Microsoft Facing £25m Argentinian Linux Lawsuit

Microsoft is facing an ongoing legal challenge in Argentina from an open source company which alleges the software giant used its Windows Starter Edition to dominate the country’s operating system market.
Argentinian software company Pixart SRL launched the lawsuit in September 2008 but the possibility of the case being heard has become more likely in recent […]

Ubuntu 10.04 Proposed Ubiquity Slideshow Goes Live

The new Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Ubiquity Slideshow which we were telling you about ~2 weeks ago is now live and you should be able to take a look for yourself by downloading an Ubuntu 10.04 daily build starting tomorrow (or by updating the installer but that didn’t work for me – the package is […]

Ubuntu One Music Store – first pics!!!

I was minding my own business enjoying the excellent new iPod ‘drag on and drag off’ functionality of Rhythmbox (though I’m wondering quite how long Apple’s going to let that one play out) and I accidentally clicked the Ubuntu One Music Store button…
It’s up and running! Well, in beta form at least for the time […]

Ubuntu: Showing Signs of Server Momentum?

As Ubuntu 10.04’s debut approaches in April 2010, the hype has started: Plenty of folks are writing the usual Ubuntu vs. Windows or Ubuntu vs. Mac OS X stories. But another theme is emerging, and it involves Canonical’s Ubuntu Server Edition and Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) strategies — both of which are showing some momentum. […]

Mint 9: An overview of the new features

In this blog post, I’ll only go through the features that are developed specifically for Linux Mint.

USB-Creator will be added to the default software selection.
apturl will be added to the system.
In memory of Husse, a new fortune database gathering his best quotes will be added to the pool of random messages that appear when you […]

Dell Backs Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

It’s one small step for Dell, and one big strategic win for Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux cloud strategy. Specifically, Dell on March 24 said it would support Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) as an infrastructure solution. Apparently, Canonical and Dell have been developing this UEC relationship for more than six months. Here are the details and the […]

FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE Available

The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE. This is the fourth release from the 7-STABLE branch which improves on the functionality of FreeBSD 7.2 and introduces a few new features. There will be one more release from this branch to allow future improvements to be made available in […]

Free Software Award Winners Announced

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) announced the winners of the annual free software awards at a ceremony on Saturday March 20, held during the LibrePlanet conference at Harvard Science Center in Cambridge, MA. The award for the Advancement of Free Software was won by John Gilmore. The award for Project of Social Benefit was won […]

Compiz 0.9 Release Finally Approaching

More than a year ago we first talked about some of the Compiz 0.9 plans that involved merging Nomad and Compiz++ into Compiz and a host of other changes after the future of Compiz was called into question. Compiz Fusion was dropped too and Compiz++ is the C++ rewrite and also brings several other changes, […]

50 Places Linux is Running That You Might Not Expect

It was not long ago when Microsoft Windows had a tight stranglehold on the operating system market. Walk into a Circuit City or Staples, it seemed, and virtually any computer you took home would be running the most current flavor of Windows. Ditto for computers ordered direct from a manufacturer. In the last decade, though, […]

Five Easy Ways to Secure Your Linux System

On the heels of last week’s entry on using DenyHosts, and Nikto the week before that; I thought it appropriate to continue in the security vein with five more simple techniques that you can use to protect your systems. These include using account locking, limiting cron use, using DENY access to services, refusing root SSH […]

Annotating PDFs With the Open-Source Software Package Okular

KDE document reader Okular doesn’t just read multiple document formats; it also allows you to add annotations to files as you read them. Note that to get this functionality, you need version 0.8, which is in Ubuntu Karmic, or Debian Squeeze (see my howto if you want to install this on a Lenny box). To […]

Gnome And KDE Might Collaborate Into Creating A FLOSS Alternative To Dropbox

There is an ongoing discussion on a Gnome mailing list which points out that Gnome and KDE might collaborate for a new project: a FLOSS alternative to Dropbox. One might think: well, we have Ubuntu One – but that’s only for Ubuntu (even though work is done to port it to other Linux distributions too […]

Ailurus 10.03.2 is available for use.

Ailurus makes Linux easier to use. You can study Linux skills, install some nice applications and change GNOME settings by this small application.
Recently Ailurus 10.03.2 is released. It brings a host of new features.
Improvement in “Install software” pane:
* Add Typespeed, in “Install software”->”Common”->”Game”. Typespeed help you practice typing.
* Add Firefox stable version repository.
* Add NScript […]

Ubuntu, Buttons, and Democracy

When Ubuntu drinks, the free and open source software (FOSS) community gets a hangover. The distribution is so influential that its every development sends echoes rippling through the greater community. How else to explain how a simple change in desktop themes should spark not only debates about usability, but about how decisions are made in […]

Trisquel 3.5 Awen release announcement

Trisquel GNU/Linux 3.5, codename Awen is ready. Click on the player below to see the video announcement (HD version) we made for the LibrePlanet 2010 conference. More info after the jump.
This release is a fully free Ubuntu 9.10 derivative that includes extra software, better multimedia support, more translations and a faster configuration. For this release […]

Using Ubuntu Linux to Rescue Windows

Did Windows crash beyond repair? If so, you probably want to get your files off of the drive before you erase everything and reinstall Windows. This tutorial will help you do exactly that.
We’re going to use Ubuntu’s LiveCD mode. Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution that’s a free and open source alternative to Windows. The […]

Lucid Lynx beta boasts social networking features

The Ubuntu project released its first beta of Ubuntu 10.04 (“Lucid Lynx”), offering two new themes, social-networking tools, cloud-related enhancements, faster boot-times, and an updated Firefox browser with Yahoo search as default. Meanwhile, an oddball icon placement in one theme has Ubuntu users up in arms.
The Canonical-backed Ubuntu project launched the first alpha of Lucid […]

Nexuiz Forks: Another Example of Single Ownership Problems

Nexuiz is sort of a poster child open source project, an example of a high-quality game that’s developed by the open source community. Unfortunately, it may also be a poster child of how things can quickly go wrong once commercial interests are involved and when it’s unclear who controls a project.
Phoronix is reporting that Nexuiz […]

Indie Gamers See The Linux Market

It hasn’t been that long ago that we brought you news of 2d boy World of Goo and the Frictional Games trilogy Penumbra. Since then, things have been pretty quiet on the Linux Game Front…at least to my ear, but then again, I’m not much of a gamer.
Sure, I’ve played all the repository shooters…bloody […]