Intel Pumps OpenStack Up

As part of a new strategic collaboration, Intel will lead a $100 million funding round in Mirantis, the companies announced earlier this week. Intel is a long-time investor in Mirantis. This round includes existing investors August Capital, Insight Venture Partners, Ericsson, Sapphire Ventures and WestSummit Capital, as well as new investor Goldman Sachs.

Critical Firefox update (40.0.3) available now for Fedora

Mozilla just released a new update to Firefox — the default web browser in Fedora — that resolves a pair of high priority security issues. These updates are now available in the Fedora 21, Fedora 22 and prerelease Fedora 23… Continue Reading →

Development: GNOME 3.17.91 beta tarballs due (and more) (responsible: jjardon)

Hello all,

We would like to inform you about the following:
* GNOME 3.17.91 beta tarballs due
* String Freeze

Tarballs are due on 2015-08-31 before 23:59 UTC for the GNOME 3.17.91
beta release, which will be delivered on Wednesday. Modules which wer…

Behind the Scenes – September 2015

The Lord of Vampyrium | September Raffle | Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing | Double XP Weekend

KDE Sprints – who wins?

We are raising money to support KDE sprints. People have asked legitimate questions about those funds—who gets the money? Who benefits?

To start with, KDE sprints are intensive sessions centered around coding. They take place in person over several days, during which time skillful developers eat, drink and sleep code. There are breaks to refresh and gain perspective, but mostly sprints involve hard, focused work. All of this developer time and effort is unpaid. However travel expenses for some developers are covered by KDE. KDE is a frugal organization with comparatively low administrative costs, and only one paid person who works part time. So the money donated for sprints goes to cover actual expenses. Who gets the money? Almost all of it goes to transportation companies.

Donate to the KDE Sprints 2015 fundraising campaign

Who benefits from contributions to KDE sprints?

That’s more interesting.

Certainly KDE software is improved during KDE sprints, and innovations are planned and implemented. Developers are able to realize more of what they want their applications to be and do. They get to experiment. They get to have fun (if working on code many hours a day qualifies as “fun”). People who use KDE technology get the benefit of this effort and innovation. Some users claim that KDE does things well. Clearly sprint benefits go mostly to users, the millions of people all over the world who are using KDE technology.

However, that is not nearly the whole story.

Earlier this week on August 24th, Webkit had its 14th birthday. Although the Webkit name is trademarked by Apple, most of the original code came from KDE (in the form of the KHTML and KJS libraries). Apple developers had high praise for the work done by KDE developers. KDE’s Free and Open Source software is available to anyone. The results of KDE sprints can benefit anyone. This shouldn’t be taken lightly; KDE developers are some of the best in the world, and they work on important, current technology.

Qt is another example of the largesse of the KDE Community. Ironically, KDE’s choice of the Qt application framework helped to launch GNOME. The licensing controversies of those early days were resolved when the KDE Free Qt Foundation was established, providing strong foundations for both Qt and KDE Free and Open Source software, and demonstrating the ability of the KDE Community to adapt.

KDE and Qt continue to have a mutually beneficial relationship. KDE developers represent the most number of Qt contributors outside of Digia, which licenses Qt commercially. So the code and innovation that KDE developers add to the Qt codebase benefit Digia, Digia’s commercial customers and the thousands of developers using Qt to develop opensource and proprietary applications. Improvements to Qt have a direct benefit for the development of KDE applications.

Randa Meetings intensity   photo by Anne-Marie Mahfouf

At a sprint in 2011, KDE developers took the first steps to modularize the extensive KDE development platform into frameworks. In July 2014, it was announced that many KDE libraries were available for use by any Qt developer. Quoting from the announcement:

Frameworks 5 is the next generation of KDE libraries, modularized and optimized for easy integration in Qt applications. The Frameworks offer a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. There are over 50 different Frameworks as part of this release providing solutions including hardware integration, file format support, additional widgets, plotting functions, spell checking and more. Many of the Frameworks are cross platform and have minimal or no extra dependencies making them easy to build and add to any Qt application.

Since then, more such Qt capabilities have been added, and there’s an online archive of Qt resources provided by the KDE Community.

KDE sprints provide value widely and freely to anyone who wants the results. If you are a computer user, you have probably already enjoyed benefits provided by KDE.

You Can Make a Difference

KDE is one of the leading Free Software projects in the world, thanks in large part to skilled, committed developers such as those at the Randa Meetings in September. You can make a big difference by contributing financially. Please donate if you can. Share the responsibility, and the satisfaction of giving.

