Ubuntu at Suzuka, Game-Changing Frictional Games, and Linux for Privacy

Today in Linux news, Softpedia.com brings us another Ubuntu spotted-in-the-wild sighting. Hamish Wilson looks at Frictional Games body of work and how it changed computer gaming. My Linux Rig talks to Charles Profitt about his Ubuntu setup and The New American says use Linux if you’re “sick of surveillance.” Ubuntu seems to be the big […]

Promote Windows Users to Admins with the Debian-Based Rescatux 0.32 Beta 2

Rescatux, a Linux distribution that allows users to perform all kinds of rescue operations with the help of an easy to use wizard called Rescapp, is now at version 0.32 Beta 2 and is ready for testing.

Rescatux works like a regular Live CD distro, but it has a very specific purpose. Despite the name, this is not really a recovery tool, or at least not for data. It’s designed to help in the recovery of entire operating systems by repairing the boot process, the Grub, the MBR for Windows OS, an…

Ubuntu Touch RTM Update Is Out, Has Better Performance and Beautiful New Indicators

A new Ubuntu Touch RTM update has been released by Canonical and it makes the operating system a lot more stable and snappier, among other changes. Read more ….

News: Ubuntu Past (Warty), Present (Utopic) and Future (Vivid)

The Ubuntu 4.10 release debuted on October 20, 2004. At the time the goal of the project was to succeed where Debian was failing, namely offering users the promise of a steady release cadence. Read more ….

What should they call Ubuntu 15.04?

In this week’s news, Munich is not switching back to Windows, will Gnome make a comeback and the all important question, what should they call Ubuntu 15.04? Read more ….

4MLinux Allinone Edition 10.1 Beta Has Wine 1.7.29 by Default

4MLinux Allinone Edition 10.1 Beta, a Linux distro that encompasses multiple tools for Maintenance (system rescue Live CD), Multimedia (e.g. playing video DVDs), Miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and Mystery (Linux games) is now available for download and testing.

The 4MLinux distros are among the smallest ones in the world that still retain regular desktop functionality and all the amenities that you would normally find in an operating system five times its size.

In the case of 4MLinux, …

Mirantis Pulls Down Huge $100 Million Funding for OpenStack Efforts

Mirantis, which has steadily remained a nimble player in the OpenStack cloud computing arena, has just nailed down a massive $100 million Series B funding round led by Insight Venture Partners. The financing is being billed as the largest Series B open source investment in history. Insight Venture Partners was joined by August Capital, as […]

Microsoft, Satya Nadella, Sing the Praises of Open Source and Linux

 Has Microsoft finally, truly warmed up to Linux and open source? New CEO Satya Nadella is definitely pushing that notion. Several media outlets this week are reporting on his comments on how he “loves Linux” and he reportedly claims that 20 percent of Microsoft’s Azure cloud is already Linux-base. Furthermore, the software titan seems remains […]

Ubuntu 15.04: Nach dem Einhorn kommt ein Äffchen

Die kommende Ubuntu-Version 14.10 ist noch nicht aus der Tür, da hat Ubuntu-Mäzen Mark Shuttleworth bereits die darauf folgende version getauft. Read more at H-online

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth to Arrive on Linux This Holiday

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, the next game in the Civilization series developed by Firaxis and ported for Linux and Mac OS X by Aspyr Media, will be made available for the two platforms this holiday season.

Linux users already knew that Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth will be landing eventually on their platform as well, but there was no proposed date. The truth of the matter is that there is still no date for Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, but at least now we have …

Proposal to Drop 32-Bit Ubuntu Images Tries to Get Traction from Community

Canonical provides 32- and 64-bit images for Ubuntu and it’s been like this for a long time, since the first edition that came out in 2004. Now, an Ubuntu contributor is looking to change this by proposing that Canonical drop 32-bit support after the release of 16.04 LTS.

The 32- and 64-bit architectures have not been on equal footing for many years. The majority of people are now using the 64-bit edition, although it’s safe to say that 32-bit is not exactly gone. If we take a look at the Ste…

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey Arrives Today on Steam for Linux

Dreamfall Chapters is a new title in the The Longest Journey saga that was started 15 years ago when the game with the same name launched for the PC. Now, the developers have returned with a sequel that continues the story in the previous two games and it arrives today.

The first two games in the series were The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and they both dealt with the adventures of Zoë Castillo, a girl that finds that her world, Stark (similar with a future Earth), is …

Valve Has New SteamOS Beta Update Ready for Download

Valve has issued yet another update for the SteamOS operating system and they have improved the Beta branch of the distribution. There’s nothing too impressive, but there are some security fixes that are pretty important.

Valve has two separate branches for SteamOS, one stable and one deemed as Beta. The Beta version is where all the action happens and where all the new features and changes are implemented before getting pushed to the Stable release. Users haven’t seen any major modifications…

Ubuntu Used by FIA Weatherman at Suzuka F1 Grand Prix – Video

One of the favorite pastimes of the Ubuntu community is to find interesting or weird places where this operating system is being used. There have been some strange sightings before and it’s usually the last place where you would expect to find a Linux system. The same is true for Suzuka.

Some of you might not be familiar with this name, Suzuka. This is actually a very famous racing circuit that is being used in all kinds of motor-sport races, including Formula 1. This is a sport that has a lo…

Emacs 24.4 Ships with Integrated Web Browser Ubuntu Installation

Emacs 24.4 has been released earlier today, and it ships with several new features and improved functionality, on the most notable being the presence of an integrated web browser. Read more ….

Linux distro Ubuntu 15.04 gets its name — Vivid Vervet

Today, Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical CEO, announces the latest name, for the upcoming 15.04. For this release, the letter V is being used. The adjective? Vivid. The animal? Vervet. Read more ….

Steam for Linux Has 14 Discounted Games in “Weeklong Deals”

Valve runs all sorts of promotions, all the time. The number of games in the Steam catalog is so big that discounted titles are always available. One of the regular discounts is called “Weeklong Deals” and it now features 14 games that run on the Linux platform.

The Steam for Linux platform already features more than 700 working games, and most of them were launched or ported after Valve got its Steam service to work on the open source platform. It’s a safe bet that users will probably find a…

GNOME Partition Editor 0.20.0 Lands with Btrfs Improvements

GParted, or the GNOME Partition Editor, is a small bootable GNU/Linux distribution for x86-based computers that is very useful for creating and deleting disk partitions with great ease. A new stable release has been made, and from the looks of it, the new 0.20.0 version is something of a milestone.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small version number of GParted. It’s actually a very old application that’s been around for many years. The main reason that the version number is still well under…

Ubuntu Touch RTM Update Is Out, Has Better Performance and Beautiful New Indicators – Gallery

A new Ubuntu Touch RTM update has been released by Canonical and it makes the operating system a lot more stable and snappier, among other changes.

Ubuntu developers had some minor problems in the week before with all sorts of bugs that were popping out. They postponed the release of a new update for the Ubuntu Touch RTM and, at one point, they even got everyone to focus on fixing the problems and nothing else. Now they have a new version out and progress really shows.

Users who already have…

New Group Threatens To Fork Debian

Yet another team of self described “veteran unix admins” and developers are planning to fork Debian if the project goes ahead with plans to replace sysvinit with systemd. Debian introduced systemd as a technical preview in Wheezy in May of last year, following Fedora and several other distributions. The threat to fork Debian reflects the […]