X-Server problems in Ubuntu 10.04 release candidate

The release candidate of Ubuntu 10.04 published on Thursday, apparently contains a bug in X-Server. A Launchpad bug report, [KMS] gem objects not deallocated, describes the details. The bug makes itself felt as a slowly growing memory hole in X-Server. After a few hours of operation, so much memory is taken up that X11 […]

EasyPeasy 1.6 Release Candidate

The team has been working hard to bring you the best netbook experience. The 1.6 Release Candidate is the last release of EasyPeasy 1.6 before it’s final. It was released April 23 2010.

Screenshot tour

New boot system and new boot artwork (Uses Plymouth)
1.6 RC sports full removal of the hal package, making EasyPeasy faster to boot […]

Debunking Free Software Myths

I fancy myself to be what some would call a “Free Software Advocate” and as such when I am making recommendations of free software to people I hear many of the same common misconceptions day in and day out. Lets separate some of the fact from the fiction shall we? #1 Free software is Illegal […]

World Wine News Issue 361

This is the 361 issue of the World Wine News publication. Its main goal is to bring wine statistics back to the community. It also serves to inform you of what’s going on around Wine. Wine is an open source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. Think of it as […]

PCLinuxOS 2010 Review

In the last couple of years I have tested many Linux distros. I was never a diehard fan of any of them, kept an open mind and was willing to simply use the one that best fit my needs. Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian and others have been put to the test at […]

WordPress 3.0 Preview: A Quick Peek At New Features And Functionality

For long time WordPress fans, good news for you: WordPress 3.0 is coming. WP 3.0 is scheduled to release in May 2010, which is just round the corner. We have grabbed a beta version of it and gave it a test run. I must say, it is darn impressive. This latest release comes packed with […]

CodeWeavers Releases Crossover Office 9.0.1 for MAC and Linux

CodeWeavers, Inc., a leading developer of software products that turn Mac OS X and Linux into Windows-compatible operating systems, today announced the release of CrossOver 9.0.1 for both Mac and Linux. CrossOver allows Windows software to be used on Mac and Linux PCs without the need for a Windows operating system license. About CodeWeavers Founded […]

A Bushel of Free FOSS Tutorials

You can’t knock a good FOSS tutorial. While documentation, including tutorials, is often a weakness with open source applications–even very established ones–the good news is that there are some outstanding free tutorials on the web. They’re available for many projects and platforms. Sometimes these are delivered by the community behind particular projects, and sometimes they […]

Valve Pulls Its Unreleased Linux Client From Server

The past few days we have been reporting on Valve’s Steam client coming to Linux (and some of the Source Engine games too) soon as we had found Linux references within the Steam Mac OS X client and then other Linux references. We even ended up finding the unreleased Linux files on the Valve servers.
These […]

Dear Ubuntu: I Have Some Concerns

Dear Ubuntu:
For the last couple years, life has been good. Every time I’ve shown you to a friend or family member, they’ve compared you to what they’re familiar with – Windows XP or Vista, mostly – and by comparison you’ve looked brilliant. Yeah, your ugly brown color scheme was a bit off-putting at […]

Canonical CTO Matt Zimmerman Speaks

My Frugal Tech Show co-host, Jason Perlow, and I spoke with Canonical CTO Matt Zimmerman early this morning about the upcoming Ubuntu releases and a few other selected topics of interest to Ubuntu users. There are some secret goings on in the mill at Canonical that he didn’t tell us about but I can read […]

Lubuntu (w/ LXDE) 10.04 Lucid Lynx Beta 3 Available For Download

The Lubuntu Lucid Beta 3 is now available released by Julien Lavergne. We are now close to the final release, this beta should be the last one before final release. The status of this final release is not determined yet (“beta stable”, “rc final” …), that’s why its a beta and not a rc like […]

Top Linux Games List

These are a complete(almost) list of Linux games that I found in the internet. You can check it by yourself one by one since it’s quite a long list . If you have more games that you would like to recommend, feel free to share it.

Ubuntu, the family album

A few days before the release of the new Ubuntu, here’s a guided tour through the Ubuntu family album with some annotations telling my story with the different versions.
Ubuntu Warty WARTHOG (4.10)
Read and LOOK more at http://blog.nizarus.org/2010/04/ubuntu-the-family-album

Will 12,000 Cloud Computing Deployments Lead to Profit?

The cloud isn’t just a buzzword for Canonical. For the Ubuntu Linux vendor, the cloud is a technology that its users are actually deploying, and it’s got the numbers to prove it.
The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) has been available since the Jaunty Jackalope release in April 2009. UEC is now poised to be included for […]

Ubuntu Lucid in final stretch

Ubuntu’s Lucid Lynx release is one step away from final release.
Lucid Lynx, otherwise known as Ubuntu 10.04, is now in the final stretch.
Yesterday the Ubuntu Developers announced the Release Candidate, the penultimate release before its final April 29 release.
The desktop version of the release includes cloud computing updates, Music Store improvements and tighter social networking […]

Warzone 2100 2.3.0 has been released!

It’s finally here! The Warzone 2100 Project has released Warzone 2100 version 2.3.0!
We’d like to thank all our testers and contributors for bringing us this far. A lot has happened since our 2.2.0 release nearly a year ago. We passed revision 10000 two months ago, and it’s getting lots harder to remember these five-digit revision […]

Magento Version CE Stable – Now Available With Support for 3-D Secure

Based on community requests, we are excited to announce the release of Magento CE with support for 3-D Secure. This release is intended for Magento merchants using version 1.3.x, who want to add support for 3-D Secure. The release is available through Magento Connect Manager, or through our download section under “Release Archives”. To […]

Joomla! 1.5.16 Released

The Joomla Project announces the immediate availability of Joomla 1.5.16 [Wojmamni ama busani]. It has been about six months since Joomla 1.5.15 was released on November 4, 2009. The Development Working Group’s goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community. Download Click here to download Joomla 1.5.16 (Full package) » […]

openSUSE Weekly News 120 is out!

We are pleased to announce: Issue 120 of openSUSE Weekly News is out! [0] In this week’s issue: * 1 Editors Note * 2 Announcements o 2.1 First openSUSE-LXDE Meeting * 3 Status Updates o 3.1 Distribution + 3.1.1 LinuxJournal/Ross Larson: Working With Suse Studio + 3.1.2 SUSE Studio: Welcome to the SUSE Studio blog! […]