Compiere Open Source failed?

Recently, Consona acquired Compiere. Is this a failure of Open Source business model? What decisions led to the current situation? In this first chapter of a three part blog series, I will provide some details and insight into the inner workings of commercial open source companies. In the open source environment, many business models have […]

50 Open Source Replacements for Popular Financial Software

Whether you just want to balance your checkbook or you need to track the finances of a large global corporation, you can find open source software to do the job. For our list of open source financial tools, we cast a wide net and included applications related to enterprise resource management, point-of-sale and even employee […]

Open source financial analytics startup OpenGamma comes out of stealth mode

Kirk Wylie, CEO of London based startup OpenGamma, has announced the company has come out of stealth mode and in the coming months, will be presenting its financial analytics platform to the world. The company is developing a common infrastructure and applications for financial services firms. The platform unifies batch and live calculations to create […]

6 More of the Best Free Linux Finance Software

We have all read stories about people who have experimented living without spending any money whatsoever. By growing their own food, washing in the river, using a solar panel to provide electricity, and bartering for certain goods and services, these adventures have met with limited success. However, for us mere mortals the simple fact is […]

There Will Be Multi-Billion Dollar Open Source Companies

Glyn Moody has a highly interesting post out today, where he asks the question, “Why No Billion-Dollar Open Source Companies?” The post follows a meeting that Moody had with Jim Whitehurst, the CEO of Red Hat. Whitehurst, of course, has done a good job of steering one of best capitalized and most successful open source […]

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Open Source CRM

While open source CRM solutions have been around for many years, some businesses are hesitant to try them for a variety of reasons, including the perception that they are not as sophisticated or as reliable as traditional CRM solutions and/or do not provide support. But as found out from talking to Martin Schneider, the […]

The Leading Enterprise Linux Vendors

The conventional wisdom about Linux is that it isn’t owned or created by any one company, but instead a whole group of players that give and take as needed. That said, there are several major companies that are readily identifiable as the biggest corporate sponsors of Linux, who market Linux most directly to enterprises, and […]

FOSS-tablet business report: “Tear down this stair!”

Even though all ingredients for a successful Linux tablet were ready, and the distributed software development used by FOSS is normally much quicker in replying to demands than a closed environment, Apple is already satisfying the tablet-PC market with their iPad. A viable FOSS-solution is not yet available, though Computex will ameliorate the situation. This […]

Network Design for a Small Business

This image represents a basic network plan for a small company. The goal of this article is to use this image to help describe basic concepts of networks and how they typically constructed as well as why they are designed the way they are. Of course there are many variations to this basic design. Many […]

Open Source and Its Growing Significance for Businesses

In case you missed it, Bruce Byfield has a very interesting essay posted on the history of FOSS, and it includes some interesting thoughts on where free, open source software is headed. You can find the essay here. In Byfield’s essay, he provides a historical account of the growth of the open source movement, ranging […]

Novell Revenues, Linux Business Slide

It’s been a tough quarter quarter for Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL) as questions about its future ownership remain on the table. Novell is also facing pricing pressure on its Linux business as renewals come up on Microsoft’s SUSE Linux Enterprise subscriptions. Novell this week reported its second-quarter fiscal 2010 earnings, showing a decline in revenue, whihc […]

Who said Linux couldn’t make you money?

Many times I have considered this very thing: Open a consultancy that focused primarily on Linux and open source. I knew there had to be a way to make it work. Many scoffed and said it couldn’t be done, that open source wouldn’t sell. Of course now that I’ve been working with a consultancy firm […]

FLOSS for Medium Businesses : challenges and opportunities

Last Friday, I did a presentation to a group of medium businesses. The audience was about 20 IT directors of businesses between 100 and 500 employees (Medium Businesses . A first presentation was made by another presenter about Open Source in general : basic principles, licence/freedom, ecosystem, business model. As a consequence, we could say […]

Businesses Need Clear Policies For FOSS Contributions

When many people think of contributions to free, open source software projects, the immediate image that comes to mind is an individual contributor. However, while it’s true that individual contributers have a huge impact on FOSS, it’s worth remembering that many of the most meaningful contributions come from businesses. In many cases, FOSS benefits them. […]

Mandriva is for sale!!!

Since 2008, the financial position of Mandriva is difficult. This is actually in 2010 that the situation worsens. Now the situation is critical of the publisher. It is now for sale. Two companies are actively discussing with Mandriva, is the company’s British and French LightApp Linagora. This news follows an extract published on Boursorama the […]

Another successful Company built around Linux

I can remember when many opponents of Linux would claim that open source technology is not business friendly that the opportunities to profit are too limited. There are few people saying that these days even amongst the opponents. Many companies have profited from building services around Linux and many companies have risen through building products […]

The Business Lessons Behind Commercial Open Source

As the world of commercial open source software has grown, numerous business models have taken shape surrounding free products. Just consider Red Hat’s business model, which consists of selling support and services for open source software. That model is being imitated by countless commercial open source companies. But does making money from free software have […]

Why Making Money from Free Software Matters

Free software began as a political movement: its central aim was – and remains – the propagation of freedom. Later, it became a development methodology too, largely at the hands of Linus, whose geographical isolation in Finland forced him to develop ways of using the Internet to coordinate a new kind of massive, but decentralised, […]

Free and Open Source Project Management Software

Free and Open Source Project Management Software: A project management software is a program that can help apply knowledge, techniques, skills, and tools for planning and controlling resources, costs and schedules to meet the requirements of a particular project. It includes integrated functions such as calendars, charts, budget management, scheduling, and quality management and documentation. […]

How to switch your small or home office to Linux

With Linux and free software making a name for itself in the world of big business, many people are testing the feasibility of switching small and home office software to their open source equivalents. Regardless of how you feel about the Linux desktop, this is one area in which Linux can have a real impact, […]