A potpourri of open-source engines for old(er) games

Yep, not much updates on the blog, but I thought I throw up a list of (mostly) obscure open-source news:Original Keen Dreams source-code liberatedAlso check out: CloneKeen, Omnispeak & Commander GeniusCaveExpress liberated (2d physics game)Pixel Du…

Treasure Hunter – Talk like a Pirate Day!

Win gold doubloons to exchange for pirate booty by opening Treasure Chests and celebrate Talk like a Pirate day with us!

Character Name Clean-Up – The Final Batch

Our final batch of character names is being released tomorrow!

Elf City Pre-Release Teaser Live Stream

Prifdinnas is almost here! Before the gates open, the team behind the elf city are on hand to walk you through all it has to offer.

Which Elf Clan Do You Belong In? Take Our Quiz!

Find out which elven clan is your spiritual home in our new Facebook quiz!

Rune Value Improvements

Make vis wax from runes and buff up your auras, challenges and divine location gathering. Easier altar running also means runes are all the more valuable.

Solomon’s General Store – Bank Boosters

Increase your bank capacity with up to 250 extra spaces thanks to bank boosters, available in Solomon’s Store now!

BTS Video 117 – Rune Value Improvements

Get more for your runes in next week’s Player-Power-voted Rune Value Improvements update. Mod Deg tells Behind the Scenes all about it.

Double XP Weekend – Coming 1st November

Double XP Weekend is coming your way this November. Start getting ready now!

A letter to the RuneScape community from Mod MMG

MMG talks to the RuneScape Community

Treasure Hunter – Rival Challenges

Captain Haskell is back to prove who the real challenge master is! Complete his rival challenges for XP rewards.

Character Name Clean-Up – The Fifth Batch

The fifth batch of character names is being released!

Artistic Commentary Live – Fate of the Gods

This week the Art Team play through Fate of the Gods, which took players to the hostile, alien landscape of Freneskae, with mind-blowing graphical wonders.

RuneFest Tickets Sold Out!

Tickets for the biggest RuneScape event of the year are now sold out!

Expert Skillcapes

Show off in style with expert skillcapes. Brought to you by the Ninja Team, they’re obtainable after reaching 99 in groups of related RuneScape skills.

Win a 42” full-HD Smart LED Sony TV

Enter our ‘RuneScape at the Movies’ competition and win a brand-new 42” full-HD Smart LED Sony TV!

Road to Elf City – Episode 5

The last two clans – Hefin and Meilyr – and another chance to see Mod Osborne in pantaloons. It’s episode 5 in the Road to Elf City RuneScape video series.

Podcast – Social Media Exposed

Mod Michelle meets Mod JD in today’s RuneScape podcast, covering everything you need to know about RuneScape social media.

Community Chronicle 04/09

See what the RuneScape Community have been up to over the last few weeks in the Community Chronicle, featuring artwork, videos and events!

Borderlands 2 Game Is Coming To Linux / Steam OS

It looks like Borderlands 2 , a popular video game released in 2012, is coming to Linux / Steam OS.The Borderlands 2 steamdb history page shows that Linux was recently added to the config oslist file:49531/config/oslist: linux49531/name: Linux Content49533/config/oslist: linux49533/name: Linux ExecutableIn fact, the game already shows up for Linux users in their Steam library, […]