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Behind the Scenes – June 2016

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DisplayLink USB 3.0 Driver Now Available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Fedora Linux

DisplayLink has recently updated their DisplayLink USB 3.0 driver for the latest Ubuntu Linux operating system launched by Canonical in the last week of April 2016, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The latest version of the DisplayLink USB Graphics Software, build 1.1.62, is available now for all supported Ubuntu Linux operating system, including Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty

Development: GNOME 3.21.2 Released


The second snapshot of the GNOME 3.21 cycle is now available!!

To compile GNOME 3.21.2, you can use the jhbuild [1] modulesets [2]
(which use the exact tarball versions from the official release).

[2] htt…

Solus Project Announces New Tool for Enabling Better Steam Integration on Linux

Ikey Doherty and the Solus Project are proud to announce today the availability of a new project that aims to integrate the Steam client on various GNU/Linux operating systems much better.

Meet Linux Steam Integration (or LSI for short), a small and straightforward utility that promises to solve the issue of the Steam runtime not working correctly on various Linux kernel-based operating systems, such as Solus, because of the old Ubuntu 12.04 LTS libraries Steam for Linux client requires.

Running Steam on some distributions that have nothing to do with Debian packaging has always been a pain in the neck, but now, thanks to this little open-source project, which any OS vendor can integrate into its GNU/Linux operating system, things should run more smoothly for gamers.

And now this little project can help you force the Steam client to run in 32-bit mode, as well as…

Font improvements in Fedora 24 Workstation

Cantarell is the default font in Fedora Workstation. It comes courtesy of the GNOME desktop community, which designed and chose Cantarell. Recently the maintainers of Canatrell have done a great deal of work on the typeface to improve readability and appearance. There are… Continue Reading →

Wine 1.9.11 Released

The Wine development release 1.9.11 is now available.
What’s new in this release:

Better support for long URLs in WinInet.
Various Direct3D 11 improvements.
Down-mixing support in DirectSound.

Ubuntu-Based BackBox Linux 4.6 Launches with Updated Hacking Tools, Kernel 4.2

Raffaele Forte, the maintainer of the Ubuntu-based BackBox Linux operating system designed for penetration testing and forensic analysis operations, has announced the release of BlackBox Linux 4.6.

Powered by a kernel from the Linux 4.2 series, which is currently being used in Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) operating system and maintained by Canonical for a few more months, BackBox Linux 4.6 arrives today, four months after the release of BackBox Linux 4.5, bringing many updated hacking tools.

Among these, we can mention the Metasploit penetration testing software, wxHexEditor free hex and disk editor for huge files, WPScan black box WordPress vulnerability scanner, SE Toolkit for performing phishing attacks, as well as the DirSearch Web path scanner.

Additionally, the Volatility memory forensics framework, OpenVAS open vulnerability assessment system, YARA pattern matching swiss knife for malware researchers, and the BeEF web browser exploitation framework have bee…

pfSense 2.3.1 FreeBSD Firewall Update Patches Web GUI Security Issue, Seven Bugs

Released a week ago as the first maintenance build in the 2.3 stable series, pfSense 2.3.1 has received its first update, bringing a patch for a major security issue in the Web GUI, as well as seven other bug fixes.

pfSense 2.3.1 was a major point release of the FreeBSD-based network firewall distribution that introduced over 100 changes, but pfSense 2.3 brought a new pkg system that lets the project’s maintainers update only individual parts of the system.

Thus, they can patch single security issues without the need to make a new release of the BSD firewall. pfSense 2.3.1 Update 1 (2.3.1_1) is now live, and all users of the pfSense 2.3.1-RELEASE are urged to apply it as it patches a major security issue.

The issue (pfSense-SA-16_05.webgu…

Distribution Release: BackBox Linux 4.6

Raffaele Forte has announced the release of BackBox Linux 4.6, a new version of the project’s Ubuntu-based distribution containing a large collection of security tools designed for penetration testing and forensic analysis: "The BackBox team is pleased to announce the last of 4.x minor releases – BackBox….

Summer Summit – Tomorrow! | Dev Q&A | Last May Weekend

Our mammoth live stream event kicks off tomorrow and you’re all invited!

Summer Summit – Today 28/05! | Dev Q&A | Last May Weekend

Our mammoth live stream event kicks off today and you’re all invited!

TORCS version 1.3.7 “documented” released

TORCS version 1.3.7 “documented” is available for download. First I would like to thank the contributors which helped with patches, bug reports and feedback, especially Wolf-Dieter Beelitz for our lengthy suspension discussion.

The most important chan…

Behind the Scenes at TDF: Marketing in Q1 2016

Before entering into the details of the activities, The Document Foundation is proud to announce that Mike Saunders has been hired as Marketing Assistant in mid-February. Mike is known for the famous feature videos he made for LibreOffice 5.1, and he has kicked off the Month of LibreOffice Contribution in May, amongst many other projects. Welcome on board, Mike!

italo-cecchignolaParaphrasing a famous song, marketing at The Document Foundation is “the activity that never sleeps…”. The first quarter is one of the busiest, as we have FOSDEM and one major release happening between the end of January and mid February, followed

Birds Linux 8.0, the Distro for Students, Launches with Kernel 4.5, Tor Browser

Birds Linux creator Francesco Milesi has informed about the immediate availability of a major update to his open-source computer operating system, Birds Linux 8.0. Birds Linux 8.0 has been in development for the past three months, during which the developer has managed to update most of the core components to their latest versions. For example,

Nvidia 361.45.11 Graphics Driver Released for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris Systems

Nvidia has released a new long-lived graphics drivers for Unix users, version 361.45.11, available now for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris operating systems. Nvidia 361.45.11 comes as an update to the previous long-lived release, version 361.42, bringing support for the Nvidia Quadro M5500 graphics card for notebooks. It also adds a minimum requirement of Linux kernel

Take a test drive of Fedora 24 Cloud on Openstack

There is no need to wait for the Fedora 24 release next month to take a look at the upcoming Fedora 24 Cloud images. Over on his blog, Major Hayden blogs the simple steps to get the Fedora 24 Cloud… Continue Reading →

Custom Chromium OS Build Now Available for 64-Bit Laptop and Desktop Computers

GNU/Linux and Android-x86 developer Arne Exton has informed Softpedia today, May 26, 2016, about the immediate availability for download of his custom Chromium OS build.

First of all, we would like to remind you that Chromium OS is the open-source variant of the commercial Chrome OS operating system you find in today’s Chromebook computers, which anyone can build from source, customize as they see fit, and install on any 32-bit or 64-bit desktop or laptop PC.

Chromium OS Exton Build 160525 arrives today for all those who can’t afford to buy a Chromebook, even if they are the cheapest and nicest computers ever created, powered by Chrome OS built on top of the Linux kernel, incorporating the YouTube and Spotify apps by default.

While there are a few other custom Chromium OS builds out there, such as those created by ArnoldTheBats, Arne Exton promises that his edition is working…

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends | Full Release – Play Now!

Celebrate the end of the beta of our strategic card game as the game is now live on Steam with new features!