1 – ready for testing!

We’re all excited today! We’re at the first milestone on our way to Mageia 2 – Alpha 1 ISOs are ready for download. Now it’s time for everyone to test, test, test and report bugs – so that Mageia 2 will be in great shape for release in May. You will find more info on […]

New roadmap for Mageia 2 published

The Mageia project has announced that version 2.0 of its Mandriva Linux community fork will be delayed. In a post on the Mageia Blog, the developers say that they have decided to postpone the final release of Mageia 2 following more details about the release dates for other major projects, such as GNOME and KDE, […]

Happy Birthday Mageia!

Yesterday, September 18, was Mageia’s first birthday. It was one year ago that a fork of Mandrake Linux was announced. From the start Mageia decided to take a new tack in distribution development. They synthesized the community and professional models of development in way no other had quite done before and it’s paying off. Mageia […]