LibreOffice – What it means to End Users

Open Office has been the defacto standard for open source productivity suites for some time now. It provides a high quality, free alternative to Microsoft’s costly Office software and is completely cross-platform. As with many of the larger open source projects Open Office has had a corporate backer for the last ten years, up until […]

LibreOffice is Born!

A new foundation, The Document Foundation, has been established to develop and extend into a truly free, independent, community supported office suite, called LibreOffice. From the mission statement: Our mission is to facilitate the evolution of the Community into a new open, independent, and meritocratic organizational structure within the next few months. An […] Community announces The Document Foundation Community announces The Document Foundation The community of volunteers developing and promoting sets up an independent Foundation to drive the further growth of the project The Internet, September 28, 2010 – The community of volunteers who develop and promote, the leading free office software, announce a major change in the project’s structure. […] Base – No Frills Document Management

Document management systems (DMS) are not necessarily reserved for companies with complex workflows and thousands of documents. A no-frills personal DMS can come in handy in many situations. You can use it to organise your research materials, or manage article submissions. While there are a few open source DMSes out there, most are geared towards […] HackFest 2010

Dear OOo hackers, the OOoCon just ended, and we realize how little time we can spend together face2face each year. To properly fix that problem, we hereby announce the next event around – a HackFest in Hamburg, specifically targeted to developers, to give all of us more face time & collectively work on the […]

Is OpenOffice Next In Oracle’s Proprietary Plan?

With Oracle’s lawsuit against Google regarding parts of the Java code used in the Android OS drawing interpretation of many different kinds, many of the best columns I’m seeing about it conclude the same thing that we have: Oracle’s open source credibility will be forever tarnished. Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth has said as much. Many analysts […]

Generating labels and business cards in

Despite the fact that open source has specialty label-and-business-card programs like gLabels and capable desktop publishing apps like Scribus, most general office users are going to continue to create their documents in the word processor of the office suite they feel the most comfortable in, like Writer. It is certainly a good choice, too; […] Celebrates Tenth Anniversary at OOoCon in Budapest Celebrates Tenth Anniversary at OOoCon in Budapest The Community is turning ten years of age. Launching the celebration of a decade of open and free office productivity, the project’s annual conference will take place in the city of Budapest from August 31 – September 3. Organized by the local community, supported by major […] 3.3 Beta Release Available 3.3 Beta Release Available The Community is proud to announce the availability of a beta release of its upcoming 3.3 version. This first preview is for everyone interested in the new features and enhancements of the final 3.3 release, expected later this year. A list of all changes is available at and […] 3.3 Definitely On Its Way 3.2.1 was released on June 4 and a new master workspace was branched off for the upcoming 3.3 on June 5. The code in this branch will be stabilized and later become the product release that will find its way onto your desktops. With the feature and UI freeze of June 24, only fixes […]

Five Nice extensions for 3.x is the leading open-source open software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, openoffice_logographics, databases and more. You can adjust openoffice to your needs by adding more functionality with the help of extensions. Find bellow five useful extensions for openoffice with installation guide. 1- MultiCloud File Manager This extension allows you to access and […]

OpenOffice at the crossroads is a flagship for free and open source software, released under free software licenses and achieving downloads in the hundreds of millions. OO.o is a success by most measurements, but there have long been murmurings of discontent among developers resulting in complaints of “non-responsiveness and lack of leadership” on the project. The argument is […] Developer Documentation Bounties Developer Documentation Bounties The Documentation project and the Community Council are now offering bounties for some specific Development documentation projects. These bounties will cover tasks from collecting and sorting development information and documentation, to producing and publishing documentation detailing how you can contribute as an developer. For more information on […] 3.2 Gets its 29 Millionth Download

When looking at today’s download statistic I counted 154,582,489 downloads since version 3.0 (29,283,218 since version 3.2.0) based on data provided by the load balancer MirrorBrain which is used on’s download page. This is a huge number but this number doesn’t count all distribution specific variants. The number could even be higher when taking […] 3.2.1 released

The Community today announces the availability of 3.2.1, the newest version of the world’s major free and open productivity suite. 3.2.1 is a so-called micro release that comes with bugfixes and improvements, with no new features being introduced. This release also fixes security issues, so we recommend everyone to upgrade to the […]

Is OpenOffice Drifting Dangerously?

Dana Blankenhorn notes that is “drifting,” which certainly seems to be true, although we’ve pointed out that it is definitely still kicking. Without a doubt, now that Oracle has swallowed up Sun Microsystems and is, by default, the new steward of the world’s most popular open source suite of productivity applications, there are questions […]

FSF launches site for free OpenOffice extensions

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced that it will maintain a list of free software extensions for the open source office suite. Discussing the announcement, FSF executive director Peter Brown said, “ is free software, and an important contribution to the free software community. However, the program offers the user a library of […]’s Community Council responds to the FSF is one of the most popular products of the FOSS (Free/Open Source) community, and for many millions of people it is their first experience of FOSS. Key to’s success has been its ability to compete openly and freely with competitors on any platform, and demonstrate that FOSS is a better choice. Uniquely among […]

A Bushel of Free FOSS Tutorials

You can’t knock a good FOSS tutorial. While documentation, including tutorials, is often a weakness with open source applications–even very established ones–the good news is that there are some outstanding free tutorials on the web. They’re available for many projects and platforms. Sometimes these are delivered by the community behind particular projects, and sometimes they […]

Is Oracle Quietly Killing OpenOffice?

I’m certain, given the things that have, or in some cases, have not, happened since the completion of the sale of Sun to Oracle, that many would have wished that IBM had purchased the flailing company. Those seeing the commitment of IBM to many open source projects would tend to believe that the progress of […]