HandBrake 0.10 Beta 1 Is Probably the Best Open Source Video Transcoder on Linux

HandBrake, a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs, has just reached version 0.10 Beta 1. The latest stable release of HandBrake was 0.9.9 and users assumed that the coveted 1.0 release was almost upon us. It turns out that the developer has other plans for the software. Now, a 0.10 Beta 1 version is out and packs a huge number of changes and improvements. It’s safe to say that, in fact, we are pretty far off from seeing the coveted…

Opera 25 Dev for Linux Now Works Well with Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop

The Opera developers have released a new version of their Internet browser in the 25.x branch, which is still under heavy development.

Opera is based on Chromium and that means that updates for the browser arrive at a pretty brisk pace. Numerous changes and various improvements have been made to the browser, but it’s still under development and it looks like it’s going to stay this way for a while.

The Linux development for the new Opera based on Chromium took some time to get off the groun…

New Google Chrome 37 Beta Update Arrives on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

The Beta branch of Google Chrome, a browser built on the Blink layout engine that aims to be minimalistic and versatile at the same time, has been upgraded to version 37.0.2062.94 and is now available for testing. Google Chrome usually features three distinct branches: Dev, Beta, and Stable. The Beta release is a little bit more stable than the Development one, but it’s still pretty far off from day-to-day usage. As the development cycle gets closer to the end, the length of the changelog dim…

Steam for Linux Update Brings Intel Hardware Decoding for In-Home Streaming

Valve has released a new Beta update for Steam, shortly after promoting one of the largest versions in the last couple of years.

Given the fact that the latest update for the Steam platform arrived only a few days ago, it’s quite interesting to see that the new Beta is actually quite large. The developers could have postponed the stable version for another week just to implement these new features and fixes, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

According to the changelog…

It’s Elementary, with Sparks, and Unity

In today’s Linux news Jack Wallen review Elementary OS and says it’s not just the poor man’s Apple. Jack Germain reviewed SparkyLinux GameOver yesterday and said it’s a win-win. Linux Tycoon Bryan Lunduke testdrives Ubuntu’s Unity today in the latest entry in his desktop-a-week series. And finally tonight, just what the heck is this Docker […]

Adapteva, GitHub, SanDisk, Seagate, and Western Digital Join The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation has announced that a number of companies from the semiconductor and storage industry have just joined the organization, which is already the home of more than 200 other partners. The Linux Foundation has been tasked with the promotion and protection of Linux and it’s a non-profit organization. It’s responsible for the biggest collaborative project in the world, the Linux kernel, and it has also managed to gather a large number of companies around it in an effort to promot…

Rugged mini-PCs have four gigabit ports, run Ubuntu

Stealth.com has launched four rugged mini-PCs based on 3rd Gen. Intel Core CPUs, featuring four gigabit ports, Ubuntu, and optional PCI and PCIe expansion. The four new LPC480x models are the latest members of the Little PC family of mini-PCs from Stealth.com (formerly Stealth Computer), which include the circa-2011, Intel Atom D525 based LPC-125LPM. The […]

Calibre eBook Reader and Editor 2.0 Massive Update Arrives in Force

The Calibre eBook reader, editor, and library management software has been promoted to version 2.0 and it integrates a huge number of new features. Calibre is a software that can be used for numerous tasks, like reading, converting, and managing eBooks and it’s updated almost on a weekly basis. The developers bring changes and major improvements all the time, but it seems that a significant jump in the version number was also required. The application has changed a lot since it was promoted …

How to sniff HTTP traffic from the command line on Linux

Suppose you want to sniff live HTTP web traffic (i.e., HTTP requests and responses) on the wire for some reason. For example, you may be testing experimental features of a web server. Or you may be debugging a web application or a RESTful service. Or you may be trying to troubleshoot PAC (proxy auto config) […]

We Need You! (to try and break stuff)

Guys, this one is coming from the heart. We keep talking about how Mageia is this and Mageia needs that and Mageia did this totally awesome thing. But you know what? That’s a little bit misleading. See, Mageia isn’t some … Continue reading

GNOME Control Center 3.14 Beta 1 Arrives with New Privacy Setting

GNOME Control Center, GNOME’s main interface for the configuration of various aspects of your desktop, is now at version 3.14 Beta 1 and it’s ready for testing.

