The Original Strife: Veteran Edition Is an Old FPS Built on the Original Doom Engine

The Original Strife: Veteran Edition is a very old first person shooter developed by Rogue Entertainment and published by Night Dive Studios, has been released on Steam for Linux.

The Linux platform has been getting all kinds of games lately and most of them are pretty advanced, but from time to time Linux users also get some very old gems that have been made to work on Steam for Linux. There are quite a few of these games now and The Original Strife: Veteran Edition is yet another example. T…

NEO Scavenger Is a New Turn-Based Turn-Based Survival Game for Linux

NEO Scavenger is a new turn-based survival title made by Blue Bottle Games. It’s been made available for all supported platforms, including the Linux one.

There are not too many good turn-based games for Linux users, at least not titles that can take people back to a time when Fallout was king. This is a slightly different kind of game, but it has the same complexity. The makers of NEO Scavenger have been working for almost four years on it and it’s nice to finally see it in action.

“Each tu…

Andromium Lets Users Turn the Phone into a Desktop, Just like Ubuntu for Android

Andromium is a new hardware and software combination that aims to provide users with the power of scaling up the smartphone to a full-featured desktop. If you think that this sounds vaguely familiar then you are on right track. It’s like describing Ubuntu for Android all over again.

A couple of years back, Canonical was demonstrating Ubuntu for Android, which was a software solution for Android phones that would help them become a full-featured desktop experience.

For various reason that pro…

Who Needs Fraps on Linux When You Have SimpleScreenRecorder?

Linux is slowly becoming a gaming platform and user want something to record their gameplay. There are a few solutions for the Linux platform, but one seems to be better than most of them. It’s called SimpleScreenRecorder and it’s completely free.

The Windows platform has a very good tool to record gameplay videos and it’s called Fraps. Linux users have been asking for something like that particular tool for some time now and a few of the apps already available usually have various limitation…

Ten Linux Desktops Showing How Windows and Mac OS X Designs Are Trapped in the Past

When people think about Linux, they usually imagine old desktops and terminals running in full screen. The truth is that the platform has evolved tremendously in the past few years and it’s safe to say that it’s well above anything done by Microsoft and Apple.

In the past, people didn’t really cared too much about the desktop environment and it was never a priority. Sure enough, users had access to themes, mouse cursors, and so on, but at the end of the day it was never about those features.

Pearl Linux MATE Wants to Offer the Ultimate Mac OS X Clone, Fails Miserably

Pearl Linux MATE is a new Linux distro that aims to provide an experience similar to that of Mac OS X. It’s based on Ubuntu MATE and it’s not really good. In fact, it might be a good example of how not to make an OS.

Building an operating system is not a difficult task, if you put your mind to it. You don’t even have to know how to code and many operations have been automated.

This is why there is an abundance of new operating systems out there that don’t usually amount to anything. It’s als…

Turn Your Old Computer into a Gaming Console with LinuxConsole 2.3 OS

LinuxConsole is an operating system built for older computers with the aim of transforming those PCs in Linux gaming consoles. A new upgrade for this distro has been made available right now and it comes with a number of important updates.

This particular OS has been around for a long time, but new versions are few and far in between. In fact, the distro was almost dead for three years, but in 2013 the developers have started working again on it and now we have something to test.

It might no…

Black Lab Linux 6.0 Gets Big Service Release Patch

Black Lab Linux, a Linux distribution that uses Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS “Trusty Tahr” and the GNOME desktop environment, has just received a Service Release patch.

The Black Lab Linux distribution has been out for some time and the developers now have Service Release 1 available for download. Even the base used for this system, Ubuntu, follows a similar trend but only for the LTS versions. This type of updates are usually focused on security and less on new features, which just happens to be the c…

Tanglu 2 Offers Classic GNOME and KDE Desktop with the Help of Debian – Gallery

Tanglu, a Linux distribution based on Debian that provides a classic GNOME and KDE desktop experience, has finally reached version 2.0 and is now available for download.

Tanglu hasn’t been around for too long, but it has already made an impression with the previous releases, especially with the last couple of Betas. There are hundreds of active Linux distributions out there and the majority of them are actually quite poorly designed and put together.

They are usually full of bugs and the dev…

Vendetta Online Receives Fix for Experimental OpenGL Driver Buffer Bug

Vendetta Online, a space MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) developed and published by Guild Software Inc that is a also available for the Linux platform, has just received an update.

The previous update for this MMO had a very interesting new feature. The developers added a new OpenGL 4.x renderer and it was bound to cause some issues. Nothing really major happened, but the makers of Vendetta Online had some small fixes nonetheless.

