Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 Switches to KDE Plasma 5.4.2, Looks Gorgeous – Gallery

Clemens Toennies informs us today about the immediate availability of the new Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 computer operating system, build around the latest KDE technologies.

Prominent new features of Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 include the KDE Plasma 5.4.2 desktop environment, KDE Applications 15.08.2, KDE Frameworks 5.15.0, Mozilla Firefox 42.0 with built-in Plasma support, as well as Pidgin IM …

Distribution Release: Netrunner 2015.11 “Rolling”

Clemens Toennies has announced the availability of new installation media for the Netrunner project’s rolling release edition. The new media, Netrunner 2015.11 "Rolling", is based on packages from the Manjaro distribution and is currently available for the 64-bit x86 architecture exclusively. "The Netrunner Team is happy to announce….

Juju Charmer Summit: A Kickoff

The first ever Juju Charmer Summit was held this September in the Washington DC area. This event gathered the Juju community into one physical space to share our knowledge, to share success stories and best practices, and to grow our skills together. It also provided everyone the chance to meet Charmers and Juju contributors in […]

Football Manager 2016 Officially Released on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

Football Manager 2016, the latest installment of the most complex football simulator developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega, has been released today for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Football Manager 2016 has finally arrived, and users can once more lose their sleep over this tremendous simulator. Over the years, Football Manager from Sports Interactive managed to stay the course, despite fighting off some competition. No other developer could keep up with th…

Wine 1.7.55 Released

The Wine development release 1.7.55 is now available.
What’s new in this release:

Pulse audio driver.
Various fixes for Microsoft Office 2013 support.
Some more implementation of the Web Services…

openSUSE 13.1 Reaches End of Life on January 5, 2016, Update to openSUSE Leap 42.1

Marcus Meissner of openSUSE informs users that the openSUSE 13.1 GNU/Linux operating system will reach the end of its life in approximately two months from the moment of writing this article, on January 5, 2016.

Announced two years ago, on November 19, 2013, the openSUSE 13.1 operating system introduced a great number of new features, including the GNOME 3.10 and KDE Software Compilation 4.10 desktop environments, LibreOffice 4.1 and Calligra 2.7.4 office suites, Mozilla Fi…

BTS Video | Inside Invention – Part 1

Find out the basics of this upcoming skill in the first of a two-part video set in a very cool location.

systemd: Using the journal

Welcome back to our continuing series on systemd. The powerful startup and management system contains many useful functions. One is journald, which logs data about your system and the services it runs. Knowing more about the journal helps you easily discover information and troubleshoot… Continue Reading →

Second Preview of Manjaro Linux 15.12 Brings KDE Plasma 5.4.3, Linux Kernel 4.3

The Manjaro development team, through Philip Müller, announced the release and immediate availability for download and testing of the second Preview build for the upcoming Manjaro Linux 15.12 computer operating system.

Prominent features in Manjaro Linux 15.12 Pre2 include the addition of the recently released KDE Plasma 5.4.3 desktop environment (for the KDE flavor), the la…

Firefox Users Can Now Choose Their Favorite Browser on iOS

If you’re an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or user you’ll be happy to learn that Firefox for iOS is now available in the App Store worldwide. Firefox for iOS lets you take your favorite browser with you wherever you go … Continue reading

Distribution Release: Quirky 7.3

Barry Kauler has announced the release of a new version of Quirky, a sister project to Puppy Linux. The new version, Quirky 7.3, marks the start of the project’s Werewolf series, which is binary compatible with Ubuntu 15.10. "Quirky Werewolf 64-bit version 7.3 has been released. Here is….

Distribution Release: ClearOS 7.1.0

Peter Baldwin has announced the release of ClearOS 7.1.0, the CentOS-based server distribution’s first stable build in the 7.x series. This is also the first version that combines three products into one download: "ClearOS 7.1.0 final for all editions has arrived. ClearOS now comes in three different editions:….

Treasure Hunter | Divine Simulacrum Outfits

00:00 UTC 12th November – 23:59 UTC 16th November | Spectacular outfits with awesome divination benefits.

KDE Ships Plasma 5.4.3, Bugfix Release for November

Plasma 5.4

Plasma 5.4

Today KDE releases a bugfix update to Plasma 5, versioned 5.4.3. Plasma 5.4 was released in August with many feature refinements and new modules to complete the desktop experience.

This release adds a month’s worth of new translations and fixes from KDE’s contributors. The bugfixes are typically small but important and include:

Full Plasma 5.4.3 changelog

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KDE Applications 15.08.3 Lands with Fixes for Dolphin File Manager and More

The KDE Community revealed that KDE Applications 15.08.3 has been released, marking the launch of a new maintenance version.

The former KDE SC project has been split into three parts, Plasma, Applications, and Frameworks and this allows developers to provide much faster and focused updates for the packages. The entire project doesn’t have to wait around for all the pieces to come together for major release. This means that the project doesn’t have to wait around for a compo…

MozFest 2015 Demo Garage: Showing What’s Possible with the Open Web

Mozilla Festival 2015 was a productive and dynamic event celebrating the world’s most valuable public resource — the open Web. MozFest is also a gathering place for Mozilla community members from around the world and brings together makers, designers, builders, … Continue reading

FOSDEM Devroom Call for Papers

FOSDEM 16 will be held at the ULB Campus Solbosch on Saturday, January 30, and Sunday, January 31, 2016. Open document editors are coming again to FOSDEM with a shared devroom which gives every project in this area a chance to present ODF related  developments and innovations. The devroom is jointly organized by Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. We […]

Drupal 6 end-of-life announcement

As announced in the Drupal 6 extended support policy, 3 months after Drupal 8 comes out, Drupal 6 will be end-of-life (EOL).
On February 24th 2016, Drupal 6 will reach end of life and no longer be supported.
What this means for you:
Drupal 6 will n…

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 635

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: A tip of the hat to Fedora 23News: Cinnamon 2.8 comes to Linux Mint, a key Fedora KDE maintainer quits, Debian explores running X without root privileges and Red Hat signs deal with MicrosoftQuestions and answe…

Raptor’s Challenge | Ripper Demons

Our next November monster is here | Solomon’s Store – Clan Citadel Boosters