Discover the brand new Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring

Mandriva, announces today the launch of the final version of Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring. Quicker, easier and more secure than ever, Mandriva Linux offers new functionalities which revolutionise the desktop. It is the ideal distribution for all users, from the beginner to the most advanced. * Imagine a simpler life with a unique technology : […]

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring delayed

Mandriva has confirmed that the next major release of its Linux distribution, originally expected to arrive on the 3rd of June, has once again been delayed. In early June, the French Linux distributor surprisingly issued a second release candidate (RC2) and postponed the release date for the distribution indefinitely. According to a post on the […]

Mandriva’s Future Rosy or Rose Colored?

It was over six weeks ago that rumors, later confirmed as true, circulated stating that Mandriva’s financial situation was so dire that it was considering buy-out offers to try to avoid having to close its doors. This news struck many Mandriva users and developers hard and all held their breath waiting for further news and […]

Community Asking Mandriva More Directions

Following the  “leak” about – among other subjects – negotiations involving  LightApp and Linagora, the Mandriva Linux French-speaking Users Association  appreciated the reaction of the top management of Mandriva in May to communicate about current matters Today, one month later, no new official news has been published although the situation seemed unsustainable. The new […]

Mandriva Saved By New Investors

After weeks of concern about the “catastrophic state of it’s finances” and an indefinite delay in the release of version 2010.1, the French website LeMagIT is reporting that Mandriva has been saved by new investors. The article quotes Mandriva Director General Arnaud Laprévote: “Today the company found investors who decided to invest in the company, […]

Mandriva in the storm…

Mandriva team is at the moment in a very bad situation. No real strategy and no decision for a while now, even if CEOs have changed several times these last months. Hervé Yahi, end of 2008 (now CS0), Stanislas Bois (was CFO before), then now Arnaud Laprévote. Just want to recall that Mandriva is having […]

Mandriva Linux is a fantastic scientific platform

Stéphane TELETCHEA is working in a french research laboratory. He is also contributing to Mandriva Linux as a tester and packager for some years now. Below is his testimony in Mandriva Linux use for his daily work. We started using Mandriva Linux (Mandriva at that time) in the laboraty for the great combination of an […]

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring RC2

As announced previously, here comes the last development release for Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring. This is essentially a bug fix release. Again isos are available on all public mirrors: 32 and 64 bits DVD isos and mini dual iso (both 32 and 64 bits) for Free release (100% Open Source software) live CDs One isos for KDE […]

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring is coming soon!

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring’s development planning is on track. Latest release helped to fix many bugs and improve quality of your favorite distribution. As explained previously on this blog, Mandriva is in discussions to find new ways to improve means for our distribution, its community and its “place” in Free Software ecosystem. Therefore, our planning […]

Novell vs. Mandriva: Don’t Confuse 2 Potential Linux Sales

Novell, promoter of SUSE Linux, is listening to potential takeover bids. Mandriva, promoter of a Linux distribution that has 3 million users, is in discussions with potential investors. As a result, some pundits think Mandriva Linux and Novell SUSE Linux face similar business challenges. The VAR Guy begs to differ. Here’s why. First, some background: […]

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring RC isos are available

Here comes the last development release for Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring. A few days left now before final release planned for 3rd of June.  These isos are available on all public mirrors: 32 and 64 bits DVD isos and mini dual iso (both 32 and 64 bits) for Free release (100% Open Source software) live CDs […]

Mandriva is for sale!!!

Since 2008, the financial position of Mandriva is difficult. This is actually in 2010 that the situation worsens. Now the situation is critical of the publisher. It is now for sale. Two companies are actively discussing with Mandriva, is the company’s British and French LightApp Linagora. This news follows an extract published on Boursorama the […]

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring Beta2 is available for tests

We are now very near from final release. Here comes the second beta release for 2010 Spring version of Mandriva Linux. As usual you will be able to test it as it’s available on your favorite public mirror: 32 and 64 bits DVD isos and mini dual iso (both 32 and 64 bits) for Free […]

Mandriva 2010 Spring backgrounds contribution

Mandriva will provide 10 more backgrounds to complete official design of your favorite distribution. How to participate? You want to participate, it’s easy: Sent your pictures until 9th of may 2010 on Mandriva 2010 Spring backgrounds contribution Flickr group Mandriva will choose 10 of them (from different contributors) to include in an additional backgrounds package If […]

Arnaud Laprévote appointed as Mandriva CEO

Mandriva today announced that its board of directors has named Arnaud Laprévote on the 24th of March to serve as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Arnaud Laprévote succeeds Stanislas Bois. Arnaud will surround himself with Hervé Yahi, Chief Stategic Officer and Stanislas Bois, Chief Financial Officer at Mandriva. Arnaud Laprévote will also hold the position […]

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring Beta 1 available

Time has came for first beta release for 2010 Spring version of Mandriva Linux.  It’s now available through 32 and 64 DVD isos, as well as live-CD isos for GNOME and KDE on public mirrors 2010 Spring planning Detailed information about Beta1 release This release is including GNOME 2.30 (released on April 1st) and a preview […]

Benchmarks: Mandriva 2010.1, PCLinuxOS 2010, Ubuntu 10.04, openSUSE 11.3

Last week we delivered benchmarks of Fedora 13 Alpha and Ubuntu 10.04 (along with testing the Fedora 11 and 12 too), but today we have a new set of comparative benchmarks that are covering the latest development versions of Ubuntu 10.04, Mandriva 2010.1, PCLinuxOS 2010, and openSUSE 11.3. Here they are. Read more at Phoronix

Mandriva Enterprise Server 5.1 is available!

First update of Mandriva Enterprise Server 5, the Linux server simple and innovative, is available today. Coming with plenty of technology enhancements, hardware support scope and softwares list have been increased. Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 aims to be innovating in order to make infrastructure management even easier. Test it now: isos and virtual images are […]

Health Check: Mandriva

Mandriva began life in July 1998 as Linux Mandrake in France in Gael Duval’s bedroom after he ported a KDE 1.0 desktop onto Red Hat Linux 5.1, uploaded the result onto two FTP servers, went away on holiday, and came back to find that he had a popular and successful Linux distribution on his hands. […]

Mandriva Joins ARM Connected Community

Mandriva, Europe’s leading Linux publisher, today announced it is a new member in the ARM® Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services. As part of the ARM Connected Community, Mandriva will gain access to a full range of resources to help it market and deploy innovative solutions that will enable […]