MantisBT 1.2.1 Released

Hi all, MantisBT 1.2.1 is a maintenance update for the stable 1.2.x branch. All installations that are currently running any 1.1.x or 1.2.0 version are advised to upgrade to this release. Included with 1.2.1 are a range of bug fixes, translation updates, and general improvements over the initial 1.2.0 release. Highlights include an improved installation, […]

Advance discontinuation notice for openSUSE 11.0

Dear opensuse-announce subscribers, SUSE Security announces that openSUSE 11.0 will be discontinued soon. Having provided security-relevant fixes for two years, we will stop releasing updates after June 30th 2010. As a consequence, the openSUSE 11.0 distribution directory on our server will be removed from /distribution/11.0/ to free space on our mirror sites. The 11.0 […]

Kajona V3.3.0 ready for use

…with an exceptional number of new features and improvements! Today is the day: The Content Management Framework Kajona is available in version 3.3.0. In addition to numerous improvements and corrections, the new version also includes several new features which could already be tested in the beta version of the “edelweiss” named release, published three weeks […]

Apache Jackrabbit 2.1 released

Almost three months after the release of version 2.0, the Apache Jackrabbit developers have announced the availability of version 2.1 of their open source implementation of version 2.0 of the Content Repository for Java Technology API (JCR 2.0). The latest incremental feature release includes a number of changes over the previous release, such as improvements […]

What Being Sexy Means for Linux

Ask the average consumer what technologies are “sexy,” and the halls of Cupertino will surely swell a little with pride. What does that mean for Linux? The answer there is much less clear. That, perhaps, is why bloggers far and wide have spent so much time over the past few days pondering such questions, in […]

Linux Plumbers Conference 2010 Call for Track Ideas

The 2010 Linux Plumbers Conference will be held in Cambridge, MA, from November 3 to 5. The LPC 2010 organizers are now looking for ideas for the tracks to be run at the event. If you have in mind a problem which could be improved by having plumbing-level developers get together and talk about it […]

8 of the best tiny Linux distros

There are plenty of reasons for wanting a low-resource distro running on your computer. Maybe you have some ancient hardware that you need to breathe new life into. Perhaps you want something that will fit on a modestly sized memory stick. Or it might be that you want to run 200 virtual machines simultaneously on […]

Attackers hit Google single sign-on password system

The New York Times is reporting that Google’s password system was compromised during a targeted attack last December. The system, called Gaia or Single Sign-On, controls access by millions of users worldwide to almost all of the company’s Web services, including e-mail and business applications. NY Times reporter John Markoff writes: Read more at ZDNet

A Music Lover’s Fedora Linux Workstation

We’ve got here our very first entry for “The $100.00 (USD) Coolest Linux Workspace Contest”. It’s from Mauricio, a Music Theory student. If he wins the contest, he says that he will be using the money to buy a USB mic for some serious music recording. Check out Mauricio’s Fedora Linux workstation: Read and look […]

Mythbuntu 10.04 RC is out!

Mythbuntu 10.04 Release Candidate has been released.  With this release, we are providing mirroring on sponsored mirrors and torrents.
It is very important to note that this release is only compatible with MythTV 0.23 systems. Previous Mythbuntu releases can be upgraded to MythTV 0.23 with the builds located at For a fuller explanation see here
Changes […]

Canonical Training Set To Announce New Ubuntu Certified Professional Certification

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to speak with Billy Cina, Director of Training for Canonical. In this phone interview I gleaned a preview of significant changes being made to — The Ubuntu Certified Professional certification (UCP) course — expect to see this announced on Thursday, April 22, 2010.
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, is due to release […]

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx Release Candidate Is Out [See What’s New]

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx Release Candidate is available for download.
There aren’t many visual changes since Beta 2, however we’re going to cover this few changes anyway.
Note: If you’ve installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Alpha, Beta 1 or 2 and kept upgrading, you already have all the changes in this post.
Firstly, the default Humanity icons […]

Appearance Changes: Ubuntu 10.04 vs Ubuntu 9.10

If you’ve been following the Ubuntu 10.04 testing releases you’re probably aware of some significant changes to the appearance of Ubuntu. Among the top changes in question are the new black theme, black/purple gradient background and Mac-style title bar buttons that appear on the left side of the windows. These are just a few of […]

Announcing the Release Candidate for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the Release Candidate for Ubuntu
10.04 LTS (Long-Term Support) Desktop and Server Editions and Ubuntu 10.04
LTS Server for Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) and Amazon’s EC2, as well as
Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition. Codenamed “Lucid Lynx”, 10.04 LTS continues
Ubuntu’s proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source
technologies into […]

Fedora Weekly News 222

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 222[1] for the week ending April 21, 2010. What follows are some highlights from this issue. In project-wide announcements, we have news of a time extension on the Fedora Summer Coding project, a request for comments on a new Fedora contributor agreement to replace the CLA, and the start […]

PrestaShop v.1.3 RC3 is now available!

The final 1.3 version of PrestaShop is getting closer and closer! This v.1.3 RC3 version, third “release candidate”, is aimed at identifying the last bugs present in PrestaShop before the publication of the 1.3 final version. Among the modifications made since last week, we can mention: – Corrections made on the quick access links in […]

MEPIS Releases ISOs for 1GB USB Keys

MEPIS LLC has announced the upload of SimplyMEPIS 8.5 ISOs that will fit on a 1GB USB key. The USB sized ISO files for 32 and 64 bit processors are SimplyMEPIS-USB_8.5.03-rel1_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-USB_8.5.03-rel1_64.iso respectively. Warren Woodford explained: “This build includes the packages that are preloaded in the CD sized ISOs and in addition contains a […]

The lost world of the Xandros desktop

The latest release of the Xandros Linux desktop edition was in June 2006, which is several lifetimes in the history of Linux. Is this the end of the line for the Xandros desktop? Xandros is based, like Ubuntu, on Debian GNU/Linux, the ultimate community distribution of Linux, but lives by a very different ethos. Xandros […]

Firefox 3.6.4 beta isolates crashing plug-ins

The Mozilla developers have released the beta of Firefox 3.6.4, which now includes technology from the Mozilla Lorentz Project. Lorentz plans to bring full process isolation to Firefox, separating web pages and plug-ins from the main browser by running them in their own processes. When a web page or plug-in crashes, with process isolation, the […] Releases Open Source Code

As part of our ongoing effort to develop an open platform for, we’re releasing some of the custom code we’ve developed. This code is available for anyone to review, use, or modify. We’re excited to see how developers across the world put our work to good use in their own applications. By releasing some […]