Google Summer of Code report: WorldForge

For the third time in a row, Worldforge participated in Google Summer of Code, with three students completing the program this year. Worldforge is the original open-source Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) project, so it’s great at getting students who are interested in games into open source. This post showcases some of the work […]

Google Answers Oracle, Counterclaims, and Moves to Dismiss Copyright Infringement Claim

Google has filed its Answer with Counterclaims [PDF] to Oracle’s patent and copyright infringement complaint, and how! It’s a very aggressive and confident response to Oracle’s complaint. Google asks that Oracle’s complaint be dismissed, for a judgment in favor of all its counterclaims, for a declaratory judgment that Google has not infringed or contributed to […]

Google open sources Liquid Galaxy environment for Google Earth

Google has announced that it has open sourced Liquid Galaxy, the company’s Google Earth environment composed of eight 55-inch LCD screens. Liquid Galaxy is designed to be an immersive, surround view that covers a users entire field of vision with images and 3D content, such as buildings, landscapes and various landmarks, from the company’s Google […]

Google announce WebP as an alternative to JPEG – Update

Google has announced WebP, an image format based on the WebM video codec technology, which it says saves 40% of bandwidth compared with JPEG encoded images. Google believes that, as images and photos make up about 65% of the bytes transmitted per web page, the 40% reduction in image size could offer a dramatic improvement […]

Android: Opening A Pandora’s Box of Licensing

Like many, I have watched with satisfaction the rise and rise of the Android mobile phone platform. After all, at its heart lies Linux, and much of it is open source. But not all: leading phones contain major proprietary elements that mean that Android is not the perfect free software system we have all been […]

Google Code now accepting all OSI approved licences

Google has announced that its open source Google Code project hosting service now supports any Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved licence. To support this change, the Google Code team have added an option to the licence selector; project developers can now select “other open source” and indicate what licence they are using. According to a […]

Wave open source next steps: “Wave in a Box”

Since the announcement that we will discontinue development of Google Wave as a standalone product, many people have asked us about the future of the open source code and Wave federation protocol. After spending some time on figuring out our next steps, we’d like to share the plan for our contributions over the coming months. […]

Android/Linux kernel fight continues

You could argue that Google’s Android, so popular on smartphones now, is the most popular Linux of all right now. There’s only one little problem with that: Android has continued to be apart from the Linux mainstream. People became aware of the Android and Linux split when Ryan Paul reported that “Google engineer Patrick Brady […]

Google Chrome turns version 6 on its second birthday

On the second anniversary of the release of the first beta version of Chrome, Google has released version 6 of its Chrome web browser into the stable and beta channels. The update includes a refreshed user interface, autofilling of forms, extension and autofill synchronisation and improvements to speed and stability. The update, which moves the […]

Google’s Chrome Strategy Is Picking Up Steam

In August, Google’s Chrome web browser jumped up to 7.5 percent market share, following 7.1 percent share in July, according to data from Net Applications. That compares to static market share performances for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Meanwhile, the arrival of Google’s much talked about Chrome OS is imminent, and the company’s overall Chrome […]

Google cancels JavaOne participation

Google has announced that it will not be attending Oracle organised JavaOne conference because of the Oracle’s lawsuit which claims Google has infringed patents and copyright in developing Android’s Dalvik virtual machine. Joshua Bloch of Google’s Open Source Programs Office said that “Oracle’s recent lawsuit against Google and open source has made it impossible for […]

Google scoops up fifth company this month

Google has made its fifth acquisition since the start of August, this time scooping up SocialDeck, a company that develops games that people can play against friends using iPhones, BlackBerry devices, or via Facebook on a PC. Most of Google’s recent acquisitions have been related to social networking and games, fueling speculation that the company […]

Google polishes Chrome tablet

HTC and Google in apparent alliance to launch Chrome-based tablet later this year More details are emerging of a Chrome-based tablet PC expected to be launched by Google before Christmas. The tablet PC is expected to run Google’s Chrome operating system and will be manufactured by HTC. To date Chrome OS, a web-focused operating system, […]

Google’s 6th Summer of Code wraps up

Google has officially ended its sixth annual Google Sumer of Code (GSoC) event. Each year Google seeks students and mentors from the FLOSS community to take part in it’s annual GSoC event, which takes place over a period of three months. This year more than 2,000 mentors and over 1,000 students from almost 70 countries […]

The dirty little secret about Google Android

Google Android began with the greatest of intentions — freedom, openness, and quality software for all. However, freedom always comes with price, and often results in unintended consequences. With Android, one of the most important of those unintended consequences is now becoming clear as Google gets increasingly pragmatic about the smartphone market and less and […]

Android game secretly transmits GPS coordinates

In a post on their Connect blog, security specialist Symantec reports on a new trojan for Android that masquerades as a free Tap Snake game, while secretly transmitting GPS coordinates to a server in the background. These coordinates can then be retrieved and displayed in Google Maps via the GPS Spy Android app sold for […]

Google vows to fight Oracle lawsuit as Java creator speaks out

Google has vowed to fight Oracle’s patent lawsuit over use of Java patents in Android, claiming that Android’s Dalvik implementation is not covered. Meanwhile, Java creator James Gosling blogs that neither side in the lawsuit is without blame, but calls the suit a victory for “ego, money and power” at the expense of open software […]

Google calls Oracle’s lawsuit an attack on open source Java

Google has responded to Oracle’s lawsuit alleging patent and copyright infringements in Google’s Android operation system and specifically in its Dalvik VM; “We are disappointed Oracle has chosen to attack both Google and the open-source Java community with this baseless lawsuit” said a Google spokesperson. The company also pledged to “strongly defend open-source standards” and […]

The Oracle/Google Suit Is the Anti-Open Move Of the Year

Late Thursday, Oracle filed a complaint for patent and copyright infringement against Google, regarding parts of the Java code found in Google’s Android mobile OS. The suit is drawing many interpretations, but one thing that seems very clear about it is that Oracle is doing exactly what developers were hoping it wouldn’t do as it […]

Oracle sues Google, says Android infringes seven Java patents (plus unspecified copyrights)

Last night Oracle announced that it filed a lawsuit in Northern California against Google, claiming that Android infringes seven Java patents (which Oracle acquired along with Sun in January) as well as some unspecified Java-related copyrights. The document filed by Oracle with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has been […]