Install Nvidia Display Driver 334.21 (New Stable Release) Manually On Ubuntu/Linux Mint

In this tutorial, we will see how to install the closed source driver developed by Nvidia which has reached version 334.21 and added support for the following GPUs:     GeForce GTX 750 Ti     GeForce GTX 750     GeForce GTX 745     GeForce GTX TITAN Black For more information about this […]

How Will Microsoft Respond to the Success of Chromebooks?

As we’ve reported, although market research findings have been very bleak for PCs and PC equipment makers, Chromebooks–portable computers based on Google’s Chrome OS platform–have continued to sell well, and did especially well during the 2013 holiday season. These devices feature low prices, with some of the them going for $200, and a cloud-centric approach […]

How to install Ubuntu and Minecraft on the HP Chromebook

The HP Chromebook is great for people who spend most of their computing time on the internet. The boot time is virtually instant, the performance is fantastic. Sometimes though you need an application that isn’t available on the web. This guide gives an overview of the HP Chromebook and the ChromeOS operating system, as well […]

Linux Mint 201403 Debian Cinnamon Screenshot Tour

The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201403. Highlights: update pack 8; Cinnamon 2.0; MATE 1.6; latest Mint tools and improvements; support for EFI and GPT. If you’re new to LMDE, welcome to Linux Mint Debian! LMDE in brief: Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a semi-rolling distribution based on Debian ‘Testing’; […]

Canonical Unveils Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Beta 1

A few days ago, Canonical pushed out the first beta edition of Ubuntu Linux version 14.04, the release of the open source operating system that will hit production mode this April. As a long-term support (LTS) release, the new OS will help define the face of Ubuntu for a long time to come. Content Classification:  […]

Mehr Rückendeckung für Ubuntu-SDK

Canonical hat ein von Qt Creator abgeleitetes SDK auf den Markt gebracht, das Support für diverse Spezifika von Ubuntu verspricht. Mehr Unterstützung und größere Verbreitung erhofft sich der Linux-Distributor nun durch zwei Entwickler-Events. Read more at H-online

Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 Alpha Release – Give E19 a try

As promised I’ve put together our first Bodhi Linux disc that is built on top of the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 release. Keep in mind this is a very early image not intended for production machines. There will be issues. Read more ….

Toggle Between Automatic and Manual Proxy Settings | Proxy Switcher | Gnome Shell Extension

A Gnome Shell extension for switching between manual and automatic proxy settings.  All you need to preset your manual and automatic proxy settings from the network manager, and, install the gnome shell extension “Proxy Switcher” from Gnome Shell extensions website. Before installation make sure the Gnome Shell integration is working fine with your web browser. […]

Beta 1 downloads released for Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME 14.04

In today’s open source roundup: Ubuntu 14.04 beta 1 spin downloads and screenshots. Plus: The self-destructing Boeing Black Android phone, and 3D Linux printers. Read more ….

JDownloader for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other Ubuntu derivatives

Install JDownloader in Ubuntu 14.04/13.10/13.04/12.10/12.04/Linux Mint 16/15/14/13/12/other Ubuntu derivativesJDownloader is free download manager written in Java and it’s cross-platform. Its developer community is very huge and trying to make it as easy and fast as possible. It allows user to start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwith limitations, auto-extract archives and much more. It offers […]

Browse Internet as Nobody knows what you are doing, Simple SOCKS Proxy setup under Linux

There are plenty of tools and services available to surf web as anonymous but most of them make your Internet speed slow and you may don’t have fast Internet. Proxies are known to surf web anonymously. Actually proxies act just like a filter between your device and rest of the web. I don’t use any […]

Linux Mint Debian 201403 released!

The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201403. Screenshots LMDE 201403 Cinnamon Edition LMDE 201403 MATE Edition Highlights Update Pack 8 Cinnamon 2.0 MATE 1.6 Latest Mint tools and improvements Support for EFI and GPT If you’re new to LMDE, welcome to Linux Mint Debian! Important links Known problems Changelog LMDE in […]

Lubuntu 14.04 Beta 1 Screenshot Tour

Lubuntu 14.04 Beta 1 is available. Lubuntu is a fast, lightweight and energy-saving variant of Ubuntu using the LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) desktop. It is intended to have low-resource system requirements and is designed primarily for netbooks, mobile devices and older PCs. Read more ….

Linux rules the universe by behaving exactly how the user wants

Although the Head Up Display (HUD) will remain the default, Canonical will be bringing back the local menus as an option. Read more ….

Fear and Open Source Intellectual Property in Las Enterprise

Not unlike Hunter S. Thompson’s drug-addled road trip to Las Vegas to cover the Mint 500 figuring out intellectual property in technology is a wild ride. I thought about this for a while and since I am not a lawyer (IANAL) especially not one of the caliber of Dr. Gonzo’s sidekick lawyer Raoul Duke so […]

Elegant Theme for Plank Dock Launcher | Numix Theme + A Wallpaper

Numix is a beautiful theme for Plank dock launcher. The color of this theme looks appropriate with “Name of the Doctor” wallpaper color, which is designed by Namix team as well. Check the installation instructions and Download links for “Numix” Plank theme and “Name of the Doctor” wallpaper down below. Download “Name of the Doctor” […]

PCMan File Manager 1.2.0 Has Been Released | Ubuntu Installation

PCMan is one of the most lightweight file manager for many Linux distributions. PCManFM comes as the default file manager for LXDE “Lightweight X11 desktop environment”. LXDE developers official announced the release of PCMan 1.2.0 file manager and “libfm 1.2.0 core library for PCManFM” with many new improvements and tons of bug fixes since the […]

Ubuntu Wallpapers, Fedora 20 Tour, and Linux Rules!

What started out as quite the slow news day turned out to be deceptively interesting. OMG!Ubuntu! has picked out five of the best community submissions for Ubuntu 14.04 wallpapers and Chema Martin posted a “visual tour” of Fedora 20. Bruce Byfield looks at why proprietary software isn’t ported to Linux. Jack Wallen says Linux rules […]

Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 Beta 1 Screenshot Tour

Ubuntu GNOME (formerly Ubuntu GNOME Remix) is an official flavor of Ubuntu, featuring the GNOME desktop environment. It is intended as a mostly pure GNOME desktop experience built from the Ubuntu repositories. Read more ….

$105 mini-PC runs Android on quad Cortex-A9

Rikomagic has spun a mini-PC version of its quad-core Cortex-A9 Rockchip RK3188-based MK802 stick computers that run Android or Ubuntu, starting at $105. The same week that Rockchip launched a new quad-core Cortex-A17 RK3288 system-on-chip, one of its earliest and most successful customers has eeked out some more life from the Cortex-A9 based RK3188. Read […]