Git 2.5.3 Open-Source Distributed Version Control System Now Available for Download

On September 17, the Git developers announced that the third maintenance release of the stable 2.5 branch of the world’s most used distributed version control system software, Git, is available for download for all GNU/Linux operating systems, as well as for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

According to the internal changelog, which we have attached at the end of the article for reference, Git 2.5.3 is a small release that only updates the experimental untracked-ca…

Ubuntu Developers Discuss the Future of Snappy Personal, Unity 8, Mir, Convergence

Canonical’s David Planella announced a few days ago that there would be an Ubuntu Community Team Q&A with Kevin Gunn, the leader of the team of Ubuntu developers over at Canonical responsible for the convergence implementation, on Ubuntu on Air.

As one might have expected, the Ubuntu on Air session with Kevin Gunn was recorded and it is available to anyone who wants to learn…

Ubuntu Touch’s Falldown Addictive Game Gets New Settings Screen, More

You might remember the Falldown game for Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system, which we introduced to you a while ago in an exclusive first-look …

Finding out if a newer version of a package is coming for Fedora

Fedora is a huge project that includes tens of thousands of packaged software. Sometimes you may notice an upstream has released an update that is not yet in the stable Fedora repositories, and in a lot of cases this updated… Continue Reading →

Fedora 23 Beta Approved for September 22, Final Version Set for October 27

Just a few minutes ago, Fedora Project’s Jan Kuřík informed us all that the Beta build of the upcoming Fedora 23 GNU/Linux operating system was approved, and it would be seeded to testers worldwide on September 22, 2015.

The Fedora 23 Beta Go/No-Go meeting took place today, September 17, 2015, on the official IRC channels of the Fedora Project. T…

Ubuntu nominated in V3 Technology Awards shortlist; cast your vote!

We’re delighted to have been nominated for three V3 Technology Awards this year. It’s been a great year for us and so it’s fantastic to be recognised for our recent innovation. The sixth annual awards provides the opportunity for V3 readers to vote on the best business products and vendors of the year. The shortlist features […]

Ibus Typing-booster speeds up input of Indic languages

Since the day the digital world started to support Indian Languages, Indic computing has witnessed many improvements. One major area of improvement is the keyboard. For every Indian language, there are different types of keyboards. The absence of a native hardware keyboard… Continue Reading →

Managing packages on Fedora with DNF

Fedora 22 shipped with a rather significant change under the hood: the introduction of DNF (DaNdiFied YUM) as the default package manager. The change is visible only to users that used YUM to work with Fedora packages. Users that use… Continue Reading →

Linux Mint 17.3 codenamed ‘Rosa’

The third and last 17.x point release will be Linux Mint 17.3 codename ‘Rosa’. Rosa is a classic vintage Italian, Spanish and Portuguese name. The meaning of the name Rosa is: Rose. Used as a sign of love and compassion, the rose is also the symbol of England. In 1545, Ronsard writes one of the […]

5tFTW returns! Flock, FUDCon, Bodhi 2, F23, and a big thread about how we package software

Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to keep up with everything that goes on. This series highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week. It isn’t comprehensive news coverage — just quick summaries with links to each…. Continue Reading →

Mageia 4 about to reach its end-of-life

As you may know, our policy is to support stable releases for 18 months; Mageia 4 was released on February 1st, 2014, so it should have been supported until August 1st, 2015. However, due to the delayed release of Mageia … Continue reading

The Mycroft Voice Recognition AI for Linux Desktops Gets Funded

The Mycroft Kickstarter project has proved to be a success, and it looks like its makers even managed to get passed the first stretch goal and that means only one thing: voice control for the Linux desktop.

We’ve written quite a lot about Mycroft, this AI / house automation that promises to bring a lo…

FFmpeg 2.8 “Feynman” Switches Default Encoders for WebM to VP9 and Opus

On September 9, the FFmpeg developers had the great pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the FFmpeg 2.8 open-source and cross-platform software used for recording, converting, and streaming audio and video.

Dubbed Feynman, FFmpeg 2.8 comes with a wide variety of new features, among which we can mention a BFSTM and BCSTM demuxer…

Tiny Core Linux 6.4 Gets New ASCII Penguin, Available for Download Now

Robert Shingledecker, the creator, maintainer, and lead developer of the Tiny Core project had the great pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the final build of his Tiny Core Linux 6.4 operating system.


Ubuntu Touch Received Sync, Messaging, Telephony, and Browser Improvements

Canonical’s Bill Filler posted a very interesting message on the Ubuntu Touch mailing list informing Ubuntu app developers and Ubuntu Phone users alike about the latest work done by the Ubuntu Touch team for the operating system’s core apps.

According to Mr. Filler, the Ubuntu Touch System Apps team over Canonical managed to implement a lot of new and attractive features for…

Introducing Pi-Cubes, Ubuntu Snappy Core Powered HVAC Automation System

The Cube-Controls team, through Maarten Ectors, had the great pleasure of informing users about a new device called Pi-Cubes, which is an app-enabled HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) control powered by Snappy Ubuntu Core.

Pi-Cubes has been designed from the ground up to offer a modular HVAC automation system that is capable of supporting up to four thermostats and 24 I/Os, and gives makers the choice of using different I/O boards for all sorts of Home Automa…

Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09 Release Candidate 2 Is Now Available for Download

Immediately after announcing the release of the second RC build of Manjaro Linux KDE 15.09, Philip Müller published details about the Manjaro Linux Xfce 15.09 Release Candidate 2 operating system.

Manjaro Linux KDE 15.09 RC2 Has KDE Plasma 5.4 and KDE Applications 15.08

After only a week from the release of the first RC (Release Candidate) build of the upcoming Manjaro Linux KDE 15.09 distribution, the Manjaro Linux team was proud to announce the immediate availability for download of Manjaro Linux KDE 15.09 RC2.

Falldown for Ubuntu Phone Hits the Streets, a Fast-Paced and Addictive Game

The Falldown face-paced and addictive game that we previewed last month has hit the streets a few hours ago, September 9, with version 0.0.7 available to users worldwide on the Ubuntu Store for phones.

Thanks to Riccardo Padovani, creator of Falldow…

Canonical Patches Critical Linux Kernel Vulnerability in Ubuntu 15.04, Update Now

On September 9, Canonical published a new Ubuntu Security Notice document informing users about a new kernel update for its Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) operating system, urging them to upgrade as soon as possible.

An integer overflow error has been discovered in Linux kernel’s SCSI generic (sg) driver, which could allow a local attacker that had write permissions to a SCSI generic device to crash the system via a DoS (Denial of Service) attack or gain root access.

“A sec…