Fedora Job Opening: Fedora Community Outreach and Impact Lead

Love Fedora? Want to work with Fedora full-time to help support and grow the Fedora community? Red Hat’s Open Source and Standards (OSAS) team is hiring a Fedora Community Outreach and Impact Lead to do just that. As the Fedora… Continue Reading →

In Summary: Flock to Fedora 2015

Flock is the annual contributor’s conference for Fedora team members. It’s where contributors come together, discuss new ideas, work towards making them a reality, and promote the values of sharing free software. Every year, Flock alternates between a North America and Europe… Continue Reading →

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8 Announcement

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8 operating system with new and improved functionality for enhanced performance, flexibility, and security. Our commitment to continuous innovation enables Red Hat Enterprise Linux to remain a scalable and trusted data center platform accommodating mission-critical enterprise workloads in physical, virtual, and cloud […]

Red Hat unveils 10-year support plan

Red Hat has extended the life cycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 and 6 from seven to 10 years. Meanwhile Linux kernel insider Greg Kroah-Hartman has left Red Hat rival SUSE to join the Linux Foundation as a new fellow, where he joins a select group that includes Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Red […]

Red Hat stakes its position on SOPA/PIPA

Two bills pending in the US Congress – the “Stop Online Piracy Act” or SOPA in the House, and the “PROTECT IP Act” or PIPA in the Senate – raise enormous concerns for North Carolina home grown technology companies like Red Hat. At a time when we are working to rebuild confidence in our economy, […]

Red Hat CEO Explains Open Source Success

Red Hat(RHT_) CEO Jim Whitehurst said the company has been so successful in open source software because of its vast army of engineers and because it places support behind its releases. “We have a team of engineers that are behind supporting open source, and we are able to monetize the support and customer service,” Whitehurst […]

Red Hat’s quarterly results show continued growth

Red Hat has announced the figures for the third quarter of its fiscal year 2012, the quarter that ended on 30 November. During that period the company generated a turnover of $290 million (£185 million), an increase of 23 per cent over the same period last year. Of this, $246.5 million (£157 million) came from […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 Announcement

Today Red Hat announces the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2, which delivers to customers a second wave of feature enhancements and demonstrates the continued value that Red Hat delivers as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 lifecycle. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 delivers significant improvements in virtualization, resource management and […]

Red Hat Sales Team and Channel Partners: Getting Cozier?

Red Hat wrapped up a major channel partner conference last week. But the channel chatter continues within the Linux and open source specialist. Indeed, Red Hat is mulling potential ways to make sure the company’s internal sales team works even more closely with channel partners, according to North America Channel Chief Roger Egan. Here’s the […]

Red Hat, Cisco Partner to Bring Open Source to the Cloud

Cisco Systems showed up at the Red Hat North American Partner Conference chatting up its renewed relationship and collaboration with the Red Hat team. The goal? To create solutions that make it easier for Red Hat to proliferate into the data center, for both the channel and customer alike. Details coming up … The new […]

Red Hat Teams with Virtustream as Certified Cloud Provider

Red Hat is launching deeper into the cloud with Virtustream, a partnership designed to push Red Hat into the cloud in a cost-effective way. If getting Red Hat on-demand sounds like your cup of tea, The VAR Guy is pouring. Read on. First, a refresher on Virtustream. Via Virtustream’s xStream platform, a variety of cloud-based […]

Gluster is Likely to Be One Among Many Upcoming Red Hat Buys

It’s no secret that as the last remaining public, U.S company focused on open source (after the acquisitions of Novell and Sun Microsystems), Red Hat is on a tear. The company is on track to become the first $1 billion a year open source firm, and we’ve predicted before that acquisitions are on the horizon […]

Red Hat Grabs Gluster in Big Data Play

In a move to expand its enterprise cloud storage capabilities, Red Hat will spend $136 million to acquire Gluster, a storage company that builds management tools for data centers and cloud services. The companies announced the deal Tuesday, and the deal is expected to close by the end of the month. Red Hat, one of […]

Red Hat acquires Gluster

Q: What was announced? A: On October 4, 2011 Red Hat announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Gluster, an open source storage software company based in Sunnyvale, CA and with development in Bangalore, India. Q: Why has Red Hat made this purchase? A: Gluster technology offers capabilities that make it well […]

Red Hat’s Jolly Journey to the Billion-Dollar Club

It’s been clear for some time now that Red Hat is well on its way to being the first all-open source vendor to achieve billion-dollar revenues, but that doesn’t mean the FOSS community can’t cheer every time it gets a step closer. Take last week, for instance. Red Hat reported its second quarter results on […]

Red Hat signs giants to anti-VMware open-source project

Red Hat is taking on VMware with five enterprise heavyweights through a vendor-neutral virtualisation community project based on its RHEV-M stack. Red Hat has been joined by Cisco, IBM, Intel, NetApp and SuSE to lead oVirt Project, planning on building a pluggable hypervisor management framework along with an ecosystem of plug-in partners around its virtualisation […]

Red Hat Beats its Own Forecasts

Red Hat has reported financial results for its fiscal second quarter, which ended August 31, and the company continues to prove that a business model of supporting robust open source software can lead to remarkable success. In fact, as we predicted it would be, the company is emerging as the first ever billion dollar a […]

Oracle Linux 5.7, Based on RHEL 5.7, Is Now Available

Oracle Linux 5.7, a Red Hat Enterprise clone created by Oracle, has been released. The latest version brings all of the new features and fixes found in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7, which has been available for a little over a week, plus a few patches of its own. For all intents and purposes, it […]

Canonical Sees Seven Opportunities for Ubuntu Partners

Seeking to promote Ubuntu to resellers and distributors, Canonical is making a surprise appearance this week at CompTIA Breakaway in Washington, D.C. Here, Canonical is outlining seven potential profit opportunities for partners that back Ubuntu, a Linux distribution that has mobile, desktop, server and cloud computing capabilities. Equally important, Canonical is promoting Landscape — a […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 now available

Red Hat today announced the general availability of the seventh update to its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 platform with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7. This release is important for our customers who wish to remain on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 while gaining some of the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Key […]