Orion Trail Is a New Adventure Game for Linux

Orion Trail, a new single-player adventure developed and published by Schell Games on Steam, has been released on the Linux platform as well.

Some of you might notice the name similarity to another famous game called Oregon Trail, and this one is following the same kind of recipe for adventure, but with a much more “modern” engine and space themes.

The game is still in the Early Access program, which means that it’s still under development. There are no patches or update…

NetBSD 7.0 RC3 Is a Massive Release

NetBSD, a free, fast, secure, and highly portable UNIX-like open source OS that is able to run on a wide range of platforms, from large-scale servers and desktop systems to handheld and embedded devices, has been upgraded to version 7.0 RC3.

The new NetBSD 7.0 branch seems to be a very big step forward and developers have implemented a huge number of changes so far, and they are not stopping either. It’s not clear whether more Release Candidates are on their way, but judgin…

Humble PC & Android Bundle 13 Brings Seven Great Games for Linux Users

The Humble PC & Android Bundle 13 has been released and all the games included in the new collection have Linux support as well. Besides that, some new titles will be added to the collection in the coming days.

It’s been a few months since we had a Humble Bundle collection that had all the games working on the Linux platform, but we can’t really complain. The Humble Bundle store is also full of games with Linux support, and users have a large library of titles at their disp…

The Linux Foundation Announces Winners of Linux Training Scholarship Program

The Linux Foundation announced the recipients of its annual Linux Training Scholarship Program, which allows a number of people from around the world to get access to free training.

The Linux Foundation gives these scholarships every year, and it seems that an ever increasing number of people get accepted. The foundation is also known for having a series of online courses that are recognized worldwide and help users get some very useful Linux skills. They have recently expa…

Latest APT 1.1 Release Has “Supercow Powers”

The APT (Advanced Package Tool) is getting ready to receive some pretty important new features and developers are saying that this is probably the best version to be released. It’s still under production, but we can only hope that it will arrive much faster than the previous 1.0 branch.

It took the APT devs almost 16 years to reach 1.0, but the version was stable long before that. When the makers of APT finally decided to move to 1.0, they also implemented some cool feature…

Major Team Fortress 2 Update Lands on Steam for Linux

The Team Fortress 2 multiplayer online shooter from Valve has been updated, and lots of fixes and balancing changes have been implemented in the game.

Valve has put a lot of money and effort into making Steam for Linux a reality, and its developers are also working on the Debian-based SteamOS, so it’s easy to imagine that the Team Fortress 2 game will receive the same kind of attention. This is also one of first major games in Valve’s catalog that’s been ported to Linux, so…

Vivaldi Web Browser Brings Better Speed, Web Panels, and Much More

Vivaldi, a new web browser built by one of the Opera founders and his team, has brought a number of new features including a web panel and lots of other improvements.

The Vivaldi developers are still working very hard to turn this new web browser into a force, and each new release from them is full of interesting stuff. However, as you can clearly see, they still have a huge amount of work left to do.

The browser feels fast, and it seems to work very well already, but pl…

Canonical’s IP Policy Is Deliberately Vague, Says Matthew Garrett

Canonical’s IP policy seems to remain a hot topic to this day, especially for developers. A conversation between Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, and Matthew Garrett, a prominent Linux developer and one of the opponents of Canonical’s IP policy, revealed some interesting information.

Canonical is protecting its assets by using a policy that has been criticized many times. A recent change has been made to the policy after talks with the Free Software Foundation, …

GNOME Boxes 3.18 Beta Adds Tests for Express Installations of Fedora 21 and 22

The GNOME Project announced the release of the first Beta build for the upcoming GNOME Boxes 3.18 open-source virtual manager software, which will be distributed as part of the anticipated GNOME 3.18 desktop environment.

According to the internal changelog attached at the end of the article for reference, GNOME 3.18 Beta (technical version number is 3.17.90) adds toggle buttons to the titlebar, allowing users to easily filter the main view to display all, remote, or local v…

GTK+ 3.18 to Receive Support for Touchpad Gesture Events for Wayland

The developers of the famous GTK+ GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit are hard at work these days preparing for the final release of the GTK+ 3.18 software, which will be distributed as part of the GNOME 3.18 desktop environment.

