Calligra 2.8.6 Office Suite Released with Too Many Fixes to Count

Calligra 2.8.6, an integrated suite of applications for office, creative, and management needs, has been released and packs quite a few changes for numerous packages under its umbrella.

Calligra 2.8.6 may be just a maintenance release, but it’s actually quite consistent. It brings so many improvements that it’s difficult to count them all, but if you are using the suite this is an update that you need to get.

Most of the applications that you would ever need are integrated in the Calligra su…

Elive 2.3.6 Beta Is a Debian-Based Distro with an Interesting Enlightenment Desktop

Elive, a complete operating system for your computer, built on top of Debian GNU/Linux, has advanced to version 2.3.6 Beta and is available for download and testing.

The Elive developers usually work to implement lots of changes and improvements in the Beta branch of the operating system before releasing a stable version. This is true for the current release, which is just yet another step towards the final build.

The development cycle seems to follow a tight schedule, and from what we’ve se…

Ubuntu Touch RTM Branch Updated with Cool New Keyboard and Lots of Changes

Canonical released last week a new RTM branch for Ubuntu Touch, and now the developers have managed to push a new major update that brings more fixes, updated packages, and a nice, new keyboard.

Canonical’s goal is to provide a stable Ubuntu Touch image that is ready to ship with a smartphone. Having a working version of the new operating system is one thing, but having an OS on a phone that has to be bought by users is a different ball game altogether. This means that it has to be bug-free, …

Ubuntu GNOME Devs Explain Once More Why GNOME 3.14 Won’t Be Included by Default

Each time a new GNOME version is released, users point to the Ubuntu GNOME devs and blame them for not integrating the latest packages in the distribution. Also, each time, the Ubuntu GNOME developers have to explain why this is impossible.

A new GNOME version has been made available, 3.14, and naturally, Ubuntu GNOME users have already started to ask why this is not landing in their favorite distro, given the fact that the next release of Ubuntu will take place on October 23.

As you can ima…

Ubuntu MATE 14.10 Beta 2 Officially Released, Includes Windows XP Classic Mode

Ubuntu MATE 14.10 Beta 2, a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that uses the MATE desktop environment, has been released and is now ready for testing.

The Ubuntu MATE developers, which included a MATE and Ubuntu dev, have just released a new version of their distribution, fixing a large number of problems.

Ubuntu MATE has yet to become an official Ubuntu flavor, so its developers are not really bound by the scheduling rules that apply to the other flavors. Still, they are trying to keep as c…

Steam for Linux Client Update Brings ALSA Audio for Streaming, Music Player, and More

A new stable version of the Steam distribution platform has been released and the developers have integrated a huge number of changes and improvements, not to mention several a few features.

Valve usually goes through quite a few Beta versions before a new stable release is made. Most – if not all – of the changes made in the Beta releases usually land in the stable client and this is true for the latest version as well.

Linux users don’t have any special updates, but most of the regular one…

Top Features of GNOME 3.14 – Gallery

GNOME 3.14 is out, and all users now want to try it and see what’s new. The developers have provided us with a list of changes and improvements that have been implemented in this latest version.

The GNOME development team has been working very hard for the past six months to improve upon the GNOME 3.12 release, which in turn was a great version. It wasn’t an easy job to do and now we have the new 3.14 and it’s actually much better than the previous release, although there still are a couple o…

GNOME 3.14 Officially Released – Screenshot Tour, Video

The GNOME development team has announced that the final version of its latest GNOME desktop environment, 3.14, has been released and all the new packages are now available for download.

Unlike the previous 3.12 release, the new version doesn’t pack the same amount of visible changes, but it has been described by the developers as a refined experience, and that really encompasses all.

The GNOME development cycle didn’t hit any major bumps in the road and the new version just made available wi…

Sharing Distros, Tiny Core Fights Fires, and Bash Bug

In today’s Linux news the Linux Journal has the story of a firehouse that saved time, money, and hair by using Tiny Core Linux. GNOME 3.14 is “lazier” than ever and Fedora 21 is getting lots of kudos. Red Hat is on its way to Mars and Bash has been found to be vulnerable to […]

Install Munin (Monitoring Tool) on Ubuntu 14.04 server

Munin the monitoring tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in graphs through a web interface. Its emphasis is on plug and play capabilities. After completing a installation a high number of monitoring plugins will be playing with no more effort. Read more ….

