OpenOffice Moving to Sourceforge

There was a time when I would go to Sourceforge first to find any open source project. That hasn’t been the case in years for me, as first Google Code and more recently GitHub have become the primary places for me (and many others) to find and host open source projects. That’s why I was […]

Creating Custom Fancy Address Labels in LibreOffice

There are something like a squillion and one different Avery® and Avery-compatible address labels you can buy, and with the…

Apache Software Foundation Lays Out its Plan for OpenOffice

All the way back in June, we covered Oracle’s announcement that it would move to a community-based project overseen by the Apache Software Foundation. Oracle, of course, inherited OpenOffice as part of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, in addition to many other open source projects that Oracle suddenly controlled. At the time of Oracle’s […]

European IT authorities want better OOXML in Libre/OpenOffice

IT authorities from Germany and Switzerland have announced that they are working together, under the auspices of the Open Source Business Alliance, to improve the way that LibreOffice and display and process OOXML-formatted documents. The authorities involved include the IT groups from the cities of Munich, Jena and Freiburg im Breisgau, the Swiss canton […] email forwards may be shut down soon

There are problems concerning migration of yourname@, listname@, and servicename@ Consequently, all yourname@ addresses will be shut down when the migration goes into its final stages sometime in November. I don’t have a solution. I have an appraisal of the issue. It is something that requires mutual understanding and, out of […]

Apache Disavows Team e.V.

Thursday’s story about the future of garnered an interesting response from the Apache Software Foundation that, coupled with a broader statement on the ASF blog, disavows any notion of trouble within the project. If indeed Apache project is doing fine, then questions must now be raised about the role of Team […]

The Future of How Not to Write a Press Release

Since 2005, I see that I have written over 227 blog entries about ODF (I say more than, because the very earliest got lost in an earlier platform migration). Throughout the greatest part of this six year period, OpenOffice was the poster child ODF implementation – the one with the most users, the most press […]

How To Create an Ebook with

Do you want to see your name on the front page of a book? It’s easier than you might think….

OpenOffice – splits and pirouettes

The splits and controversies around LibreOffice and have highlighted a number of issues concerning the licensing and corporate governance of open source projects and communities. Successful free and open source software projects such as Linux, Apache or Samba have little or no ambivalence concerning the licensing and ownership of the code or the independence […]

Oracle and OpenOffice: The Final Insult

Things are never dull here in the Linux blogosphere, but there’s no doubt they would be a whole lot less entertaining without Oracle. How else, after all, would we get the opportunity to ride on a thrilling emotional roller coaster such as the one Oracle’s had us on since it acquired Sun? Regarding, in […]

The Open Source Office Software Sector Heats Up

The world of LibreOffice and OpenOffice(.org) has been heating up recently with several exciting and, at times, bewildering developments. The Document Foundation remains very active as is LibreOffice development, but Oracle has given up on OpenOffice and slapped LibreOffice in the face by giving it to Apache. Perhaps the most important announcement was the release […]

OpenOffice proposed as Apache project

Oracle is to propose that becomes an Apache Software Foundation (ASF) project and enters the Apache incubation process. The proposal comes six weeks after Oracle abandoned commercial development of OpenOffice and said it was looking for a way to have the office suite managed by the community. Luke Kowalski, vice president of Oracle’s Corporate […] 3.4 Beta available for download

Dear All, we are happy to announce that 3.4 Beta is now ready for download. This Beta Release is available in English and 69 additional languages which can be installed as language packs (localizations are still ongoing). Feel free to download, test and give feedback. The best way to test is under real life […]

LibreOffice VS Openoffice

When a group of German coders at OpenOffice (belonging to database major, Oracle) finally forked away on Sept28th 2010 there was much for everybody to talk about while Oracle OpenOffice maintained dignified silence. The tussle between a David and Goliath has always been fascinating to watch and the breaking away and regeneration of the minnow […]

Announcing LibreOffice Portable, a Full-Featured Office Suite For USB, Removable and Cloud Drives

Announcing LibreOffice Portable, a Full-Featured Office Suite For USB, Removable and Cloud Drives and The Document Foundation are proud to announce the immediate availability of LibreOffice Portable 3.3, a portable version of the free productivity suite for Windows. LibreOffice Portable runs right from a USB flash drive or cloud drive and allows users to […] 3.3.0 is available for download! 3.3.0 is available for download. This is a feature release. All new things can be found in the Feature Overview and the Release Notes show the changes from a technical point of view.

The Document Foundation launches LibreOffice 3.3

The Document Foundation launches LibreOffice 3.3 The first stable release of the free office suite is available for download The Internet, January 25, 2011 – The Document Foundation launches LibreOffice 3.3, the first stable release of the free office suite developed by the community. In less than four months, the number of developers hacking LibreOffice […] and LibreOffice Release Candidates Duke It Out

Oracle-owned and independent LibreOffice are both nearing their freely available 3.3.0 versions and show their wares with recent release candidates. Commercial 3.3 was released by Oracle last month at a licensing fee starting at $49.95 for the Standard Edition, but has yet to release the freely downloadable version for home and small business […]

LibreOffice 3.3 Nears; RC3 Released

Dear Community, The Document Foundation is happy to announce the third release candidate of LibreOffice 3.3. This release candidate is not intended for production use! The final release of LibreOffice 3.3, for production use, will be available soon. The Release Candidate 3 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X from our download page […] 3.3.0 RC9 arrives

While Oracle had already released Oracle Open Office 3.3 in mid-December, the developers have only just issued the ninth release candidate for 3.3.0, the next major release of the Oracle owned open source office suite. According to the Wiki, this release candidate is expected to be the final development preview before the […]