Valve Finally Enables In-Home Streaming from Linux Hosts on Steam

Valve released a new Beta version of the Steam distribution platform and the developers have implemented quite a few changes, including a very interesting one related to the In-Home streaming feature. Valve usually goes through quite a few Beta versions before deciding to release a new stable client update and now the developers have released a very consistent update. It bring numerous features and various modifications, but it also comes with a big improvements for the Linux platform. The I…

Backtrack 5 R3 Hits One Million Downloads on Softpedia

Backtrack was a Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing and it’s no longer maintained. In fact, this OS was so successful that it’s still being downloaded and used even today, despite the fact that it’s no longer maintained. Backtrack was not the only security-oriented distribution, but the wealth of applicationS provided by the developers ensured its supremacy. It remained one of the most downloaded Linux distributions for a long time, even after it wasn’t m…

Beautiful Budgie Desktop Environment Receives Massive Update

Ikey Doherty, the developer of Evolve OS has announced that a new iteration of his new desktop environment Budgie has been released and it’s packing quite a few new features. It will be a while until Evolve OS is released, and there are still many components that need to be put in place before this new Linux distribution is ready for regular users. One of the most important aspects of Evolve OS that really sets the distribution apart from everything else is the new desktop environment that’…

GNOME 3.14 Beta 2 Officially Released

Frederic Peters from the GNOME development team has just announced that the second Beta for GNOME 3.14 has been released and it’s now available for download and testing.

Previous GNOME branches had all sorts of smaller delays, but it looks like everything is going as planned with 3.14. In fact, GNOME 3.14 might be one of the most exciting releases made until now, especially with the upcoming Wayland support, not to mention the other numerous changes and improvements that have been made alread…

New AMD Catalyst 14.30 Beta Video Driver for Linux Is Now Out and Ready for Testing

AMD has announced that the new Catalyst 14.30 Beta video driver for the Linux platform has been released and is now available for download. AMD has a bad habit of releasing drivers without any kind of notes, and this is one of those times. This is a major problem with the new drivers because the users don’t really know what has changed, what has been fixed, what the supported platforms, kernels, and so on are. There are times when AMD provides some notes about new releases, but even then, the…

Boycott Systemd, Messy Makulu, and Top Ten

Systemd continues to grab headlines and today there are calls to boycott it. The Document Foundation are holding membership committee elections. Matthew Miller and Jim Whitehurst talk Fedora and Red Hat. New high-risk threats have been reported to infect Linux systems. Christine Hall says Distrowatch’s Top Ten actually contains only five distros and says […]

Emmabuntus 3-1.00 Screenshot Tour

The Emmabuntüs team is pleased to announce for September 1st 2014, the new Emmabuntüs 3 release 1.00, based on Xubuntu 14.04.1. Our goals: facilitate the work of reconditioning the computers given to humanitarian associations; continue to collaborate with Emmaüs communities; promote the discovery of GNU/Linux by beginners; limit the electronic devices waste to reduce the […]

Ubuntu Touch Now Has a Torrent Client in the Ubuntu Store

The Ubuntu Touch platform is already the host of many interesting applications, and it looks like the developers have started to implement software that goes beyond what you might expect, like a torrent client for example.

The app store for Ubuntu Touch has been growing steadily over the past few months and interesting applications are added all the time. Most of them are covering some of the basic needs of the operating system, but there are quite a few that go well beyond regular users’ nee…

Canonical is Testing a Big New OpenStack Cloud Play: BootStack

Canonical has a new spin on its OpenStack plans. The company is rolling out BootStack, which is a managed service offering currently in private beta testing. Through BootStack, Canonical wants to help customers build, support and manage OpenStack-centric clouds for a fee of $15 per server per day. BootStack will be available in two forms, […]

FxMovieManager 6.6 Officially Released

FxMovieManager, an application written to help users manage movie files and video clips, has been upgraded to version 6.6 and is now available for download.