The GNOME Control Center allows users to configure various components of their system using a vast collection of tools. It’s the hub for all the major settings that can be done in a GNOME environment, so it’s easy to see why any update for it might be considered important.

The developers have explained that the “Details” button for v…

Orca 3.14 Beta 1 Features Major Changes and Improvements

Orca 3.13.90, a free, open source, flexible, and extensible screen reader that provides access to the graphical desktop via speech and refreshable Braille, is now available for download and testing.

Orca works with applications and toolkits that support the Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (AT-SPI), which is the primary assistive technology infrastructure for Linux and Solaris.

According to the changelog, the Browse and Focus modes have been implemented to make access to web c…

VMware’s Cloud Hybrid Now Works with Ubuntu Images, OpenStack

For many IT administrators, the worlds of virtualization and cloud computing have converged. Lots of them want to take advantage ofcloud platforms like OpenStack. However, they  don’t want to completely do away with infrastructure like VMware they’ve already invested in. Now, Canonical and VMware have sought to address this issue with OpenStack-ready Ubuntu images available […]

GNOME 3.14 Beta 1 Officially Released

Frederic Peters from the GNOME development team has announced that GNOME 3.13.90 has been released, pushing a number of important changes and improvements.

The development cycle for the next iteration of GNOME is moving according to schedule and no major delays have affected the project. This branch of GNOME will eventually mature into 3.14, which is the next stable release. In fact, this 3.13.90 release is also called Beta 1, which means that it’s just a little bit closer to the final …

Oxide Exploits Closed in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Canonical closed a few Oxide vulnerabilities that have been found in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) operating system. A new set of fixes for Oxide have been implemented in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, less than a month since the previous update. “A use-after-free was discovered in the websockets implementation in Blink. If a user were tricked in to opening a specially crafted website, an attacker could potentially exploit this to cause a denial of service via renderer crash.” Also, “…

How To Quickly Get A List Of All Applications Installed On Your UNIX/Linux Machines

How to quickly get list of all applications installed on your UNIX/Linux machines
In this tutorial I’ll try to present how to quickly get the list of all applications installed on UNIX/Linux hosts. The procedure applies to the most popular UNIX/Linux d…

KDE Software Compilation 4.14 Is Out and It’s the Last Major Release in the Series

The KDE Project developers have announced that the final 4.14 version for Applications and Platform has been released and is now available for download. The KDE developers have launched the final version of KDE 4.14, which will soon be replaced by KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE Plasma 5. This is not the end of the world for people who love KDE, but it’s likely that not everyone will embrace the new direction. KDE Applications 4.14.x will continue to receive updates until November and it will have …

systemd 216 Officially Released

systemd, a service manager for Linux compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts, which provides aggressive parallelization capabilities and uses socket and D-Bus activation for starting services, is now at version 216 and is available for download.

The systemd developers have released a new version of their software and they managed to push a lot of changes and improvements in this latest iteration. In fact, systemd has received a lot of updates in the past few months and the rhythm of the rel…

Free DLNA Media Server for Linux Rygel 0.23.3 Has Been Released

Rygel, a home media solution (UPnP AV MediaServer) that allows users to easily share audio, video, and pictures to other devices, is now at version 0.23.3.

With Rygel, users will be able to browse the media collection from the TV or PS3 on a PC running GNOME, and they will have the possibility to play any of said media.

According to the changelog, GObject introspection support and some examples have been added, building with some recent Vala versions is now possible, a crash that occurred wh…

Geary 0.7.1 Email Client Gets IMAP Improvements

Geary, a lightweight email program designed around conversations and built for the GNOME desktop by the Yorba software group, is now at version 0.7.1.

The software is developed by Yorba, the same team responsible for Shotwell, a photo manager that is the default application in major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora. Geary is now part of the GNOME project and it’s slowly becoming a very powerful email client, which is a category of software that is sorely missing some good competi…