Thunderbird Email Encryption with GnuPG2

Thunderbird Email Encryption with GnuPG2
This tutorial describes the configuration of Thunderbird and GnuPG2 to send and receive encrypted email.

Installing Virtualizor on CentOS 6.5 with RAID1

Installing Virtualizor on CentOS 6.5 with RAID1
This guide covers installing the Virtualizor control panel on CentOS 6.5 with RAID1.

Skype for Linux 4.3 Ditches Alsa for PulseAudio

A new Skype for Linux update has been released by Microsoft, but this is not really a big release, with the exception of a couple of interesting new features.According to Microsoft, the Skype for Linux has been redesigned and the client for the open source platform has received a few improvements. According to the chagelong, the new cloud-based Group Chat experience has been implemented into the software, the file transfer support is now much better when using multiple devices at once, the acc…

AMD Says Mantle Will Be Released for Linux, Eventually

Mantle is an API built by AMD and DICE that will eventually provide a true alternative for Direct3D and OpenGL, but its future in the Linux ecosystem is uncertain, to say the least. AMD made some bold statements when they announced that they are working on Mantle, which was around the time when Valve released the first version of SteamOS. They said that it will be platform independent and open source, which let people to believe that it will also arrive on the Linux platforms. Since then, al…

Improve Battery Life with Laptop Mode Tools 1.65

Laptop Mode Tools, a power-saving package for Linux systems that allows users to extend the battery life of their laptop in several ways, is now at version 1.65.The Laptop Mode Tools releases are few and far in between, but the developers have made some very interesting changes and improvements in this latest version, although the update is not as consistent as would like it to be.According to the changelog, a grep error on missing $device/uevent has been fixed, sysfs/enabled has been replaced…

OpenStack Nova Vulnerabilities Found and Fixed in Ubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Canonical has announced that a few OpenStack Nova vulnerabilities have been found in its Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.10, and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating systems. Ubuntu developers have issued yet another patch for a few of the supported operating systems, this time for OpenStack Nova “Darragh O’Reilly discovered that OpenStack Nova did not properly set up its sudo configuration. If a different flaw was found in OpenStack Nova, this vulnerability could be used to escalate p…

Ubuntu Touch Finally Gets Beautiful Dialer and Contacts Apps

Canonical developers have managed to promote a new image for Ubuntu Touch and to update some of the old components, like the Dialer app.

Ubuntu for phones is becoming more stable and new applications arrive every day, but some of the older core apps, like the Dialer and Contacts, remained a little behind the general design. That has changed now, as the Dialer is using the folded background concept and the Contacts entry has been improved.

“There are some changes of interest in this ima…

APT Exploit Closed in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Details about an APT vulnerability in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating systems have been published by Canonical in a security notice.

Ubuntu developers have closed an APT vulnerability, which doesn’t happen all that often. This is not a major issue and users shouldn’t be too worried.

According to the security notice, “Jakub Wilk discovered that APT did not correctly validate signatures when downloading source packages. If a remote attacke…

Vendetta Online Space MMO Gets a New Patch with Important Fixes

Vendetta Online, an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) from Guild Software Inc., is now at version 1.8.295 and sports quite a few changes. The Vendetta Online developers have released many updates recently, mostly to fix various problems and to add some new features for the gameplay and for the engine. Last week’s update was, in fact, very interesting because the developers also organized a race, which took place in Grayspace. Unfortunately, this week’s update is a litt…

Sigram Is a Superb Telegram Client for Linux

One of the most important applications that are needed on the Linux platform is a major messaging app like WhatsApp or Telegram. So far, there is no WhatsApp version, but there are a number of Telegram clients and one of them is called Sigram. Unfortunately for Linux users, WhatsApp doesn’t provide an API for its service and this means that we won’t see any native application that can act as a client. The Telegram developers have gone the other way around and provide an API and open source cl…

SymplyOS Leaf Is a Light and Interesting Distro Based on openSUSE

SymplyOS Leaf 13.9 3.1.4, a Linux distribution based on openSUSE that uses KDE, is available for download and testing. There are so many Linux distributions in the world that sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of each and every one of them. Despite what people might think about Linux distros, the truth is that most of them are actually uninteresting and of sub-par quality. People are used to the quality of systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, or openSUSE, but not all distros have bee…

Ubuntu 14.10 Now Using Linux Kernel 3.15, Version 3.16 to Follow Soon

Canonical is working on Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn), and the team has just made the switch to Linux kernel 3.15 stable, although the devs are planning to get an even newer version in place.

