Manjaro Xfce 0.9.0 Pre1 Shows How Open Source Collaboration Works

Manjaro Xfce 0.9.0 Pre1, a Linux distribution based on well-tested snapshots of the Arch Linux repositories and 100% compatible with Arch, is now ready for testing and download.

The Manjaro developers have announced a while ago that they were working on the next version in the series, although it looks like they are not ready to take the big step towards the dreaded version 1.0. The latest stable version is now 0.8.11 and the one after that was 0.8.10, so we can consider this to be an evoluti…

Anyone Fancy a Cup of Ubuntu Coffee?

There are a ton of Ubuntu-named products out there that range from beer up to an operating system developed by a company called Canonical. Users have now found a blend of coffee that carries the same name.

Ubuntu is an African word that can be roughly translated into “human kindness,” but it’s considered to be much more of a philosophy than anything else. The word was popularized by Canonical after the company started to build an operating system with this exact name. There is also a joke in …

4MDoom 11.0 BETA Is a Distro That Boots Only into a Doom-Type Game – Gallery

4MDoom 11.0 BETA is a new Linux distribution based on 4MLinux distribution and basically booting directly into a game, without any kind of other desktop or features.

This is probably one of the weirdest Linux distros around. One thing is certain, there aren’t too many operating systems out there booting directly into a game, so if you’re a fan of the Doom games, and of Freedoom in particular, then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

“4MLinux has always been a big fan of classic ‘shoot’e…

Unzip Vulnerability Closed in Ubuntu OSes

Canonical has announced that an unzip exploit has been found and fixed for Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating systems.

As the name suggests, the unzip library is the one that ensures users can decompress zip files, and finding exploits and vulnerabilities for it is rather unusual. Nonetheless, such vulnerability was found and it’s now OK, a patch later. The devs were saying that unzip could have been made to crash or run programs, if the user were…

Cinnamon 2.6 to Get Systemd Support

The Linux Mint developers are not only working on the next iteration of the operating system, they are also trying to improve upon the Cinnamon desktop environment, which is also built by them.

The Linux Mint Cinnamon edition is the most used flavor for this distro, although the MATE follows close behind. The fact that the Linux Mint team is also making the desktop environment means that users will probably get the best integration of this software stack into an operating system. On the other…

Adobe’s Photoshop Ditched for Krita at French University Due to Lack of Support

Krita is considered to be a digital painting application, but it’s best described as a raster graphics editor. No matter what you call it, the Paris 8 University has decided to drop Adobe’s Photoshop and to adopt Krita instead.

More and more open source applications are replacing proprietary ones. Until now, we mostly got to see stuff like LibreOffice replacing Microsoft Office, or Linux operating systems replacing Windows, so it’s nice to see that other applications are reaching the kind of …

Linus Torvalds Releases Linux Kernel 3.19 RC5, Says Go Forth and Test

Linus Torvalds has released yet another update for the Linux kernel 3.19 branch and this is the fifth Release Candidate in the series. The development cycle is getting closer to its end and that can be observed from the changelog.

The Linux development cycle is never this calm, but it looks like the 3.19 branch turned out to be pretty uneventful. This seldom happens and Linus is making the best of it by providing updates pretty fast. If nothing changes in the meantime, the next iteration of t…

Move or Die Is Party Game with Modes That Last Only 20 Seconds

Move or Die, a new competitive party game developed and published on Steam by Those Awesome Guys studio, has been released for all the supported platforms, including Linux.

There are a ton of 2D platformers out there, especially for Linux users, but none of them are described as party games. Move or Die doesn’t follow a specific genre, but it’s more a collection of games that are built to challenge the users in unique ways. The most interesting feature is the concept of move or die, which mea…

Developer Close GTK+ Bug in Ubuntu That Allowed Users to Bypass the Lock Screen

Canonical has published details in a security notice about a GTK+ update that has been implemented in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr).

The Ubuntu developers have corrected a small issue with GTK+, which would allow users to bypass the lock screen in certain conditions. It might be a trivial matter, but it had to be fixed nonetheless.

According to the security notice, “Clemens Fries discovered that GTK+ allowed bypassing certain screen locks by using the menu key. An attacker with physical acc…

Linux Mint 18 Could Adopt Systemd

The Linux Mint project is using Ubuntu as its base and there is even a branch that’s using Debian, but it looks that for the moment it won’t be using systemd as the default init system.

