GNOME Builder 3.16.3 Brings a New XML Highlighter, DOAP Parsing, Search Improvements

The development team behind the featureful and open-source GNOME Builder IDE (Integrated Development Environment) designed for developers who want to build apps for the GNOME desktop environment has released version 3.16.3.

GNOME Builder 3.16.3 is full of new features and performance improvements. Among the most important ones, we can mention an all-new source code minimap that…

Firefox 38.0 Hits the Fedora Repos with New Tab-Based Preferences and HiDPI Support

The Fedora Project has just published details about the inclusion of the recently released Mozilla Firefox 38.0 web browser in the main software repositories of the Fedora 21 operating system.

The new Mozilla Firefox 38.0 web browser is also available in the software repositories of the upcoming Fedora 22 Linux operating syst…

PC-BSD 10.1.2 Is Out with New PersonaCrypt Utility, Tor Mode, Lumina Desktop 0.8.4

While not a Linux distribution, PC-BSD is a noteworthy open-source computer operating system that offers a modern and unique desktop environment based on FreeBSD.

On May 18, Ken Moore from the PC-BSD team had the great pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download of the second point release of PC-BSD 10.1, the current stable branch of the software. “The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the availability of the next PC-BSD / TrueOS quarterly release, 10.1…

Plex Media Server Adds CentOS 7 Support, Fixes Ubuntu and Linux Mint Installation Issues

A new version of the popular and cross-platform Plex Media Server has arrived today with several new features, as well as bug fixes that improve the overall stability and performance of the application.

Among the new features implemented in Plex Media Server, we can mention support for the CentOS 7 Linux operating system, support for decade-based filtering for albums and…

VirtualBox 5.0 Beta 4 Adds Hot-Plugging Support for the USB Storage Controller

Oracle has just announced the immediate availability for download and testing of the fourth Beta release of the upcoming VirtualBox 5.0 virtualization software for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

VirtualBox 5.0 Beta 4 brings some XSAVE fixes in the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), addresses some problems with cloning of virtual machine in the new encryption backend, and repairs several drag and drop issues for Linux guests and hosts.


DreadOut Horror Game Arrives on Steam for Linux

DreadOut, a third person supernatural horror game developed and published by Digital Happiness on Steam, also received a Linux version.

DreadOut went through the Steam Greenlight program and, interestingly enough, it’s one of the few games of its kind on the Linux platform. We don’t have enough horror games, especially titles that can be played from a third person view.

“DreadOut is a third person supernatural horror game where you play as Linda, a high school student tr…

FFmpeg 2.6.3 “Grothendieck” Officially Released

FFmpeg, a complete solution to record, convert, and stream audio and video, has been upgraded to version 2.6.3 and is now available for download and testing.

The new 2.6.x branch of FFmpeg has been around for a while now, and this is just a maintenance release. All of the packages in the FFmpeg have been upgraded and numerous fixes have been implemented. As it stands right now, this is the most advanced version available, and it should arrive soon in the repositories.


Meizu launches the Ubuntu MX4 for Developers in China

In the first of a series of launches, Meizu has announced that the Ubuntu MX4, which will be sold across Europe soon, is immediately available to developers in China. The move kicks off Meizu’s push towards strengthening the Ubuntu ecosystem in China, ahead of launching the Chinese Edition to its user base later this year. […]

Upgrading LMDE (from UP8 to “Betsy”)

The upgrade path is now open. LMDE 1 “Debian” users can upgrade to LMDE 2 “Betsy” by following this tutorial:

As always, make sure to read everything and don’t hesitate to connect to the IRC while performing the upgrade.

One important note among the warnings: Make sure to disable Romeo prior to upgrading. Cinnamon 2.6 and MATE 1.10 will hit it very soon, they’re not fully stable yet. If you want to test them, it’s better to enable Romeo post-upgrade so they don’t interfere with the upgrade.

Using GIMP Special Edition

BootStack: the easiest way to build an OpenStack cloud

OpenStack, the world’s most popular cloud management platform, makes cloud computing accessible to everyone. Although OpenStack is well supported with compatible cloud services, there is a significant challenge to overcome before users can launch their own OpenStack cloud. That is to recruit— and retain—OpenStack experts in a highly competitive jobs market. Resourcing a six-strong team […]

IoT World: Canonical & Industry Leaders Drive IoT Commercialization

Host of new Snappy Ubuntu Core-enabled devices demonstrate revenue opportunities in IoT First commercially-designed IoT devices with GE’s FirstBuild, Acer, Microsoft & DataArt London and San Francisco, May, 11 2015 – Canonical is collaborating with some of the world’s smartest technology brands, including GE’s FirstBuild, Acer, Microsoft and DataArt, to reveal a slew of new […]

IoT: Canonical and GE’s FirstBuild Collaborate on Smart Refrigerator

San Francisco, CA – May 11, 2015 – FirstBuild, GE Appliances’ new global co-creation community is set to showcase ChillHub, its community-generated smart refrigerator in the Ubuntu booth (Stand 545) at the second annual Internet of Things World conference at the Moscone Center on May 12 – 13, 2015. ChillHub is a refrigerator with two […]

First drone with apps – Ubuntu Core Drone

This is a guest post from Victor Mayoral from Erle Robotics. Erle-Copter: the first drone with apps powered by Ubuntu Core Over the last months and with the support of Canonical, Erle Robotics engineers have been working hard to bring the first drone with apps to the market. Last week Erle Robotics introduced Erle-Copter Ubuntu […]

CrossOver Linux 14.1.1 Improves Windows Desktop Interaction

CrossOver Linux, an application based on Wine that allows users to install popular Windows applications and PC games on a Linux computer, is now at version 14.1.1 and it’s ready for download.

CrossOver is an application built by a company called CodeWeavers that is also employing people who work on Wine. Linux users know that Wine is very helpful if you want to run Windows apps and games. CrossOver acts pretty much like a GUI over Wine, but it also provides specific support…

Introducing the First Android-x86 4.4.4 KitKat OS with Linux Kernel 4.0 and GAPPS

Arne Exton, the creator of numerous Linux distros, had the pleasure of informing Softpedia about the immediate availability of a new build of his custom Android-x86 project, based on Android KitKat 4.4.4 and designed to allow users to run Android on their computers.

According to Arne Exton, Android-x86 KitKat 4.4.4 Build 5 is a total rebuild and replaces all of his previous Android-x86 4.4.4 KitKat builds. The GAPPS package has been added in this release, which means that …

Beautify Ubuntu 15.04 with the Latest Nitrux Icons and Numix Theme

So, you’ve just installed the recently released Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) operating system, and you’re interested in changing the default look (wallpaper and icons) with some awesome ones.

Well, look no further, as we today we are happy to introduce you guys to the latest release of the Nitrux icon theme, one of the most acclaimed Linux iconset on the market.


Linux Kernel 3.14.41 LTS Brings In ARM, PowerPC, Xtensa, x86, and Btrfs Fixes

After announcing the release of Linux kernel 4.0.2 and Linux kernel 3.19.7, Greg Kroah-Hartman was happy to

Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) Daily Builds Available for Download

Now that Ubuntu Online Summit (UOS) event for Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) came to an end, Canonical’s developers have just published the first snapshots, or daily builds as they call them, for the upcoming operating system.

Thanks to the Ubuntu Online Summit event, we were able to report this week a significant amount of …

Canonical Apologises for Linux Kernel Regression in Ubuntu 14.10 and 14.04 LTS

We reported earlier this week that a vulnerability discovered recently in the Linux kernel packages of Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet), Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn), Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr), and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) has been addresse…