Perl Foundation receives $100,000 donation

The Perl Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of the Perl programming language, has announced that it has received a $100,000 donation from the craigslist Charitable Fund. The donation will be used by the Foundation to “improve the Perl 5 Core” and to sponsor Perl-related activities. Discussing the donation, Jim Buckmaster, craigslist CEO […]

Perl 5.14.1 and 5.12.4 arrive

The Perl developers have updated the current stable development branch of Perl, version 5.14, with Perl 5.14.1. While the developers recommend that users of version 5.12 upgrade to 5.14 when convenient, it has not stopped them producing 5.12.4, a maintenance update for what was the previous stable development branch. Perl 5.14.1 is an update to […]

Perl 5.14 released

As promised, the ‘Perl porters’ have now released this year’s stable version of the Perl programming language. Version 5.14 brings together more new features than were collected during the development and since the release of Perl 5.12 in April 2010. There are few major extensions like those found in Perl 5.10; instead Perl 5.14 consists […]

Perl 5.12.3 is now available

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Perl 5.12.0 released

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