The seventh milestone towards GTK+ 3.18 has been released today, technical version number 3.17.7, which will be available for testing as part of the first Beta build of GNOME 3.18, due for release later today, August 19, 2015.

According to th…

Google Announces Smart, Linux-Powered OnHub Router for Next-Gen Wi-Fi

Today, August 18, Google had the great pleasure of revealing its latest product, OnHub, a router powered by a Linux kernel-based operating system and designed from the ground up to provide home users with a next-generation Wi-Fi network.

Promising to offer you the fastest Wi-Fi connection always, OnHub has been designed for demanding video and audio environments, so you can enjoy your favorite multimedia content at all time without interruptions wherever you are in your hom…

AppFormix newest member of Charm Partner Programme

Canonical is excited to announce that AppFormix has joined the Charm Partner Programme. Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme helps solution providers make best use of Canonical’s universal service modeling tool, Juju; enabling instant workload deployment, integration, and scaling at the click of a button. Juju makes it easy to deliver complete solutions in minutes, on virtually any public or private […]

Linus Torvalds Announces Linux Kernel 4.2 RC7, Final Release Might Come Out Next Week

Linus Torvalds has just announced that the seventh and most probably the last Release Candidate (RC) version of the forthcoming Linux 4.2 kernel is now available for download and testing.

Looking at the shortlog attached by Mr. Torvalds, we can notice that Linux kernel 4.2 RC7 is a pretty small Release Candidate that brings with it mostly updated drivers, especially for…

First LibreOffice 5.0 Maintenance Release On Its Way to Fix Middle-Click Paste on X11

After releasing the huge LibreOffice 5.0 update, The Document Foundation announced that the hard team of developers behind the most powerful open-source office suite in the world is hard at work on the first maintenance release of LibreOffice 5.0.0.

Therefore, we can report to that the first Release Candidate of the forthcoming LibreOffice 5.0.1 office suite has been published along with a massive changelog that shows us what the LibreOffice developers have been working on …

Chakra GNU/Linux Distro Gets LibreOffice 5.0 and a Patched Intel Driver for KDE Plasma 5

The maintainers of the Chakra GNU/Linux project, an open-source, rolling-release distribution based on the ever popular Arch Linux operating system and built around the KDE desktop environment, announced the availability of a new update.

Therefore, we can report today, August 16, that the stable…

Kodi 15 “Isengard” Gets Its First Update with New FFmpeg and Dozens of Bugfixes

The Kodi development team announced a few minutes ago, August 16, that the first maintenance release of the Kodi 15.0 “Isengard” open-source media center software is now available for download for all supported platforms.

According to the release notes, Kodi 15.1 is here to fix a great number of issues that have been reported by users since the release of Kodi 15.0, as well …

Happy 18th Birthday, GNOME!

It’s hard to believe that The GNOME Project started its life 18 years ago, but that’s the truth and its developers are preparing to celebrate the occasion.

The GNOME project was founded by Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena back in 1997, and it’s come a long way since then. In fact, it’s now one of the biggest and most important desktop environments, although GNOME is much more than that. It is actually made of a huge stack of applications that fill in any nook and cranny.

Marble Muse Indie Physics Puzzle Lands on Steam for Linux with 10% Discount

Marble Muse, a physics puzzle title developed and published by Ketos Games on Steam, has been released on the Linux platform as well.

Marble Muse is one of the games on Steam for Linux that positions itself in this tiny niche, but there are other games out there that are built with the same idea in mind. Players either control a ball and navigate through the environment or they control the entire environment in order to direct the ball in the right direction.

“It’s an in…

F23 NetworkManager Test Day August 20th!

Fedora 23 is scheduled to be released at the end of the October. Among many other improvements, this release will include a new version of NetworkManager, a service that manages network connectivity. We’ve been busy fixing bugs and adding functionality,… Continue Reading →

Geary 0.10.0 Email Client Lands in Elementary OS

Geary is the default email client default in Elementary OS and it’s also present in a number of other repositories as well. Developers have just made an important upgrade to it that should turn some heads.

Geary is developed by a group named Yorba and they also tried to get their application in the GNOME stack a while back. Now, a new upgrade has been released for the email client, and Elementary OS has been quick to integrate it.

“Major shout out to Yorba for their work…