Second Successful Ubuntu Hackathon Ends in China

A second Hackathon has just been completed in China, and developers from all over the country came ready to play with Ubuntu and all sorts of gadgets.

Hackathons are very short meetings for developers in which they try to make cool apps or come with ideas for devices and other gadgets. Unlike the previous year, which was centered around app and scope development for Ubuntu Touch, this year, it expanded to other various IoT devices.

IoT or Internet of Things is a category…

Grsecurity Forced by Multi-Billion Dollar Company to Release Patches Only to Sponsors

Grsecurity is a well-known set of patches for the Linux kernel, which greatly enhance the ability of the system to withstand various security threats. As you can imagine, there are many companies that want to use Grsecurity, and they need to follow the accompanying GPL license. They are not doing that, and now Grsecurity needs to take some drastic action.

The Grsecurity patches cover certain versions of the Linux kernel, and they are available for download. This means that …

Mycroft’s AI Could Power Ubuntu’s Unity and Give Users Voice Control

The makers of Mycroft, a device based on Raspberry Pi 2 that is governed by an AI and is capable of making your house a smart one, have just announced that they plan to release the voice recognition software to help users control their desktops.

One of the things that most people noticed with Mycroft Kickstarter project was the voice recognition capabilities of the device. Raspberry Pi 2 is powerful, but nowhere near as powerful as regular desktops, so the fact that it coul…

Calibre 2.36 Adds Support for Icon Themes, New Firmware for Kobo Readers, More

Kovid Goyal announced the release of the Calibre 2.36 open-source and cross-platform ebook viewer, converter, and library management software for all supported operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Calibre 2.36 brings several attractive features like the ability to change the app’s icons by using icon themes, which are available under the Look & Feel setting o…

Upcoming GPS Navigation App for Ubuntu Touch Will Be Amazing, Says Developer

We wrote numerous articles related to the GPS Navigation app available for Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system, but the next release promises to bring even more features, as well as a major facelift.

Earlier today, Marcos Costales teased us with a screenshot (click the image to the right to see it) of the next GPS Navigation release, which we have to admit lo…

NetworkManager 1.0.6 Adds Support for Wake-on-LAN Configurations, More

Lubomir Rintel informs users about the release and immediate availability for download of the sixth maintenance version of the open-source NetworkManager network connection management utility for GNU/Linux operating systems.

According to the release notes, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, NetworkManager 1.0.6 replaces NetworkManag…

Laptop Mode Tools 1.68 Brings systemd Integration, Helps Prolong Your Battery Life

Ritesh Raj Sarraf had the pleasure of informing us about the immediate availability of an updated Laptop Mode Tools software, version 1.68, which brings systemd integration, and many other goodies that help prolong your laptop’s battery life.

According to the release notes, Laptop Mode Tools 1.68 adds parent identifiers, adds a timer-based polling for systemd, optimizes…

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 Beta 1 Is Out with Updated Software Center, Linux Kernel 4.1 LTS

As part of the release of Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) Beta 1 for opt-in flavors, the Ubuntu Kylin team had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download and testing of the first Beta build of the upcoming Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 distro.

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 Beta 1 is powered by Linux kernel 4.1 LTS…

Another successful Developer Hackathon in China

The second in a series of Chinese developer hackathons took place last weekend (22nd and 23rd August) in Shenzhen. Once again there was an overwhelming positive response, with over 170 people signing up online for the pre-hackathon and 30 people turning up onsite. This developer hackathon unlike the prior one in Beijing not only focused […]

Videos from Flock 2015 in Rochester are available now

Recently, the Fedora community gathered in Rochester, New York for Flock 2015, our annual conference for contributors. There were dozens of workshops and presentations at Flock, covering subjects like new technology, documentation, and grassroots promotion of Fedora. Were you not able to attend… Continue Reading →

