Learn Ubuntu – The Unity Dash

Learn about the Unity Dash within Ubuntu. This guide highlights the different scopes, filtering of results and how to integrate audio applications, photo applications and online accounts. Read more ….

Canonical Pushes Bash “Shellshock” Patches for Ubuntu Systems

Canonical has patched a number of Bash vulnerabilities in their Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating systems.

As you might have heard, a new major vulnerability has been identified for Unix systems, this time for Bash. OpenSSL is of the hook as it seems that the new Bash exploit, called Shellshock is actully much worse. In any case, most oft he Linux distros devs have already patched their systems against this issue.

“Florian Weimer and Todd Sabin discovered tha…

openSUSE 11.4 Is Now Truly, Finally Dead

openSUSE 11.4 has finally reached the end of Evergreen support, a few months after it was supposed to, bringing the entire system to a halt.

The official support for openSUSE 11.4 officially ended back in November 2012, but the openSUSE ecosystem has things that sets it apart. One of those things is called Evergreen support. Basically, after a version of OpenSUSE reaches End of Life, the community can extend the life of the system by integrating patches and fixes long after the developers hav…

Happy 4th Birthday, LibreOffice!

The famous office suite built by the Linux Foundation, LibreOffice, has just turned four years and the developers have been quick to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Four years ago, a group of developers split from the OpenOffice.org project and started LibreOffice. Their aim was to improved OpenOffice.org and turn the entire suite into a much more accessible and lighter software solution.

A big part of the Linux community thought that the project will go into the direction of most forks a…

Netrunner Rolling Linux Updated to Fix NVIDIA and Bash Issues

The KDE-based Netrunner Rolling Linux distro has been updated shortly after the initial release in order to correct a problem with the NVIDIA drivers and the developers took this opportunity to also updated a number of other packages.

The Netrunner Rolling version of the distribution was originally released just a few days ago and it’s based on Manjaro. The regular version uses Kubuntu as a base, but the end result is not all that different. The two distros have different update philosophies….

OpenELEC 4.2.0 Is a Powerful Media Center Linux OS

The embedded operating system built specifically to run the famous XBMC media player solution, OpenELEC, has been upgraded to version 4.2.0 and the image is now ready for download.

The OpenELEC devs have finally released the stable version of the operating system after numerous Beta iterations. A huge number of fixes and updates have been implemented in all the intermediary Betas, and that makes this release an important one.

OpenELEC usually follows the XBMC project very closely, but this i…

OpenMandriva Lx 2014.1 Gets Newer Kernel, New KDE Version, and Better Boot Time

The OpenMandriva Association association has announced that OpenMandriva Lx 2014.1, the first update for this beautiful KDE-based Linux distribution, has been released and is now available for download.

The new and improved OpenMandriva Lx 2014 was made available back in May and the developers have already pushed the first big update for the distro. It’s a consistent one and it covers some of the most important aspects of the operating system.

The Mandriva name is not a coincidence, although…

Everyone likes graphs. Right?

If you follow FCM on Google+. Facebook, or Twitter (if not, why not?) then you’ll have seen the post I (Ronnie) made showing our current Google Play stats. This time I’d like to share with you our Issuu stats: (this is as of Saturday 27th Sept 2014 – click image to enlarge) Read more at […]

Oracle Linux is coming to Ubuntu’s OpenStack cloud

An unlikely partnership will soon bring Oracle’s Red Hat-based Linux distribution to Ubuntu’s cloud. Read more ….

New “Shellshock” patch rushed out to resolve gaps in first fix

After the discovery that a patch designed to repair the “Shellshock” vulnerability in the GNU Bourne Again Shell (bash) still allowed for an attacker to execute commands on a remote system, Red Hat, Ubuntu, and other Linux distribution providers have pushed out a second fix to the vulnerability. At the same time, security researchers and […]

Valve Super Sale, Office Reunification, and elementary Reviews

In today’s newsfeeds the elementary OS beta is getting good reviews. The Register says don’t be disappointed that Ubuntu 14.10 is bring precious few new goodies. Both Bash bugs are now patched. Charles-H. Schulz blogs about reuniting LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice and Valve is giving Linux users 75% off all games. The Bash bug duo […]

A Norsified Linux for Windows and OS X wobblers

First things first: the name. The next Elementary OS was codenamed Isis – as in the Egyptian goddess of magic and life. That was until Islamic State became a thing and the distro’s team decided such associations were unwanted. Now it’s Freya, as in the Norse goddess of love and, er, war. Conflict aside, what […]

Hijacking Open Source

Somewhere along the line, we’ve lost the spirit of what open source is supposed to be. Cloud computing, the rise of social networks, and data mining personal information on a massive scale has led to an explosion of interest in server side open source, but personal open source still languishes in comparison. Linux.com is running […]

Grab your scrubs, here comes FCM#89!

This month: * Command & Conquer * How-To : Install Oracle, LibreOffice, and dmc4che. * Graphics : GIMP Perspective Clone Tool and Inkscape. * Linux Labs: Kodi/XBMC, and Compiling a Kernel Pt.2 * Arduino plus: News, Q&A, Ubuntu Games, and soooo much more. Grab it while it’s hot http://fullcirclemagazine.org/issue-89/ Read more at Full Circle

Linux Shellshock’d, Pale Moon Rising, and LibO 4.3.2 Released

Today in Linux news, The Document Foundation celebrates four years with the release of LibreOffice 4.3.2. Bash exploit “Shellshock” is making more headlines today as servers and devices are under attack. Bruce Byfield looks at the thankless job of community managers and Jack Germain test drives the Pale Moon Web browser. And finally today, Jack […]

Ubuntu Phones to Arrive By Year’s End

Ubuntu Touch for phones is now at manufacturing status, a major milestone for many people who wondered if Ubuntu phones would ever become market realities. Several months ago, rumors swirled that the first Ubuntu phones were delayed and wouldn’t appear until 2015, if at all, but this week news broke that we’re likely to see […]

Beta von Ubuntu 14.10

Die erste und einzige Beta von Ubuntu 14.10 gibt einen Ausblick auf die Neuerungen der populären Linux-Distribution. Die Ubuntu-Varianten Kubuntu, Xubuntu und Co. haben parallel ihre zweite Betaversion veröffentlicht. Read more at H-online

Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn (Final Beta) has been Released

The Ubuntu team has announced the availability of Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn final beta “The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the final beta release of Ubuntu 14.10 Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products. This beta release includes images from not only the Ubuntu Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products, but also the Kubuntu, Lubuntu, […]

Linux Users Can Now Buy All Valve Games with a Huge 75% Price Cut

Valve kept its word, and the entire collection of games developed by their own people is available for Linux. Now, Linux users can buy all the games from the catalog with a huge 75% price cut.

Valve released Steam for Linux almost two years ago, and the company promised right from the start that it intended to bring all the games from their catalog to the Linux platform. It took them a while, and a few of the games needed a really long time to port, but now that the work has been completed, i…

Privacy-Oriented Tails 1.1.2 Brings Update for Major NSS Security Flaw

Tails, a Live operating system that is built with the sole purpose of keeping users safe and anonymous while going online, has been updated to version 1.1.2.

Tails is a secure Linux distribution that’s been around for many years. Its developers are still unknown, which is rather unusual for such a large project. This simple precaution has kept the project going, although there are probably many parties out there that would love to see it disappear.

The system rose to fame when whistleblower …