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Quick Poll – Design an Emote

Choose a player-performed emote for Solomon’s Store out of the top five entries from our Design an Emote competition!

Solomon’s General Store – Circus Teleports

Three circus-themed teleports available now!

Heist – New Minigame

Leg it with the loot or lay down the law!

Poll – Combat Level Calculation

200 or 138 combat? You choose.

BTS Video 92 – Heist

Crime does pay in Heist – a new multiplayer minigame!

Players’ Gallery Returns! Now Open For Entries

Submit your best battle-themed art for the gallery!

Treasure Hunter – Valentine’s 2014

Win love notes to exchange for Valentine’s prizes!

Planned Maintenance – Friday Morning

Maintenance is planned for Friday.

Planned Maintenance – Wednesday and Thursday Morning

Maintenance is planned for this Wednesday and Thursday.

Hati and Sköll – Leaving Soon

The winter wolves will be gone from February 16th!

Password Security

Customer Support’s tips for top password security.

Solomon’s General Store – Sale of Order and Disorder

50% off a range of god-themed items!

Scheduled Site Migration Downtime

As the next and final step in migrating’s infrastructure to the new host, the forums, wiki, and primary multiplayer server will be taken down for an extended migration and maintenance downtime on Monday, October 14th 2013, at 17:00 UTC. You…

Add-ons Server Migration Completed

The add-ons server has been migrated to a new host. DNS propagation may take some time, so users might be directed to a read-only instance on the previous host in the meantime. Please note that only clients connecting to the server using the default ad…

Combat Beta – Revolution and Ability Polls

Our first combat beta polls are here!

BTS Video 91 – GameBlast 2014

JMods are limbering up for a charity gaming marathon!

Dev Blog – Data to the Players

Mod Porky talks data and Power to the Players polls!

Community Chronicle – 06/02

News and events from the RuneScape community.

KeeperRL and OpenIG

Two interesting projects I recently came across:1. KeeperRL:Description from the author:KeeperRL is a Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress inspired dungeon simulator built on top of roguelike mechanics. My vision is that you are a Sauron-like character,…