Netflix Is Finally Coming to Linux, Minus the Hacks

How big is Netflix in terms of the share of Internet traffic that it commands? Recent data from Sandvine Corp. showed that it accounted for a whopping 34% of North America’s downloads during the busiest hours of the day in 2014, up from 32% six months ago. However, many Linux users have had to go […]

Pre-order your personal copy of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu 14.10

With the coming release of next version of Ubuntu 14.10 just a month away, many of you already looking for downloading of your own ISO image of the system. Yes, that’s the next version, codenamed Utopic Unicorn. But many of you are not so lucky, and will need to wait longer, because you can not […]

FFmpeg 2.4.1 “Fresnel” Now Available for Download

FFmpeg, a complete solution to record, convert, and stream audio and video, has advanced to version 2.4.1 and is ready for download.

FFmpeg 2.4.1 “Fresnel” is the latest major release of the software and this is a major update. After a number of maintenance builds for the previous version, a new iteration is now out.

“The FFmpeg Project proudly presents FFmpeg 2.4 “Fresnel”, just 2 months after the release of 2.3. Since this wasn’t a long time ago, the changelog is a bit short this time. The…

GNOME 3.14 Released, See What`s New

After six months of development, GNOME 3.14 was released today and it includes quite a few interesting changes such as multi-touch gestures for both the system and applications, re-worked default theme, new animations as well as various enhancements for the code GNOME applications.GNOME 3.14 videoBelow you can watch a video I recorded under Fedora 21, […]

DG2: Defense Grid 2 Arrives on Linux, Still in Beta

DG2: Defense Grid 2, the sequel to one of the best tower defense games ever made, has been released on Linux, but with a small caveat.

The developers from Hidden Path Entertainment managed to have the Linux release done in time for the official launch, but there is a small problem. Both the Linux and Mac versions of the game are not quite finished yet and they require some more work.

“When you purchase Defense Grid 2 on Steam, your key works for Windows, Mac, and SteamOS/Linux. If you wish t…

DBus Vulnerabilities Closed in All Supported Ubuntu OSes

Canonical has announced that a number of DBus vulnerabilities have been found and fixed in its Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating systems.

The company has just released a new update for dbus (simple interprocess messaging system) and the devs have said that a few security issues have been fixed.

“Simon McVittie discovered that DBus incorrectly handled the file descriptors message limit. A local attacker could use this issue to cause DBus to crash, resulting in…

Cities in Italy Drop Proprietary Software and Adopt LibreOffice

Italian cities Todi and Terni have decided to drop the proprietary office solution used by the city’s administration and to adopt LibreOffice.

Numerous cities around the world have started to adopt free operating systems and software in order to replace the proprietary solutions used by the local administration. This is done primarily to cut costs with the updates for the previous installed applications. It’s also a good way to educate the employees and the citizens about the free alternative…

Pufferüberlauf im Debian-Paketmanager Apt

Zum zweiten Mal in kurzer Zeit mussten die Debian-Entwickler eine Lücke in ihrem Paketmanager Apt flicken. Der Pufferüberlauf könnte dazu führen, dass Angreifer Schadcode auf dem System ausführen können. Ubuntu ist ebenfalls betroffen. Read more at H-online

Salix Live Xfce 14.1 Beta 1 Is a Simple and Easy to Use Stackware-Based OS – Gallery

The Live version of Salix, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Slackware that is simple, fast, easy to use, and based on the Xfce desktop environment, has finally reached version 14.1 Beta 1.

It’s been quite a while since the release of Salix 14.1 Beta 1, more than six months. The version that was made available back in January was actually just for installation and users couldn’t run it as a Live CD. The new one released today tries to fix that small oversight, although you have to keep in min…

Ubuntu Touch RTM released: Can it take on Android and iOS?

In today’s open source roundup: Canonical releases the RTM version of Ubuntu Touch. Plus: Fourteen ways to contribute to open source without being a programmer, and advice for open source programmers. Read more ….