Opera 35 Arrives with Better Downloads Interface, Improved Mute Tabs, More

A new Opera stable release is now out, and the developers have introduced a number of new features that are going to be enjoyed by the community.

The Opera project continues to improve the browser, and they have released quite a few versions since in 2016, covering all the available branches. Today’s release is in the stable branch, and that means that it’s time to see what’s new in the latest Opera 35.

Each new Opera update usually brings some new features, and the team…

Solus Installer Is Getting Better Before Version 1.1 of the OS Is Out

The Solus operating system is getting closer to the 1.1 release and developers are now fixing the installer, among other things.

Solus is at the moment going through a bug-fixing stage, and the developers are making sure that they will fix as many bugs as possible before the first point release hits the streets. The stable version of Solus has been around for more than a month, so it’s only natural for the developers to start looking towards better support.

Fortunately f…

Steam for Linux Still Below 1% with 40% of Users on Ubuntu

The number of Linux users on Steam continues to hover just below 1%, but we now know that about 40% of these people are using Ubuntu for gaming.

Since nothing of worthy of attention is happening with the Steam for Linux use, we might as well look at…

Samsung’s Android browser gets ad blocking capabilities

Samsung is today adding support for content and ad blocking plugins to the web browser preinstalled on its Android phones. The updated browser, which is being pushed to Samsung phones with Android Marshmallow starting today, with plans for Lollipop availability in the coming months, will let users install helper apps that block ads from websites

Ubuntu Touch OTA-9.5 Hotfix Bigger than Expected, Final Release Might Be Delayed

We have just been informed by Łukasz Zemczak of Canonical about the latest work done in preparation for the upcoming OTA-9.5 hotfix update for Ubuntu Phone mobile devices.

According to Mr. Zemczak, the Ubuntu Touch developers are still working hard on fixing the last remaining bugs, as well as on adding much-needed improvements to the mobile operating system. This means that they did not yet have the time to generate a first RC (Release Candidate) build and send it over to …

Vendetta Online MMORPG Game’s Capabilities Are Evolving, Devs Say

Guild Software, the developers of the popular and cross-platform Vendetta Online MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), have recently announced the release of the Vendetta Online 1.8.368 update.

Vendetta Online 1.8.368 introduces a new method for handling the visibility of limited-availability missions, which will be grayed out from now on and will show players a timer indicating their availability. It also optimizes the rendering of singular stars in the …

Ubuntu Linux 32-Bit ISO Images Are Up for Discussion Again

In the latest ubuntu-devel mailing list entry, open source software engineer Dimitri John Ledkov shares his thoughts on the matter of the 32-bit ISO images for the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

While the developer is well aware of the fact that there are still many people with old hardware in this world, and that some of the most prolific software is running only on 32-bi…

GTK+ 3.19.8 Out Now with New Radio and Check Implementation, Bugfixes

Just a few days ago, we announced the release of the seventh maintenance build for the stable GTK+ 3.18 series of the GNOME 3.18 desktop environment, but now the hard-working devs behind the project have released a brand new development version.

GTK+ 3.19.8 is now available for download, and we’ve managed to get our han…

Linux Kernel 4.1.17 LTS Is a Major Update, Brings Many x86, ARM64 and PPC Fixes

After announcing the release of Linux kernel 4.4.1 LTS, Linux kernel 3.10.96 LTS, and

Arch Linux 2016.02.01 Available for Download, Still Powered by Linux Kernel 4.3

It’s the first day of February, so guess what? A new ISO image for the powerful and highly customizable Arch Linux operating system is now available for download via the official channels.

Arch Linux 2016.02.01 was released just a couple of hours ago for those of you who would like to deploy the independent Linux kernel-based operating system on new machines.

The new Arch Linux ISO image is…

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) Now Officially Powered by Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS

It’s finally here! We know that we’ve told you so many times about the fact that the upcoming Ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system will get the long-term supported Linux 4.4 kernel someday, but that day is today, February 1, 2016.

