Oneplus One with Ubuntu Touch Just Got Cellular Support

We recently covered the fact that Ubuntu Touch is being ported for the famous and elusive Oneplus 2 phone, even before the port for the Oneplus One was finished. The developer promised back then that he’s working on both ports, and he just delivered.

The biggest problem when porting Ubuntu Touch on a new devices is the driver support. We’ve se…

Development: GNOME 3.18.1 newstable tarballs due

Hello all,

Tarballs are due on 2015-10-12 before 23:59 UTC for the GNOME 3.18.1
newstable release, which will be delivered on Wednesday. Modules which
were proposed for inclusion should try to follow the unstable schedule
so everyone can test them. P…

At the Heart of OpenStack Evolution

There is little question regarding the prevalence and significance of open source software in enterprise IT, but one of the best places to more deeply examine how open source software fits into today’s enterprise IT landscape is the OpenStack cloud software and project. It has come to represent the primary open source cloud in the market, considered alongside rivals such as Amazon and VMware.

Season of KDE 2015 Now Open

2 of last years students presenting at Akademy
2 of last years students presenting at Akademy
Season of KDE is a community outreach program, much like Google Summer of Code that has been hosted by the KDE community for seven years.
It is meant for people who could not get into Google Summer of Code for various reasons, or people who simply prefer a differently structured, somewhat less constrained program. Season of KDE is managed by the same team of admins and mentors that takes care of Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in matters for KDE, with the same level of quality and care.
Season of KDE 2015 is now open for applications. To apply head to register as a student and click “Submit a proposal”.
FAQ Below

Who can take part?
Everyone can apply for Season of KDE. We give preference to those who have applied for Google Summer of Code and to students, but we will gladly consider applications from anybody interested in contributing to KDE.
What do I get out of this?
A great season working on a really cool KDE project and gaining valuable experience. If you complete your project successfully you also get a T-shirt, a certificate and maybe a few other goodies. Also a great project to boost your C.V. too!
What is the timeline?
Season of KDE is a flexible project to fit around school terms, work, and other commitments, and start and end dates can be discussed with your mentor. Projects should be completed before the deadline., A typical Season of KDE project should take around 2 months. This year, we are planning to host it in Autumn and Winter from October 7, 2015 to February29, 2016
  • Student application deadline: Oct 22 2015
  • Mentor application deadline: Oct31 2015
How do I apply?
First get in touch with a mentor about your ideas, and what projects they want to oversee.
Then head to and follow the instructions provided there.
Do I need to have a mentor before applying?
It is preferred. Ideally, you should contact a KDE subproject well before applying, ask for feedback on your idea if you have one, and request a mentor directly. A list of KDE subproject contacts is available on the Google Summer of Code 2015 ideas page. You can also apply without a mentor and we will try to find one for you.
Do I need to have a project idea before applying?
It is preferred. If you do not have one, we will try to find one for you! But generally for a successful project completion, a good proposal helps a lot! This way you can actually get to know a lot more about how your idea is going to be implemented.
Keep in mind that KDE is huge, so you should have an idea of which KDE subproject you wish to work on. You should visit the SoK 2015 ideas page [] too.
Do I need to write a proposal like in Google Summer of Code?
No, but we would like to see a brief project plan describing what you will be working on.
Is it only for coders like Google Summer of Code?
We are willing to consider non-coding projects as well including artwork and promotion, but you should definitely get in touch to figure out the details beforehand. The KDE Community Wiki describes ways to get involved with KDE that do not require coding.
I applied for a project in Google Summer of Code but another student got selected for it. Can I still work on it?
Maybe, but likely not. You should ask the mentor that was assigned to your idea. We can try to find something related for you if you want, or something completely different. Let us know what you wish and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Is this an extension of Google Summer of Code or connected to Google?
No. While Season of KDE is in many ways modeled after Google Summer of Code and administered by the same members of the KDE Student Programs, it is completely independent from Google Summer of Code and has no connection to Google whatsoever.
What if I do not get a reply from a mentor within some days or have some other queries about SoK?
Feel free to join our IRC channel #kde-soc on freenode or email the admin team at
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Proposed Principles for Content Blocking

Content blocking has become a hot issue across the Web and mobile ecosystems. It was already becoming pervasive on desktop, and now Apple’s iOS has made it possible to develop iOS applications whose purpose is to block content. This caused … Continue reading

Humble Indie Bundle 15 Extended to 10 Awesome Linux Games

The new Humble Indie Bundle 15 has been extended and it now comes with 10 games, all Linux compatible, making this collection a priceless one.