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Development Release: Ubuntu 15.10 Beta 1

Martin Wimpress has announced the availability of a new set of testing images for version 15.10 Beta 1 of the various Ubuntu community distributions. These new beta images provide previews of new technologies present in the community distributions and…

Windows 10: is it finally time to migrate to Ubuntu?

Public and private enterprises across the world have been using Microsoft Windows for years, but it calls into question whether this is in fact the best choice or simply force of habit? With recent security and performance issues coming to the fore, an increasing number of companies are exploring the benefits of using alternative Operating […]

LibreOffice 5.0.1 released, to keep the momentum going

Berlin, August 27, 2015 – The Document Foundation (TDF) releases LibreOffice 5.0.1, the first minor release of the LibreOffice 5.0 family, with a number of fixes over the major release announced on August 5. So far, LibreOffice 5.0 is the most popular LibreOffice ever, based on the feedback from the marketplace. LibreOffice 5.0.1 is targeted […]

Update on Wayland support in Fedora 23

Fedora developer Christian Schaller recently posted an update on the state of Wayland in Fedora Workstation, and it is looking promising. One of the newest features outlined by Christian that is in Fedora 23 is the ability to properly use… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Is Almost Done, but BQ Aquaris Users Must Wait Until Next Week

On August 25, Canonical’s  Łukasz Zemczak sent in his daily report informing all Ubuntu Phone owners about the progress made on the soon-to-be-released OTA-6 software update for the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system.

We reported

GNOME: Boston Summit 2015 to be held 10-12 October

Boston Summit is GNOME’s annual event in North America. It is held every year on the Columbus Day weekend, and is an informal opportunity for contributors, enthusiasts and newcomers to get together. Previous summits have included planning meetings, tutorials for newcomers, hacking sessions, hardware testing, and more. There is also typically a social event in the evening.

This year’s Boston Summit will be held between 10-12 October, at the MIT Tang Center.

More details about the event programme will be posted in the future. If you are interested in attending, please sign up on the wiki. We hope to see you there!

Photograph by Nelson48 at English Wikipedia (own work, public domain), via Wikimedia Commons.

Distribution Release: Quirky 7.1 “Appril”

Barry Kauler has announced the release of a new, special edition of Quirky Linux. The new release, Quirky Linux 7.1 "Appril", is designed with Android app developers in mind. "This is the latest release of Quirky Linux. The Appril series, that started at version 7.0, is built entirely….

KDE Ships Plasma 5.4.0, Feature Release for August

Plasma 5.4

Plasma 5.4

Tuesday, 25 August 2015. Today KDE releases a feature release of the new version of Plasma 5.

This release of Plasma brings many nice touches for our users such as much improved high DPI support, KRunner auto-completion and many new beautiful Breeze icons. It also lays the ground for the future with a tech preview of Wayland session available. We’re shipping a few new components such as an Audio Volume Plasma Widget, monitor calibration tool and the User Manager tool comes out beta.

Audio Volume

The new Audio Volume Applet

New Audio Volume Applet

Our new Audio Volume applet works directly with PulseAudio, the popular sound server for Linux, to give you full control over volume and output settings in a beautifully designed simple interface.

Dashboard alternative launcher

The new Dashboard alternative launcher

Application Dashboard alternative launcher

    Plasma 5.4 brings an entirely new fullscreen launcher Application Dashboard in kdeplasma-addons: Featuring all features of Application Menu it includes sophisticated scaling to screen size and full spatial keyboard navigation.

    The new launcher allows you to easily and quickly find applications, as well as recently used or favorited documents and contacts based on your previous activity.

New Icons

Just some of the new icons in this release

Artwork Galore

Plasma 5.4 brings over 1400 new icons covering not only all the KDE applications, but also providing Breeze themed artwork to apps such as Inkscape, Firefox and Libreoffice providing a more integrated, native feel.



KRunner history

    KRunner now remembers your previous searches and automatically completes from the history as you type.

Networks Graphs

Network Graphs

Useful graphs in Networks applet

    The Networks applet is now able to display network traffic graphs. It also supports two new VPN plugins for connecting over SSH or SSTP.