FxMovieManager includes a twin-panel file manager, a playlist, and a simple frontend to Mplayer. Both the file manager and the playlist can display thumbnails of movie files.

Unlike previous releases of this application, which were preceded by quite a few development versions, this latest iteration arrived with little warning and numerou…

Raspberry Pi Now Has a Much Faster Web Browser

Raspberry Pi is powered by a wealth of operating systems, but there is also an official one called Raspbian, which is based on Debian, as the name implies. The developers have now released a new web browser that should be much faster.

The Raspbian default browser was Midori and users know that it’s not the fastest available right now. It’s not a problem with the software, but it’s not optimized to run on that platform. Collabora has been working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to release a n…

How to limit CPU usage with CPULimit on Ubuntu Linux

How to limit CPU usage with CPULimit on Ubuntu Linux
This document describes how to limit CPU usage in Ubuntu 14.04. I will use CPU-limit utilty for this purpose. Cpulimit is a tool which limits the CPU usage of a process (expressed in percentage, not …

Borderlands 2 Game Is Coming To Linux / Steam OS

It looks like Borderlands 2 , a popular video game released in 2012, is coming to Linux / Steam OS.The Borderlands 2 steamdb history page shows that Linux was recently added to the config oslist file:49531/config/oslist: linux49531/name: Linux Content49533/config/oslist: linux49533/name: Linux ExecutableIn fact, the game already shows up for Linux users in their Steam library, […]

Train Fever Raildroad Simulator to Arrive on Linux in September

Train Fever, a train business simulator developed by Urban Games and published by Gambitious, will be released in September for the Linux platform.

Train Fever is defined as a railroad-focused business simulation game by its developer, but it’s much more than that. All the levels in the game are procedurally generated and the engine has been created for this title, allowing uses to have access to a complex city simulation.

“It’s the year 1850, and there are great times ahead! Establish …

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Gets Patch for AMD Users

The Linux version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition has received yet another update and this time it brings good news for AMD users.

CD Projekt was quick to release The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition for Linux, but it turns out that the version they published wasn’t a native one. As blunders go, releasing a non-native app on Linux is a big no-no. They have since recovered somewhat and the developers have issued a number of patches already, under the Beta la…

Download MEGAsync For Linux Desktops ( Linux Sync Client)

MEGA is a cloud storage and file hosting service founded by Kim Dotcom (who was also behind Megaupload), which offers 50 GB of storage for free, along with various paid plans. More about MEGA.The website doesn’t offer a sync client for Linux desktops however, MEGAsync for Linux showed up on their servers recently (without […]

Borderlands 2 to Be Released on Steam for Linux

Borderlands 2, the insanely fun and exciting collaborative FPS developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games will be getting a Linux release. The Gearbox chief, Randy Pitchford, was questioned a while ago about the release of the Borderlands titles on the Linux platform. He didn’t say no right away, but after making some internal inquiries, he advised the Linux community not to get their hopes up and that was that. On the other hand, the 2K publisher seems to be on board with the L…

Steam Hardware Survey Shows New Drop in Linux Users, Ubuntu 14.04.1 Now No. 1 Distro

A new Steam Hardware survey has been published for the month of August and things don’t look too bright for the Linux platform, although this might be just a statistical issue. Every month, Valve releases the results of the Steam Hardware Survey and publishes details about what’s being used right now, mostly in terms of hardware. There is also an OS category and this is where you can find details about the rate of adoption for various distros. Right from the start, you will notice that there…

Unity 8 and Mir Updates Show Great Progress

Unity 8 and Mir are the technologies that are going to be the forefront of the upcoming Ubuntu releases and they are updated constantly. They are still pretty far off from a desktop implementation, but the progress made by the developers is visible.

Canonical is now focusing all their efforts to develop a stable and shippable Ubuntu Touch image for the phones that will arrive in just a few months. This means that developers are working around the clock to fix the problems and other various bu…

Ubuntu… the unusual one

For most of us Ubuntu and Canonical are synonyms.However, I was surprised recently when I saw a different Ubuntu. Read more ….