The Humble Bundle guys are on fire and they’ve just released a new collection that’s 100% Linux-compatible. Many of the games included have been around for Linux users for some time now, but it never hurts to have this kind of support. As usual, all the titles in such collections also run on Windows and Mac OS X and have Steam suppor…

Distribution Release: Quirky 7.2 “April”

Barry Kauler has announced a new release of the Quirky distribution, a sister project to the popular Puppy Linux distribution. This release includes mostly package updates, including a move to version 4.1.7 of the Linux kernel. This release also reorg…

Xen Open Source Hypervisor Now Available in CentOS 7 Linux for ARM64 Servers

Stefano Stabellini of the Xen project informs us on the day of October 5 that the Xen open-source hypervisor is now available for CentOS 7 for ARM64 (AArch64) Linux operating systems.

According to Mr. Stabellini, the availability of the Xen hypervisor in the latest builds of the CentOS 7 Linux operating system, an open-source, server-oriented Linux kernel-based OS derived from the …

Development Release: Android-x86 5.1 RC1

The developers of Android-x86, a port of the Android operating system to the x86 architecture, have released Android-x86 5.1-rc1. This is the first release candidate of Android-x86 5.1 and it includes a number of interesting features, including support for 64-bit processors. "The 5.1-rc1 release is based on the….

Slackel Linux: Not Your Father’s Slackware

Slackel is a Linux distro a step away from the mainstream Debian-based Linux OS line. It is based on Slackware and Salix. Users already familiar with that lineage are more inclined to like Slackel. Slackel offers a few advantages not usually found with the Slackware Linux lineup. The main difference is that its repository includes the current version of Slackware and the latest version of KDE.

The Document Foundation welcomes RusBITech in the project Advisory Board

The Document Foundation (TDF) announces that RusBITech, a large Russian software development company focusing on open source software, has joined the Advisory Board. RusBITech is a Research and Production Association (RPA) which develops and supports the Astra Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux, targeted to the Russian public administration. LibreOffice is included in Astra Linux, […]

Managed Cloud Network Security from Zentera, Alliance and Canonical

Zentera Systems, Inc., Alliance Technology Group and Canonical jointly announced today a collaboration to deliver secure hybrid networking solutions on top of Canonical’s managed OpenStack cloud, BootStack. The three companies will be exhibiting this collaboration during AWS re:Invent 2015, this week at Zentera’s booth #K21 in Las Vegas, NV. re:Invent is the Amazon Web Services […]

Down to Business with Major Deployments

KDE software has been used in many large scale deployments, including universities, governments and countless companies.
One of these organizations suggested that KDE create a deployment forum so that others can benefit from their deployment experienc…

Another Day, Another Billion Android Users at Risk

Google on Monday released an over-the-air update for Nexus devices, which includes patches for the latest Stagefright vulnerabilities and other flaws. Android’s Stagefright media processing feature, which recently imperiled 1 billion devices around the world, was once again putting them at risk, Zimperium revealed last week. Zimperium found two new vulnerabilities.

Astro Pi Is an Awesome Raspberry Pi That’s Going to Space This December

The Astro Pi is an original Raspberry Pi that’s been modified to go into space and the mission to take it there is about to launch in just a couple of months.

There is no denying that Raspberry Pi is one of the best and most used mini-PCs ever made, even if it has a lot of competition. You can do pretty much anything with it, starting with teaching children how to program or setting it up as a media center, to more complex stuff like robotics. Its flexibility made it a succ…

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 630

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: An Android living in your computer News: How Fedora tracks software releases, Ubuntu’s redesigned installer, Raspbian enables desktop by default and purchasing computers with Linux Mint pre-installed Questions …

Virtual Levelling | Ninja Update

Turn it up to 120 with Virtual Levelling – thanks Ninjas!

PPSSPP 1.1 Gets ARM64 and Android TV Support, Still the Best Free PSP Emulator

The developers of PPSSPP, an open-source, free, and cross-platform PSP (PlayStation Portable) emulator for PCs (Windows, BSD, Mac OS X, and Linux) and mobile devices powered by either Android or iOS operating systems, have announced the release of PPSSPP 1.1.

According to the generous release notes posted on the project’s website, PPSSPP 1.1 brings in major new features that have been expected by users of …

Linus Torvalds Announces Linux Kernel 4.3 RC4 on the Eve of the Project’s 24th Birthday

Linus Torvalds has just announced that Linux kernel 4.3 RC4 has been released, taking this kernel branch a little bit closer to a final release.

We were expecting to see some kind of mention from Linus Torvalds about the 24th birthday of the Linux kernel that will be celebrated tomorrow, but it looks like he’s not going …

World Wine News Issue 400

WWN Issue 400 was released today.

WineConf 2015
Monetary value of Wine
Weekly AppDB/Bugzilla Status Changes