Wayland Technology Preview

    With Plasma 5.4 the first technology preview of a Wayland session is released. On systems with free graphics drivers it is possible to run Plasma using KWin, Plasma’s Wayland compositor and X11 window manager, through kernel mode settings. The currently supported feature set is driven by the needs for the Plasma Mobile projectand more desktop oriented features are not yet fully implemented. The current state does not yet allow to use it as a replacement for Xorg based desktop, but allows to easily test it, contribute and watch tear free videos. Instructions on how to start Plasma on Wayland can be found in the KWin wiki pages. Wayland support will improve in future releases with the aim to get to a stable release soon.

Other changes and additions

  • Much improved high DPI support
  • Smaller memory footprint
  • Our desktop search got new and much faster backend
  • Sticky notes adds drag & drop support and keyboard navigation
  • Trash applet now works again with drag & drop
  • System tray gains quicker configurability
  • The documentation has been reviewed and updated
  • Improved layout for Digital clock in slim panels
  • ISO date support in Digital clock
  • New easy way to switch 12h/24h clock format in Digital clock
  • Week numbers in the calendar
  • Any type of item can now be favorited in Application Menu (Kicker) from any view, adding support for document and Telepathy contact favorites
  • Telepathy contact favorites show the contact photo and a realtime presence status badge
  • Improved focus and activation handling between applets and containment on the desktop
  • Various small fixes in Folder View: Better default sizes, fixes for mouse interaction issues, text label wrapping
  • The Task Manager now tries harder to preserve the icon it derived for a launcher by default
  • It’s possible to add launchers by dropping apps on the Task Manager again
  • It’s now possible to configure what happens when middle-clicking a task button in the Task Manager: Nothing, window close, or launching a new instance of the same app
  • The Task Manager will now sort column-major if the user forces more than one row; many users expected and prefer this sorting as it causes less task button moves as windows come and go
  • Improved icon and margin scaling for task buttons in the Task Manager
  • Various small fixes in the Task Manager: Forcing columns in vertical instance now works, touch event handling now works on all systems, fixed a visual issue with the group expander arrow
  • Provided the Purpose framework tech preview is available, the QuickShare Plasmoid can be used, making it easy to share files on many web services.
  • Monitor configuration tool added
  • kwallet-pam is added to open your wallet on login
  • User Manager now syncs contacts to KConfig settings and the User Account module has gone away
  • Performance improvements to Application Menu (Kicker)
  • Various small fixes to Application Menu (Kicker): Hiding/unhiding apps is more reliable, alignment fixes for top panels, ‘Add to Desktop’ against a Folder View containment is more reliable, better behavior in the KActivities-based Recent models
  • Support for custom menu layouts (through kmenuedit) and menu separator items in Application Menu (Kicker)
  • Folder View has improved mode when in panel (blog)
  • Dropping a folder on the Desktop containment will now offer creating a Folder View again

Full Plasma 5.4 changelog

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Behind the scenes at TDF: Marketing and Communications

The months between April and the first half of August have been rather busy, as I have been working – together with the other members of TDF staff and several volunteers – at different projects: the first TDF Annual Report, the final development stage of LibreOffice 5.0, including two bug hunting sessions, the announcement of the publication […]

Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Images to Arrive on Wednesday for Meizu MX4 and Nexus Devices

On August 24, Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak has sent in his daily report informing us all about the latest work done by the Ubuntu Touch developers in prepration for the major OTA-6 software update for the mobile operating system.

Therefore, the biggest news we want to share with you today is that Wednesday, August 25, will see the release of the Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 images for Nexus 4, Nexus 7,…

Golden Gnome Awards – 2015

The Golden Gnome Awards return for RuneFest 2015, celebrating the talent of the RuneScape community!

A midsummer night’s Juju Office Hours

Our biweekly catchup of all things happening in the land of Juju. Here’s our summary of today’s session, first off, all the URLs we discuss during the list, followed by some handy shortcuts if you want to skip around this episode. Rick Harding takes us through the […]

LibreOffice Conference 2015 will open in a month

Berlin, August 24, 2015 – LibreOffice Conference 2015 will open in a month from now, on September 23, at the Dokk1 in Aarhus, Denmark. The Dokk1 is the brand new Mediaspace of the city, featuring the Main Library and Citizens’ Services LibreOffice Conference 2015 will be hosted in the Auditorium and in the Meeting Area […]

Joomla Video Training Request for Proposals

Open Source Matters, Inc. invites interested and suitably experienced Training Companies to submit proposals for the purpose of creating the first training center.

The Request for Proposals document can be viewed here.

This Request…

The Light Within Quest | New Spells & Prayers | Additional Action Bars

New quest, game-changing spells & prayers, more on-screen action bars and enabled high-level Ironman content.