Winners crowned in the China Mobile & Ubuntu developer contest

Just recently the ‘’And your Dream come true’’ Innovation contest, launched by China Mobile and Canonical, drew to a close. The competition attracted both Ubuntu enthusiasts and developers nationwide, affording them the opportunity to help fast-track the new Ubuntu mobile ecosystem. This contest has provided a creative platform for young developers to flourish and pave the […]

Build a network router and firewall with Fedora 22 and systemd-networkd

One of my favorite features of Fedora 22 is systemd-networkd and all of the new features that came with it in recent systemd versions. The configuration files are easy to read, bridging is simple, and tunnels are resilient. I’ve recently… Continue Reading →

Deploying a Juju Cluster on Brightbox Cloud

Juju is described as a state-of-the-art, open source, universal model for service oriented architecture and service oriented deployments. It takes the configuration scripts written in other tools and wraps them into a charm which can be deployed either with the Juju CLI tool or its GUI interface. And it’s really easy to run up a […]

New MakuluLinux Aero 10 Beta Build Looks Like Windows Vista – Gallery

Jacque Montague Raymer is currently in Hong Kong (lucky him) and has just informed Softpedia about the new features implemented in the upcoming Beta build of his MakuluLinux Aero 10 distribution, which uses the Cinnamon desktop environment with a theme that resembles the look of Windows Vista.

MakuluLinux Aero 10 Beta build 2.3 is not available for download at the moment of writing this article (we will update the article when it’s released), but the release notes have been…

Logic Supply Announces Fanless, Intel Atom-Based Internet of Things Gateway

The Logic Supply hardware company, known for selling all sorts of industrial and embedded computers powered by GNU/Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, announced the general availability of a fanless Internet of Things (IoT) gateway.

Designed from the ground up to ease the control and management of energy and operational data in industrial sites and commercial buildings, the new CC150 fanless computer is dubbed “Internet of Things Gateway” and it is powered by Candi’s embed…

Cinnamon 2.8 to Add Device Vendor and Model Information, Better Box Pointers

Apparently, the creator and lead developer of the Linux Mint project, Clement Lefebvre, already works on the next major release of the acclaimed Cinnamon open-source desktop environment.

According to Mr. Lefebvre, Cinnamon 2.8 will bring (for now) f…

Mesa 10.6.5 Brings Nouveau and Radeon Fixes, Mesa 11 Release Candidate Arrives

The developers of the open-source Mesa 3D Graphics Library that is currently used by default in numerous, if not all GNU/Linux operating systems, have announced the release of the fifth maintenance version of Mesa 10.6.

According to the attached changelog, Mesa 3D Graphics Library 10.6.5 fixes the nouveau_vieux regression introduced in the 10.6.0 release, adds an all-new OLAND PCI ID for the RadeonSI driver, and addresses an issue for Maxwell GPUs in gm107/ir.


Enlightenment 0.19.9 Open-Source Desktop Environment Is Out with 28 Bugfixes

The developers of the Enlightenment open-source desktop environment used in numerous GNU/Linux operating systems have announced the release and immediate availability of the ninth maintenance version of Enlightenment DR 0.19.

According to the attached release notes, Enlightenment 0.19.9 fixes 28 issues reported since the last point release of the modern desktop environment. Among these, we can mention the addition of more icon sizes to the systray component, as well as the …

Linux Foundation to Launch New Security-Focused Badge Program for Open-Source Software

During the LinuxCon and CloudOpen events that took place last week in Seattle, North America, Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative announced that they are developing a new free Badge Program and that they want to know the open source community’s opinion on the matter.

More exactly, the press release, which we have attached at the end of the article for reference, notes that the Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) project, which is in charge …

Opera 33 Dev Adds Window Vibrancy Effect on Mac OS X, Better Windows 10 Support, Based on Chromium 46

Opera Software, through Tomasz Procków, has informed all users of the Opera web browser that version 33 of the cross-platform software is now in development with lots of new features and numerous bugfixes.

Being based on the Chromium 46.0.2471.2 open-source web browser, Opera 33.0 build number 1963.0 landed in the development channels and brought with it a more perfected…