Just a few minutes ago, Canonical pushed the final Linux kernel 4.4 LTS packages into the stable repositories of the upcoming distribution for early adopters like us to upgrade and replace the old Linux 4.3 kernel from the Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf…

Linux Kernel 3.14.60 LTS Released with PowerPC and AArch64 Improvements

After announcing the release of Linux kernel 4.4.1 LTS and Linux kernel 3.10.96 LTS, kernel maintainer and developer Greg Kroah-Hartman has published some details about the availabilit…

Mozilla Pushes Firefox 45 into Beta, Promises GTK3 Integration for Linux, Again

Now that we’re all enjoying the new features of the Firefox 44.0 web browser on our personal computers, the time has come for Mozilla developers to concentrate their efforts on the next major release.

Firefox 45.0 was pushed to the Beta channel at t…

Ubuntu Phone’s Unity 8 Convergence Progress Captured in a Single Photo – Updated

We all know by now that there’s a lot of Ubuntu Phone convergence work in progress happening as we speak, and with each new OTA update, Canonical’s mobile devices are turning into full-fledged and usable desktops.

We spotted earlier today a new image on the Google+ profile of Marius Quabeck, who managed to capture a nice photo of his converged Ubuntu Phone device connected to an LCD a…

digiKam 5.0 Image Editor Receives New, Sleek Color Lookup Adjustment Tool

By the looks of it, this year, KDE users will have a bunch of awesome and powerful tools, all of them ported to the next-generation Qt 5 UI toolkit, and this is also the case of the famous digiKam image editor.

digiKam is an open-source, cross-platform and free image editor software piece, as well as a versatile image viewer and browser tool that is usually shipped by default with most KDE desktop environments setups on several important Linux kernel-based operating systems…

Introducing NayuOS, a Free Alternative to ChromeOS with No Google Login

NayuOS is a new operating system built by Nexedi that aims to provide users with a Chrome OS free alternative.

There are a few Chrome OS alternatives out there, so NayuOS is not exactly arriving without any kind of candidates. The team doesn’t change anything at the base of the system, meaning that it’s a Gentoo and Chromium OS-based project, but the developers have made modifications to the default apps and to the settings.

There is always room for another Linux distrib…

Images of Meizu Pro 5 with Ubuntu Touch Leaked Online

A few images showing the Meizu Pro 5 running Ubuntu Touch have been spotted online, but it’s a confirmation that a new phone from Meizu is getting Ubuntu.

Only one device from Meizu got Ubuntu, the MX4, and that one is not even available for sale right now. The online store for Europe has been closed and the device is not even listed on the official website. From what we can tell, either it was a limited edition or the Chinese company simply dropped the phone.

This is re…

GPG key management, part 1

Welcome back to the GPG series, where we are exploring how to make use of GPG with other applications to secure and protect your data.This installment will cover key creation, key revocation certificate creation, and sending the public key to… Continue Reading →

New Elementary OS Theme Replicates the Old Ubuntu 8.04 Look and Feel

One of the designers working on elementary forked the elementary icon and GTK themes to create an old-school version that resembles the orange artwork used in previous Ubuntu OSes.

The Ubuntu designers are changing the current orange color used in their distro to another kind of orange. It’s not a big modification, but it prompted one of the elementary designers to make a special theme for elementary OS that gives the feeling of running an old Ubuntu 8.04.

Ubuntu used to…

Ubuntu Getting Closer to the Rolling Release Model

Discussions about making Ubuntu a rolling release distro have been going on for a few years now, but a decision wasn’t made. It turns out that it might happen anyway when Ubuntu running Unity 8 and Mir become mainstream.

Canonical already has a rolling release Ubuntu distribution right now, and it’s the one running on the phone. It’s running Unity 8 and Mir, and the same underlying code will be used for the desktop edition as well.

If we also remember that Canonical want…