LibreOffice 3.3 RC2 is available!

LibreOffice3.3 RC2 has been released, this release comes with some improvements and bugfixes.libreoffice-logo ” The Document Foundation is happy to announce the second release candidate of LibreOffice 3.3. This release comes with lots of improvements and bugfixes,and a very substantial reduction in size for the Windows installer. As usual, be warned that this is beta […]

Oracle Open Office 3.3 Released

Oracle is evidently trying to end out the year with an open-source bang as it releases frequent VirtualBox 4.0 betas, they just pushed out the long-awaited MySQL 5.5, and they have now released Oracle Open Office 3.3. At the same time, they have also introduced Oracle Cloud Office. Oracle Cloud Office is built upon the […]

LibreOffice RC1 arrives

The Document Foundation has announced the availability of the first release candidate (RC1) for version 3.3 of LibreOffice, the free open source office suite. LibreOffice forked from the office suite following Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems the original copyright holders of the name and main sponsors of the project. As with all development builds […]

LibreOffice Beta 3 available for testing

The Document Foundation is happy to announce the third beta of LibreOffice 3.3. This beta comes with lots of improvements and bugfixes. As usual, be warned that this is beta quality software – nevertheless, we ask you to play with it – we very much welcome your feedback and testing! Please, download suitable package(s) from […] 3.3.0 Almost Here – Is It the Last? 3.3 Release Candidate 3 was released on November 1 with many updates and new features that have been in development for the last six months or more. This comes when as many as 33 developers are handing in their resignations. While the loss of the German team is unlikely to affect this release, […]

Mass resignations from

Following the fork in the open office suite development and the foundation of The Document Foundation, the dispute with main sponsor Oracle appears to have come to a head. More than 30 leading figures in the German-language section who have previously donated their time to the project have announced their resignations. They include almost […]

Yamagata prefectural government decides to adopt

Yamagata Shimbun on Oct. 30th (web version on Oct. 31st) reported, “It was revealed on Oct. 29th that Yamagata prefectural government decided on a plan to adopt as next PC office software for fiscal 2011 due to the fact that support for MS Office XP will end in July, 2011.” They have about 2,600 […]

Oracle vs. TDF LibreOffice

Oracle continues to be at the center of controversy despite their press release stating they will continue to support and release as an open source project. Most recently Oracle was vilified by bloggers and the press for asking members of The Document Foundation to resign from due to potential conflicts of interest. Dave […]

OpenOffice Council Shows LibreOffice Fans the Door

With all the Oracle-related antics going on this fall, it seems safe to say that those of us in the FOSS community haven’t really needed to watch much TV. After all, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve dropped our jaws in amazement, all just by observing the drama going on right around us with regard to […]

5 Myths About / LibreOffice

Most free software accumulates myths. Most people only know about it second hand (if at all), but few are slowed by the fact that they don’t know what they are talking about. As a large desktop application that is also cross-platform, (or should I say LibreOffice?) seems to have attracted more myths than most. […]

Leaving the project

Today is a special day. I feel both sad and relieved, happy and somewhat disgusted. I have officially resigned from all my duties, roles and positions inside the project. My resignation is effective immediately and I am leaving the project. I will now be contributing to the Document Foundation, while of course continuing to […]

Oracle issues first 3.3.0 release candidate

Two months after the first beta arrived, the developers have issued the first release candidate (RC1) of 3.3.0, the next release of the Oracle owned open source office suite. According to the Wiki, the RC1 development version will be followed by a second release candidate and a quality assurance (QA) build prior […]

Does OpenOffice Really Threaten Microsoft Office?

If you’ve ever wondered whether Microsoft considers the OpenOffice suite of productivity applications to be competition, last week we took note of a new video from Microsoft showing customers criticizing the suite. It’s not the first time the company has targeted the open source suite. In this post from Sun Microsystems’ ex-CEO Jonathan Schwartz, he […]

Oracle continues to support OpenOffice

With its presence at the ODF Plugfest in Brussels on the 14th and 15th of October, Oracle wants to emphasise its involvement in OpenOffice. Oracle has said that it views ODF as critical to providing with a complete, open and modern document format, empowering interoperability and choice on the desktop. Oracle pointed out that […]

More freedom for OpenOffice

Open source community splits off new version of office suite to ensure future Most users have heard of, the open source alternative to Microsoft Office. Now there is another name to add to the list: LibreOffice. LibreOffice is a version of (OOo) that has been “forked” from the original code. The new LibreOffice […]

Document Foundation’s first week “shows strong support”

The recently formed Document Foundation has releasedPDF statistics for its first week of existence. The beta version of the fork, LibreOffice, was downloaded more than eighty thousand times and the number of mirrors of LibreOffice has almost doubled to forty-five. Work on the code itself has seen eighty code contributions, in the form of […]

Create OpenDocument invoices and other documents with Rexx

After my talk about ODF scripting at OOoCon 2010 I got by another OOoCon speaker, Rony G. Flatscher another script for automatic generation of OpenDocument invoices, or any other ODF text with a fixed structure. Roni’s script opens an OpenDocument text template as the one shown in the left picture below and replaces all the […]

The OpenOffice fork is officially here

It’s not that Oracle wishes ill of The Document Foundation and its take on OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Oracle just isn’t going to be having anything to do with it. When The Document Foundation released the beta of LibreOffice, the group wanted to speed up the rate of changes to the notoriously slow OpenOffice office suite software […]

Your Office is Saved — Forked!

Those who feared that one day might go the way of OpenSolaris have found peace of mind with the announcement of The Document Foundation. The Document Foundation, among other things, to broaden the support for a community based office product that’s not reliant upon the generosity any commercial entity – or as the foundation […]

Sure Enough, the OpenOffice Community Is Seeking Independence from Oracle

In the wake of Oracle’s lawsuit against Google involving its handling of aspects of Java, we already asked the logical question: “Is OpenOffice Next in Oracle’s Proprietary Plan?” As we noted in that post, after the Java brouhaha and Oracle’s still fairly recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems–long the steward of OpenOffice–“the OpenOffice suite of open […]