The Linux kernel is one of the most important packages in a distro and, in fact, it’s essential to the OS. Most users won’t actually feel the impact of a new kernel, but having the newest one possible is very important, if only for the improved hardware support.

The Ubuntu developers have already announ…

Linux Kernel 3.14 Breaks Wine for 16-bit Windows Applications

Linux kernel 3.14 is one of the latest versions available, but it looks like this particular build has managed to break Wine for all the applications that were running in Windows 9x mode.

Linux users need Wine to run applications from the Windows platform, but the bulk of apps accessed in this way is actually quite old. Sure enough, it’s possible to run newer software as well, but most users need Wine for much older stuff.

One of the latest updates for Linux kernel 3.14.x brought some modifi…

Powerful Photo Editing Suite jAlbum 12.1.9 Arrives with Lots of Fixes

jAlbum, a tool that can be used to create online photo albums and that has built-in support for organizing and editing images, is now at version 12.1.9 and is available for download.

jAlbum, a suite of tools that can be used by photographers, various organizations, or casual users has received a small maintenance update. This is a smaller update than the previous one, but it still has a few interesting new features.

According to the changelog, the new “Crop focus” plugin has been b…

P2P File Sharing Software Vuze Lets Users View Seeds and Peers Before Downloading

Vuze, a BitTorrent client previously known as Azureus, which is built on Java, has been upgraded to version Beta 36 and is now ready for testing.

Vuze is a relatively lightweight BitTorrent client that can be used to download torrents and even acts as a search engine. This is not the only client available on the Linux platform, and the competition is fierce.

According to the developers, a rare high CPU usage bug that occurred when deleting a download has been fixed, a torrent creatio…

SymmetricDS 3.6.0 Is a Great Software for Multi-Master Database Replication

SymmetricDS 3.6.0, an open source software for multi-master database replication, filtered synchronization, or transformation across the network in a heterogeneous environment, is now available for download. SymmetricDS 3.6.0 supports multiple subscribers with one- or bi-directional asynchronous data replication and uses technologies to replicate tables between relational databases. This latest update for the software is actually quite large and comes with a lot of changes. For example, the …

Canonical Resumes Ubuntu Touch System Updates

Canonical has unblocked the promotion of stable images of Ubuntu Touch after solving a few problems that were causing the delay. The Ubuntu developers are working on several branches for the phone and tablet version of the operating system, and they are making constant improvements. The system is currently based on the upcoming Utopic version and it’s still under development. The two platforms, desktop and mobile, don’t share the same code yet and there are some big differences between them….

ClamTk 5.07 Is a Powerful Antivirus Software for Linux

ClamTk 5.07, a GUI frontend for ClamAV using Perl and Gtk libraries developed to make the life of Linux users a lot easier, is now available for download.

Most Linux users don’t need antivirus applications installed on their systems and, in fact, there are very few apps of this kind. This entire business never really took off on Linux for obvious reasons, but users might need an antivirus solution from time to time.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a dual-boot configuration, with Window…

Conky Manager 2.0.2 Can Make Any Linux Desktop Beautiful

Conky Manager, an application that allows users to manage Conky files and improve the aspect of the operating system, has been updated to version 2.0.2.

This is actually a GUI for Conky, which is a lightweight system monitor for the X server. Having to manage the files and to configure the application is pretty hard and time-consuming when you’re not using an interface.

Conkies are a great way of enhancing the desktop of any Linux distribution and the application has been around for a long …

Users Can Do Backup and Recovery with the Clonezilla Live 2.2.3-20 Linux Distro

Clonezilla Live, a Linux distribution based on DRBL, Partclone, and udpcast that allows users to do bare metal backup and recovery, is now at version 2.2.3-20.

The Clonezilla team has just a released a new development version for this Linux distribution, integrating a small number of updates and various changes.

“The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository, as of June 17, 2014,” reads the official announcement.