“We’re hard at work on another round …

Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” with KDE and Xfce Could Arrive Early 2015

Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” release was a great success and many users have already upgraded to the new release, but there are other flavors that are also being worked on and they are very close to the final version.

The MATE and Cinnamon flavors are the most used from the Linux Mint family, but there are others that need to be considered, like Xfce and KDE. The developers usually pay closer attention to them only after the initial release of the main editions and that’s the main reason why the…

Unity 8 for Ubuntu 15.04 Is Showing Great Progress

Unity 8 for the Ubuntu desktop is still pretty far from being ready for day-to-day use, but the devs have been making some great progress and it looks like the desktop experience is shaping up.

Ubuntu is in the midst of a major upgrade for the desktop environment, which will switch from Unity 7 to 8. This piece of software made by Canonical has been evolving constantly since its release in 2011 and some of the updates made for it have been very important, but not of them can really match the …

Point Linux 3.0 Beta 3 Brings a Classic GNOME 3.14 Experience with a Debian Base

Point Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution that is based on Debian GNU/Linux and, for the first time, it makes use of the GNOME desktop environment. Its makers have just released a new Beta update for it, which is not ready for download and testing.

The Point Linux distro actually comes in two editions, that that is based on Debian “Wheezy” and the other one on Debian “Jessie.” The result of this policy is that the current stable iteration of the system is update to date and ready for use, and t…

Wine 1.7.33 Brings Better Direct3D Support and More Compatible Games

“Wine is not an emulator or Wine, has been updated to version 1.7.33 and the developers have made a number of important changes and improvements, although the new updated doesn’t seem to be as big as the previous ones.

Wine has a very precise use, to run applications developed for the Windows platform in a Linux environment. As you can expect, this is not exactly easy task and a lot of work goes into this project. The best thing about is that you don’t need to have a Windows license and it’s …

The Talos Principle Is a Beautiful Puzzle FPS from Serious Sam Creators

The Talos Principle is new first-person puzzle game developed by the famous Croteam studio, the same one that is responsible for the Serious Sam franchise. They have been silent for quite some time, but it looks that have been quite busy with this project.

You could say that there are no games like The Talos Principle and you would be right. In fact, besides the fact that the first person genre is mentioned alongside the word puzzles is pretty much the only thing that it might have in common …

Cyberpunk RTS Satellite Reign Arrives on Steam for Linux

Satellite Reign, a new real-time class-based strategy game developed and published by 5 Lives Studios, has been released on Steam for Linux.

The game is still under development and it’s in Early Access, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not playable. In fact, the developers from 5 Lives Studios have been working on the game since 2013. The game went through a successful Kickstarter campaign and now the playes can get to try it on Steam for Linux, although it’s not complete just yet.

“You contr…

The European Commission Looking to Update Its Open Source Policy

The European Commission is working to upgrade open source policy so that developers have a much easier time to contribute to upstream projects, by removing some of the current constraints.

Europe is a very diverse continent, but it seems that the European Commission is looking to make things a little bit better for all the developers by improving the current open source policy. The end result should be a much smoother process for developers and less needed bureaucracy, which in turn should re…

SparkyLinux 3.6 “Annagerman” Lands with LXDE, MATE, Razor-Qt, and Xfce Flavors

SparkyLinux 3.6, a lightweight, fast, and simple Linux distribution designed for both old and new computers featuring customized LXDE, MATE, Razor-Qt, and Xfce desktops has been released and is now available for download.

SparkyLinux 3.6 has arrived, at least for some of the flavors. The codename for this series of releases has been kept and it’s still “Annagerman,” although some very big improvements and updates have been made.

The developer doesn’t seem to follow a specific release schedul…

KDE Frameworks 5.5.0 Officially Released

The KDE Community has announced that KDE Frameworks 5.5.0 has been unveiled and the new release comes with a lot of interesting changes and fixes, just like all the previous versions.

Users know what the KDE Software Compilation or KDE SC is, but that is changing. The KDE project has been separated into KDE Frameworks, KDE Plasma, and KDE Applications. This would technically allow developers to make much faster releases. Parts of the KDE world would become available immediately and devs won’t…

Ubuntu MATE Gets Superb New Theme in Official Repos

The Ubuntu MATE 14.04 LTS distro was released a few weeks ago and it was received with great interest by the community. Now, a new theme has been made available for the Linux distribution and it could be the best one made so far for this OS.

Ubuntu MATE 14.04 LTS has recently been released and it incorporates a number default themes that are not actually bad. On the other hand, some users have complained about the simplicity and the design of the regular themes. They are not all that exciting…