Victor Vran Action RPG Is Now Available on Steam for Linux

Victor Vran, an isometric action RPG developed by Haemimont Games and published by EuroVideo Medien on Steam, has been released on Linux as well.

The genre of isometric action RPGs is a very well defined one and it incorporates titles like Diablo. Victor Vran has been very well received by the community and the Linux platform has been supported right from the start.

“Victor Vran lets you decide how to play the game. Forge your own personal version of Victor thanks to a v…

Ubuntu MATE Is Dropping Ubuntu Software Center

The Ubuntu MATE distro will no longer ship with the Ubuntu Software Center starting with the next 15.10 Alpha 2 release, one of the project developers announced.

It looks like the developers of Ubuntu MATE have been asked questions about their choice of default package manager. Ubuntu ships by default with the Ubuntu Software Center and some members of the greater Ubuntu family are using it as well. Others chose to replace it with something else and now it’s Ubuntu MATE’s t…

KDE’s Plasma Mobile Not Giving Proper Credit to Ubuntu Touch, Says Developer

KDE developers have announced that they are working on a new project called Plasma Mobile. From what the developers are saying, it’s running on Wayland and is capable on running Ubuntu apps. One of the problems is that at least one of the Ubuntu developers has noticed that, even if the project is based on Ubu…

Linux Mint 17.2 OEM and No-Codecs ISO Images Now Available for Download

We reported the other day that Clement Lefebvre, leader of the Linux Mint project, published news about some of the upcoming work that would be done for the acclaimed GNU/Linux operating system based on Ubuntu.

According to Mr. Lefeb…

KDE Announces Plasma Mobile, Available Now for LG Nexus 5, Supports Ubuntu and Android Apps

Today, July 25, KDE e.V., the organization behind the modern, mature, and robust KDE desktop environment, which is used in numerous Linux kernel-based operating systems, has had the great pleasure of announcing a new project targeted at mobile device, …

Linux Mint 17.2 OEM images available

The following OEM installation images are now available: Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon OEM 64-bit Linux Mint 17.2 MATE OEM 64-bit Reminder: OEM images are for computer vendors and manufacturers. They allow Linux Mint to be “pre-installed” on a machine which is then used by another person than the one who performed the installation. After an […]

Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 to Bring Telephony Improvements, Wi-Fi Hotspot, APN Editor

On July 24, Canonical’s Bill Filler sent in his report on the work done by the Ubuntu Touch developers, as well as to inform us all about the new features and bug fixes that will be implemented in the upcoming OTA-6 update for Ubuntu Touch.


Linux Mint 17.2 offers desktop familiarity and responds to user wants

These days, the desktop OSes grabbing headlines have, for the most part, left the traditional desktop behind in favor of what’s often referred to as a “shell.” Typically, such an arrangement offers a search-based interface. In the Linux world, the GNOME project and Ubuntu’s Unity desktop interfaces both take this approach. This is not a

GNOME News Promises to Be an Unbelievable Feed Reader for GNOME 3.18 – Video

On July 24, Igor Gnatenko was more than proud to publish some details about his upcoming news reader app for the highly acclaimed GNOME desktop environment, called GNOME News.

The GNOME News app is written entirely in the Python dynamic programming language that makes use of the latest GTK+ 3 GUI toolkit, Tracker search engine, and WebKitGtk+ WebKit engine port to GTK+ technologies.

Prominent featu…

FreeBSD 10.2 Gets Ready for Production Use, Release Candidate 1 Out for Testing

The FreeBSD Project announced a few minutes ago that the first Release Candidate (RC) version of the upcoming FreeBSD 10.2 operating system is now available for download and testing through the usual channels.

According to the changelog, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, FreeBSD 10.2 RC1 is here to add IPv6 support to the quota u…

KDE’s Plasma Phone UI Runs on Top of Wayland, Ubuntu Touch, and Kubuntu – Video

It was recently brought to our attention that the KDE developers are hard at work these days preparing a new user interface (UI) for mobile devices running on top of the Ubuntu Touch and Kubuntu operating system, as well as on the next-generation Wayland display server.

We all know that, just like GNOME, KDE always tried to bring its desktop environment to mobile devices, such as smartphone and tablets, since five years ago during the development of the KDE 4 user interface…

Canonical Cloud Chatter: July 2015 Newsletter

School’s out for the summer – in the Northern Hemisphere – but we’ve been busy planning Juju workshops, adding new locations to our popular Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals Training course and preparing for a number of upcoming events! Read what’s new and exciting with Juju, containers and our partner ecosystem and get in touch if you […]

One Ubuntu PC maker is kicking Adobe Flash off its Linux systems

System76, a Denver-based vendor of Ubuntu Linux laptops and desktops, has stopped pre-loading Flash on its machines. The company is also strongly recommending that current customers purge Flash from their systems as well. Amid calls to accelerate the death of Adobe Flash Player, at least once PC vendor is taking matters into its own hands.

Colour a Black and White Photo in GIMP

Here’s a quick video (from Ronnie) on how to colourise a black and white (b&w) photo in GIMP.

Upgrade path from 17 and 17.1 to 17.2 now open for all editions

The upgrade path from Linux Mint 17 and 17.1 to Linux Mint 17.2 is now open for all editions (Cinnamon, MATE, KDE and Xfce).
Instructions on how to perform this upgrade are available at

Azul Systems joins Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme

DevOps Teams to be “Charmed” by Zulu, Azul’s 100% Open Source JDK DevOps teams will be able to deploy cloud-based, tested and certified open source Java directly from Canonical’s Charm store Azul’s Zulu build of OpenJDK becomes the first fully-supported Java distribution in Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme The availability of Azul Zulu in the Juju […]

More Juju, Big Data and Snappy Beauty from Dataart

What do you get when you combine Juju with Spark & Apache Zeppelin, Raspberry Pi with Snappy, Bluetooth Low Energy, DeviceHive and a TI SensorTag? Check out the video from Dataart.

Monthly News – July 2015

July was all about the releases, a lot of testing and bug fixing The Cinnamon and MATE editions of Linux Mint 17.2 were released and users of these editions were able to upgrade from Linux Mint 17 and 17.1. Everything went well and the reception was very good. It was a real pleasure for us […]

GPS Navigation App Gets New and Important Features on Ubuntu Touch

GPS navigation is an important function for any smartphone, but there wasn’t anything for Ubuntu Touch until recently. As it happens, an application that’s called just that, GPS Navigation, has been released a few weeks back and now a new major update has been made available.

One of the main complaints regarding Ubuntu Touch is that it doesn’t have enough apps and that some of the major apps present on other platforms are not available on Ubuntu as well. The truth is that m…

Solus Operating System Is Now Based on Linux Kernel 4.1.3 LTS

The Solus operating system has received a set of updates and developers made some important changes, like the adoption of a new Linux kernel of a new GTK+ version.

Solus is a distro built from scratch, and that gives its developers are a lot of freedom. When you’re using another distro as the base, like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and so on, you might be constrained by those projects to use certain packages in order to keep things synchronized. When you’re building from scratch…