Zenwalk Live 6.4 is ready!

Zenwalk Live 6.4 is ready! I am happy to announce Zenwalk Live 6.4, which will allow more people to discover the fastness and simplicity of Zenwalk without having to install it first. It’s consisting of standard Zenwalk ISO packages following the main Zenwalk release with same set of applications, latest XFCE desktop, and so on… […]

Zenwalk Core 6.4 is ready !

Zenwalk Core 6.4 is ready ! Zenwalk Core is a one of a kind complete 300MB base Zenwalk system designed to build high-performance / high-security non-GUI Linux servers, or to be used as the base of your own custom light-speed Desktop System. You’ll be amazed how it can be installed in just 10 minutes using […]

Zenwalk Gnome 6.4 is ready !

Zenwalk Gnome 6.4 is out! We are proud to announce the release of Zenwalk 6.4 Gnome Edition! As always, Zenwalk features the latest Linux technology, featuring Linux kernel and the Gnome 2.28.2 Desktop Environment. The Gnome 2.28.2 desktop includes a number of new features; Totem has an asynchronous parsing API now, GNOME Power Manager […]

Zenwalk 6.4 is ready !

Zenwalk 6.4 is ready ! Zenwalk 6.4 provides many enhancements at system and application levels, while confirming the maturity and features stability of Zenwalk. The brand new kernel is featuring the new BFS scheduler, designed for the best desktop interactivity on multi-core CPUs while taking the most of lower spec machines. You’ll notice better […]