Project Mango: kick-off week

Check the blog for daily updates on the kick-off week of the Mango open movie team!

Another training DVD: Track, Match, Blend!

Blender’s camera & motion tracking gets fully explained with a new “open movie workshop” DVD, which…

New Blender Open Movie training DVD: "Humane Rigging"

Nathan Vegdahl – of BBB & Sintel fame – is completing an in-depth learn-rigging DVD video training!

Blender 2.62 released

This new Blender release gives you new Cycles features, object motion tracking, improved UV…

Mango Open Movie: Get your movie credit!

All DVD orders until February 15th end of day – UTC time – will be eligible to get a film credit….

Blender 2.62 Release Candidates

An official release will happen soon, but we prefer to have everyone giving the release build a…

Mango Open Movie fundraiser halfway

Until February 15th all early pre-orders get a film credit! Order total is going over a 1000 in a…