Ubuntu has already adopted systemd for 15.04 and it can be used right now, but the Linux Mint developers are not talking this step just yet and it will be quite a while until that will happen. It’s unlikely that the Linux Mint 17.x branch will see the introduction of systemd, or at least this is what the leade…

Aspyr Media Is Almost Breaking Even with Linux Ports, Bets Everything on Steam Machines

Aspyr Media, one of the studios that has been doing some of the biggest and most important ports for the Linux platform, has revealed that it’s almost breaking even financially and this is actually great news.

Companies like Aspry Media are contracted by the original studios and publishers to do the porting work. In this case, 2K is the publisher who made this call and it’s probably a lot cheaper than hiring people who can do this sort of thing. It’s actually a difficult process and Aspyr Med…

NVIDIA Releases Massive Stable Driver, Brings Support for Latest Kernels and

A new stable NVIDIA driver has been released and the developers have made a series of very important improvements, implementing support for new video cards and Linux kernels.

Each new update for the NVIDIA drivers usually brings all kinds of fixes for various problems, but it doesn’t usually provide improvements across the board. This latest NVIDIA 346.35 driver features practically everything that the devs could cram in there, including support for new Linux kernels, support for a new …

Latest Opera Dev Brings Bookmarks Improvements and New Default Themes

A new Opera development version has been released and the makers have made a number of important improvements to the browser that include better bookmarks and new themes for the application.

Now that Opera has been released for the Linux platform, the users can experience the same kind of features that are present on all the other platform. It also means that the development version is aimed at Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X and it’s possible to experience all the improvements along with everyo…

Linux Kernel 3.12.36 LTS Officially Released

The latest version of the stable Linux kernel, 3.12.36, has been announced by Jiri Slaby and it has arrived with a fair number of changes and improvements.

Even if this is a very old branch, the kernel developers are still releasing updates for it and here is no sign that they intend to stop anytime soon. In fact, this latest iteration is quite a big, but that was to be expected.

“I’m announcing the release of the 3.12.36 kernel. All users of the 3.12 kernel series must upgrade.”

“The updat…

Mageia 5 Beta 3 Finally Lands and Is Ready for Testing

Mageia, a GNU/Linux-based free operating system that started its life as a fork of Mandriva Linux and is supported by a nonprofit organization of elected contributors, has just got another beta and it now ready for testing.

Mageia is a Linux distribution that distinguished itself in the past year or so with some very interesting releases, and the users expect to see the same kind of quality from the current ones as well. The developers know this and they want to provide the best experience po…

Ubuntu Devs Are Talking Whether to Let Software Update Delete Old Kernels

One of the problems on Ubuntu platforms is that the Software Update tool doesn’t remove the old kernels after an upgrade, but the Ubuntu devs are now talking whether their tool should be used to perform this kind of cleaning.

It might seem like a trivial stuff, but if you’re running an Ubuntu system for a long time and you never clean up, you’ll end up with a lot of installed kernels. It can get to a point where you’ll be looking to clean up the space on your home partition just to make a sim…

Mageia 5 beta 2 is out! A story of badluck

After several delays the beta 2 version of Mageia 5 is finally out! You can find more information here. But, it seems that yet again we need to postpone the Mageia 5 release. Due to various difficulties with EFI boot, … Continue reading

Black Lab Linux KDE 6.0 Arrives with a Refreshing Desktop

Black Lab Linux, a distribution based on Kubuntu and that uses one of the latest KDE packages, has been upgraded for version 6.0 and is now available for download.

Users might associate the name of Black Lab Linux with a GNOME desktop, but the developer also had a KDE edition of the operating system, which they didn’t bother too much to upgrade. Now they have finally got around to it, and backed by popular demand, and they made quite a few improvements.

The developers have made a serious upg…

Steam for Linux Can rm -rf Your /home Folder (Or Worse)

Users have found out that Steam for Linux is capable of deleting the entire home directory under certain circumstances, which would present a major problem for users.

It’s already a known fact that Steam for Linux is capable of losing the installed games if the right conditions are met, and this is not even something specific to the Linux platform. Now, a user has found out, the hard way, that the Steam for Linux client is also able to delete the Home directory or at least all the user-owned …

Parted Magic Now Has a Tool to Check the RAM Memory

Parted Magic, an operating system that employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, has been upgraded to version 2015.01.13 and is now ready for purchase and download.

The Parted Magic OS has been missing from the news in the past year or so for one simple reason. It’s no longer free. The developer decided to stop providing the operating system for free and ask for a price. This hasn’t changed, but the OS did get some pretty interesting improvements that…