Ubuntu Core to bring Snappy and transactional updates to the Cloud

Ubuntu Core and Snappy bring a different angle to Linux Containers, one of the most popular areas of information technology. Read more ….

$35 quad-core hacker SBC offers Raspberry Pi-like size and I/O

Hardkernel’s $35 “Odroid-C1″ SBC runs Android or Ubuntu on a 1.5GHz quad-core Amlogic SoC, and boasts 1GB RAM plus quasi-RPi-compatible 40-pin expansion. Hardkernel’s community-backed Odroid single-board computer (SBC) project has long been a Samsung Exynos operation, having churned out over a dozen Samsung-based hacker SBCs in recent years. These include the $65 Odroid-U3 based on […]

Ubuntu Team Launches Snappy Ubuntu Core for Container, Cloud Deployments

Among Linux distributions, Ubuntu has a fairly sterling reputation as a proven operating system that developers can build around. Just witness the fact that more than half of OpenStack deployments are being built on Ubuntu, according to the OpenStack Foundation.  Google’s Chrome OS is also built around many core operating system technologies from the Canonical […]

Snappy Apps: Ein neues Paketformat für Ubuntu

Snappy Ubuntu Core verwendet ein neues Paketformat, das eine Versionierung der installierten Anwendungen und ein Rollback auf ältere Versionen erlaubt – auch des ganzen Systems. Laut Canonical ist das die perfekte Basis für die hippen Docker-Container. Read more at H-online

Audacious Switches Back To GTK2, Adds New Qt-Based User Interface [Audacious 3.6 Alpha 1]

Audacious is a fast audio player that focuses on high audio quality and low resource usage, which comes with a pretty large plugin list and until now, it shipped with two interfaces: a GTK+ interface and a Winamp 2.x like interface (and so, it supports Winamp 2.x skins). As we pointed out a while back, […]

Snappy Ubuntu challenges CoreOS and Project Atomic on lightweight cloud servers

To make more efficient use of datacenters and cloud hardware, Ubuntu is creating a new, ultra-lightweight Ubuntu server. Read more ….

How to configure rsyslog client for remote logging on CentOS

rsyslog is an open source utility widely used on Linux systems to forward or receive log messages via TCP/UDP protocols. rsyslog daemon can be configured in two scenarios. Configured as a log collector server, rsyslog daemon can gather log data from all other hosts in the network, which are configured to send their internal logs […]

X.Org X Server Vulnerabilities Closed in Ubuntu

The Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating systems have been updated in order to fix a number of X.Org X server vulnerabilities identified by devs.

A series of X.Org X server issues have been found by developers and the Ubuntu team has been quick to issue a patch that corrects most of the problems that have been marked.

“Ilja van Sprundel discovered a multitude of security issues in the X.Org X server. An attacker able to connect to an X server, either locally or remo…

Users Want Windows 10 Features That Are Already Available in Linux Systems

Windows 10 brought some new features for its fans, but it’s still under development. Its users already have a list of features they would like implemented, but it’s funny to see how most of those features are already present in Linux installations.

The new features promised to Windows users are really interesting and the community is already looking with great interest at the new version, which they consider to be a winner. Even Linux fans saw that Windows 10 did come with some cool stuff, al…

Canonical Announces Snappy Ubuntu Core, A Transactionally Updated Flavor For The Cloud

Canonical announced “snappy” Ubuntu Core yesterday, a new cloud-optimized Ubuntu edition that uses transactional updates.Below you can watch the snappy Ubuntu Core introductory video in which Ubuntu and Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth explains how snappy Ubuntu Core works:(direct video link)But what exactly is snappy Ubuntu Core? This new Ubuntu cloud flavor uses Ubuntu Core (a […]

Ubuntu 15.04 Gets Linux Kernel 3.18

Ubuntu 15.04 (Vidid Vervet) is now under development and this is a time when new features and components are added to the distribution. The same is true for the Linux kernel, which has been updated to version 3.18.

Regular users don’t really get the next Ubuntu version this early, although they can install at any time. It’s still unstable and it can prove to be quite unstable in this particular stage or the development cycle, but this is also an exciting time because you can get to see change…

Future Modular Phone Might Be Powered by Ubuntu Touch

Everyone is talking about Ubuntu Touch on Meizu phones and that will happen in the next few months, but other less conventional hardware makers might be interested in the Ubuntu experience. At least, this is what the newly formed company Vsenn says it wants.

Vsenn was started by a former Nokia X product manager, who chose to remain anonymous so far. The company is planning to develop a new modular smartphone with some impressive specs and it looks like they are considering offering a number o…

Firefox 35 Beta Arrives with Conference Call Features for Hello

Mozilla has just released the Beta branch of the upcoming Firefox 35.x and it looks that they don’t plan anything out of the ordinary for it, although there are some improvements and various other changes ready.

The Firefox users have been receiving various important features with the past few versions, but it looks like things will remain relatively quiet with Firefox 35.

This is actually a good thing because it allows the user to soak all of these changes that have been made so far. This d…

OpenELEC 5.0 RC2 Is Out, It’s an Awesome OS for Embedded Devices Already

The embedded operating system built specifically to run the famous KODI (XBMC) media player solution, OpenELEC, has been upgraded to version 5.0 RC2 and a new image is now ready for testing and download.

Just like with the Kodi (XBMC) project that it’s based on, the OpenELEC devs have released a new RC version of their operating system. Everything that is done in the upstream project, in this case XBMC, is usually implemented in OpenELEC as quickly as possible.

Unlike the media hub, which is…

Fedora 21 Released, Work on 22 Already Begun

The top story today is the release of Fedora 21. Jamie Watson said it was worth the year-long development wait and it was so anticipated that Fedora infrastructure suffered a major service disruption. Servers were reported down today at 4:41 PM but all systems were a GO by 7:21 this evening. Adam Williamson also posted […]

Google Chrome 39 Arrives with Flash Security Fixes for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

Google developers have released a new stable version of the Google Chrome browser and the version has now evolved to 39.0.2171.95. This is more about a Flash update that has been implemented across all versions, but there are some other improvements as well.

Some of the Linux users might already know this, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. Adobe has abandoned all Flash development for the Linux platform and the Google devs have picked up their work, but only for maintenance purposes.


Best Linux Desktop of 2014: Linux Mint 17.1

The new version of Mint may be the best Linux desktop ever. Heck, it maybe the best desktop operating system ever, period. Read more ….

How to install the new Pydio 6 release on Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn)

How to install the new Pydio 6 release on Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn)This guide explains how to configure Pydio in Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn). Pydio (formerly AjaXplorer) is a mature open source software solution for file sharing and synchronization. With intuitive user interfaces (web / mobile / desktop), Pydio 6 provides enterprise-grade features to gain […]

Linux Mint 17.1 review—less change is good change

This marks the first time Linux Mint has not used the newest version of Ubuntu for a release. But if you paid attention to the curious approach of Linux Mint 17.0, you’ll know that was the plan all along. These days, Mint will not be changing its Ubuntu base again until the next LTS release—Ubuntu […]

Fedora 21 released

In today’s open source roundup: Fedora 21 available for download. Plus: Ars Technica reviews Linux Mint 17.1, and VLC for Android released. Read more ….