One of a Kind

Our latest Grandmaster quest is a lore-filled treat for diehard quest fanatics, granting an amazing amulet, XP, and access to the polled celestial dragons!

Solomon’s General Store – Drakefire Warship

Step inside Solomon’s General Store today and get your own Drakefire Warship, a brilliant blimp and the first non-living companion pet!

SDL 2 Transition

In the next development series (1.13.x), The Battle for Wesnoth will switch from the SDL 1.2 library to version 2.0. The SDL library is one of the main libraries used by Wesnoth:

  • It handles processing the mouse, keyboard, and joystick inputs.
  • It plays the music and sound effects.
  • And most importantly, it draws everything on the screen.

One of the most important improvements in the new version of the library is better support for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. However, supporting these platforms needs more work than just porting Wesnoth to SDL 2.0. The initial goal will be porting Wesnoth to SDL 2.0, once that is done, work can be done on porting Wesnoth to Android and iOS. (Not sure who wants to work on this part.)
The changes between SDL 1.2 and SDL 2.0 are huge, so converting Wesnoth to use the new version of the library will be a lot of work and will probably affect stability while porting. Among the things that will be entirely rewritten are the drawing routines. Currently we only redraw the parts of the screen which have changed since the last frame was drawn. We intend to move to a model where we redraw the entire screen for every frame and let the graphics card figure out what really needs to be updated. This new model is also used in OpenGL, which is used in a lot of modern games.
Wesnoth supports a lot of platforms, but some of them are no longer actively maintained, meaning there are no testers for these platforms. Since the conversion to SDL 2.0 will need a lot of testing, support for these platforms will be dropped. Of course, if somebody steps up to start maintaining one of these platforms again, we will not drop support for that platform. The affected platforms are: OS2, AmigaOS, and BeOS.

― ­Mordante

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Combat Beta

The Combat Beta has been updated with new level calculations, adjustments to tank armour, special attacks on more weapons, and PvP changes.

BTS Video 95 – One of a Kind

Behind the Scenes caught up with Mod Raven to talk about One of a Kind – the lore-packed Grandmaster quest coming next week!

Community Chronicle – 6/03/2014

This edition of the Community Chronicle brings you music, events, podcasts, videos, and a cake of epic proportions – right from the RuneScape community!

Treasure Hunter – Prismania

Unlock a chest on Treasure Hunter from Friday to Monday (GMT) and all lamps and fallen stars won are prismatic – and they grant 50% extra XP!

RuneRadio – Mod Mac’s Mega Mix

Join Mod Mac this Thursday at 16:30 GMT on RuneZone’s RuneRadio, as he answers your questions and plays some of his hottest tracks!

RuneScape Top Trumps – Now Delivered From Within USA

RuneScape Top Trumps cards can now be delivered from within the USA. Get your limited edition pack now!

Solomon’s General Store – Wings II

Visit Solomon’s General Store now and you’ll find four brand new sets of wings, including the half-angelic, half-demonic paradox wings and more!

Tweaks Week

We’re adding slots for off-hand equipment in Dungeoneering, answering your feedback and fixing a big batch of bugs, in preparation for a lore-filled March!

POTM March 2014 winner announced

Quite close outcome this time for the Project of the Month 2014 vote over at But there has to be a winner:Here is a closer look that which project got how many votes:Congratulations to the winner Battle for Wesnoth!This post was re…

Behind the Scenes – March 2014

This lore-packed March brings Grandmaster questing, the return of Zaros himself, the Mahjarrat Memories miniquest and tons of tweaks from your feedback.

Return of the Podcast

RuneScape podcasts are back in style, with a Spring Event Q&A podcast – featuring Mods Moltare and Jane – coming your way on Thursday 27th February!

GSoC 2014 mentoring organisations announced, review and apply!

After sorting through almost 400 applications of mentoring projects, Google has announced this year’s list of projects students can contribute to.There aren’t too many FOSS gaming related projects this time though.These are the relevant ones:Blender Fo…

Treasure Hunter – Blast from the Past

From Thursday to Monday (GMT), win rare and retired items on Treasure Hunter, including the shark fists, swagger stick, flying goblin hat and more!

GameBlast 2014 – Thank You!

Your generosity over the GameBlast weekend raised nearly £35,000 for SpecialEffect! Huge thanks to everyone who participated, watched and donated.

RuneScape Companion Web App – Grand Exchange Checker

Check your Grand Exchange trades, Friends chat and Clan chat on the fly with the RuneScape Companion web app – available to free players and members.

Portal 2 Released On Steam For Linux (Beta)

Portal 2, a popular first-person puzzle game developed by Valve, is now available on Steam for Linux, as beta.The game, released in April 2011, can be played in single-player campaign or in cooperative campaign (multiplayer) and consists of exploring the Aperture Science Laboratory, a complicated, mechanized maze, and interacting with the environment.The player must solve […]

Solomon’s General Store – Wicked Pouch

Conveniently cast spells and switch spell books and prayers with the wicked pouch – available for Loyalty Points or RuneCoins at Solomon’s General Store!