First beta of Chrome 6 available

Google has launched the first beta version of Chrome 6, the next generation of its web browser. The beta release sees features that were previously only available in the developer version of Chrome, made available for wider use. Enhanced auto-fill is a major new feature in Chrome 6’s beta and goes further than most form […]

High Performance Google Code in New Kernel

On August 1st our benevolent dictator released the latest version of the Linux kernel, 2.6.35. Among the list of new features, which includes Btrfs and XFS file system support, is the inclusion of two patches submitted by Google employee Tom Herbert. The two patches, which implement Receive Packet Steering (RPS) and later Receive Flow Steering […]

Google Rolls Out Two Nifty Tools for Developers

In between working on Google Apps for Government and tweaking Gmail’s UI, Google still found time to launch two tools for developers last week. One is focused on making fonts easier to work with, while the other is a neat little embeddable image viewer for Web sites. Google Font Previewer If you use the Google […]

GPLv3 now dominates at Google Code #oscon

Google’s open source programs manager Chris DiBona (pic left) took the stage at OSCON today and he had some interesting things to say, about licensing. I’ve heard DiBona speak on open source licensing several times over the years. This time his talk wasn’t about licensing specifics, but rather about adoption. According to data presented by […]

How to Create a Survey Form With Google Docs And Embed It to Your Site

New tutorial added to HowtoMatrix database. How to Create a Survey Form With Google Docs And Embed It to Your Site If you are a webmaster, there will be times when you need to conduct a survey to gather feedbacks from your reader. While there are plenty of online services that allow you to create […]

Android Army to Conquer Mobile Market by 2015

Android’s a powerful up-and-comer in smartphone market share, but when it comes to non-smartphone mobile devices — netbooks, tablets, MIDs, etc. — Google’s platform will own a huge chunk of the market by 2015, according to ABI. Several manufacturers have announced plans to offer Linux-based mobile non-smartphone devices soon. Read more at LinuxInsider

Google Makes Everyone an Android Dev

Google on Monday threw open its App Inventor beta program to the public. The tools used in this program let the user create mobile apps for the Android operating system, even if the user has very little programming knowledge. The App Inventor program’s tools use a visual programming approach and code blocks that developers put […]

Cisco announces Google Android tablet device

Cisco Systems today unveiled the Cius, a 7 inch touchscreen tablet computer that runs the Android OS, and is sure to be compared to the Apple iPad. The device was demonstrated at the Cisco Live! customer event here by CEO John Chambers with a live videoconferencing transmission over the tablet from researchers on a submarine […]

Nexus One First In Line at the Froyo Dessert Bar

Google has begun rolling out Android 2.2 in over-the-air updates to owners of its Nexus One smartphone. Android 2.2, also known as “Froyo,” has several new features, including a few that target the business market. Updates for other Android smartphones will have to wait until their customized interfaces have been tweaked to work well with […]

Mozilla designer says Google Chrome uses speed tricks

An interface designer interning at Mozilla has suggested that the company mimic gimmicks in Google’s Chrome to make users think Firefox starts up faster. In an entry on his personal blog that was reposted to Mozilla’s uber-blog, Planet Mozilla, John Wayne Hill, an Indiana University masters student interning this summer at the open source company, […]

Google: 50% Android devices now running 2.1

Google has published an updated breakdown of the number of active devices running a given version of its Android mobile operating system platform. According to the Platform Versions device dashboard on the Android Developer portal, half of all Android devices in circulation are now running version 2.1 of Android – up nearly 18% compared to […]

When Google Stopped Doing Windows

It’s always a heart-warming occasion when some company or organization opts not to use Windows, and that’s nothing if not an increasingly common phenomenon. But when said company is none other than Google — and when it’s done in an apparently public way, with explicit mention of Linux as a preferable alternative — and when […]

Google Fixes WebM Licence

As an update to my story from last week about the WebM CODEC project started by Google, I am pleased to say that the project is now fully open source, with the copyright licensed under the BSD licence. Many thanks to Google for addressing the concerns that I and many other members of the community […]

10 Things Android Does Better Than iPhone OS

Since its 2008 debut, Android has grown – not only meeting all of the functionalities of the iPhone, but besting it in nearly all aspects. Here is our list of the top 10 things Android does better than the iPhone. 1: Android can Run Multiple Apps at the Same Time Read more at Gizmodo

Google ditches Windows on security concerns

Google is phasing out the internal use of Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows operating system because of security concerns, according to several Google employees. The directive to move to other operating systems began in earnest in January, after Google’s Chinese operations were hacked, and could effectively end the use of Windows at Google, which employs more than […]

Google renews vows with Chrome OS

One day, Google says, it will merge Android and Chrome OS. But at the moment, despite Android’s ever-expanding influence, the web colossus is intent on delivering Chrome OS before the end of the year, complete with its inability to run local applications or store local data. “Chrome is part of our strategy to make the […]

Android sales said to surpass iPhone

The NPD Group says U.S. sales of Android smartphones have surpassed Apple’s iPhone to take the second spot behind Research in Motion (RIM), with 28 percent of the market. Meanwhile, Sprint has joined Verizon in turning its back on Google’s Nexus One, says eWEEK. According to the NPD Group, RIM’s BlackBerry operating system (OS) continues […]

New Chrome beta takes the speed crown

Google released a Chrome 5 beta build this week that brings a significant boost to the browser’s JavaScript performance, improved support for emerging Web standards, and a number of noteworthy enhancements to the browser’s cloud synchronization framework. After running the beta for most of the day, I’m convinced that Chrome is reaching a sweet spot […]

Chrome again beats Firefox in browser gain race

Chrome was the only browser to gain significant usage share last month, and it again trounced Firefox. By the end of April, Google Inc.’s Chrome accounted for 6.7% of the browsers that surfed to the sites that Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based NetApplications monitors for its clients. Chrome boosted its share by 0.6 percentage points, by far […]

Android 2.2 Goes All the Way With Flash

Android 2.2, code-named “Froyo,” will fully support Adobe’s Flash platform, Andy Rubin, Google’s vice president of engineering, told The New York Times’ Bits blog Tuesday. Google’s show of Flash support came weeks after Apple, Android’s rival, announced changes that made it more difficult for Flash application developers to create apps for its iPhone. However, Google’s […]