DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 356

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Feature: Fedora 13 – interview and first look News: Fedora spins galore, RHEL 6 green computing features, Qimo 4 Kids warning, Sabayon 5.3 features, DesktopBSD development update Tutorials: Creating PBI packages for PC-BSD Released last week: Fedora 13, Slackware Linux 13.1, MeeGo 1.0,…. Read more at DistroWatch

PostgreSQL Weekly News – May 31 2010

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – May 31 2010 == PostgreSQL EU Board election results are in. http://blog.hagander.net/archives/169-PostgreSQL-Europe-election-results.html == PostgreSQL Jobs for May == http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-jobs/2010-05/threads.php == PostgreSQL Local == Registration for Open Source Bridge is open and talks are announced! June 1-4, 2010 in Portland, Oregon. http://opensourcebridge.org/events/2010/proposals/ Michael Renner will be speaking at AMOOCON, which goes […]

/etc/passwd file

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/etc/passwd file
The /etc/passwd file is a text file that contains important information about each user in Linux Operating Systems.
Some of this info, is username, UID, GID, shell, home directory, and some other.
From Wikipedia:
The file is named as originally it also contained the data used to verify passwords. However, on modern […]

etc shadow file

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etc shadow file
/etc/shadow file
This files stores passwords in an encrypted mode, in modern Unix-like systems, (later than 1990). Before this date the passwords were stored in the /etc/passwd file.
In the passwd file the passwords were also shadowed, but because any user has access to it, (read permission, only root can […]

Wxcam – Simple webcam application for ubuntu desktop

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Wxcam – Simple webcam application for ubuntu desktop
wxCam is a webcam application for linux. It supports video recording (in an avi uncompressed and Xvid format), snapshot taking, and some special commands for philips webcams, so you can also use the program for astronomy purposes. It supports both video4linux 1 and […]

NVIDIA Issues 256.29 Linux Beta Driver

Last week NVIDIA had released their first 256.xx series Linux driver in the form of the 256.25 Beta release, but as we discovered, it boasted some major performance regressions for a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M and other mobile ASICs. This issue has now been resolved thanks to a new beta release. Read more at Phoronix

Who Really Contributed the High-End Tech to Project Monterey?

Here’s something interesting, a Santa Cruz 8K from October 26, 1998, which consists mostly of two press releases announcing the IBM-SCO joint partnership to do Project Monterey. Guess who would be providing the bulk of the high-end enterprise capabilities and contributing them to UnixWare? Hint: Not SCO. The idea of the project was a single […]

GCC Can Now Be Worked On In C++

The Free Software Foundation and GCC Steering Committee have now decided that it’s okay and permitted to write code for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) within C++. Up to this point, C has been the preferred language for working on GCC. While C++ can now be used within GCC, it’s still to be decided what […]

openSUSE Weekly News 125 is out!

We are pleased to announce: Issue 125 of openSUSE Weekly News is out! [0] [0] http://news.opensuse.org/2010/05/29/opensuse-weekly-news-125-is-out/#more-3355 In this week’s issue: * 1 Editors Note * 2 Announcements o 2.1 openSUSE Build Service 2.0 Beta1 Release Brings New User Interface o 2.2 openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 7: Preparing for RC Phase o 2.3 openSUSE.org Scheduled Outage o […]

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring is coming soon!

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring’s development planning is on track. Latest release helped to fix many bugs and improve quality of your favorite distribution. As explained previously on this blog, Mandriva is in discussions to find new ways to improve means for our distribution, its community and its “place” in Free Software ecosystem. Therefore, our planning […]

KOffice 2.2 Released

By Inge Wallin The KOffice team is very happy to announce version 2.2.0, half a year after the release of KOffice 2.1. This release brings an unprecedented number of new features and bugfixes as can be seen in the full list of changes. There are two reasons for this very high development rate: People has […]

Joomla! 1.5.18 Released

The Joomla Project announces the immediate availability of Joomla 1.5.18 [Wojmamni ama wojnaiki]. This is a security release and also corrects one priority issue in version 1.5.17. The Development Working Group’s goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community. Download Click here to download Joomla 1.5.18 (Full package) » Click […]

Novell Revenues, Linux Business Slide

It’s been a tough quarter quarter for Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL) as questions about its future ownership remain on the table. Novell is also facing pricing pressure on its Linux business as renewals come up on Microsoft’s SUSE Linux Enterprise subscriptions. Novell this week reported its second-quarter fiscal 2010 earnings, showing a decline in revenue, whihc […]

CentOS Goes Commercial

The market for CentOS Linux-based appliances continues growing, thanks in part to a new network-monitoring virtual appliance from GroundWork and commercial support services from OpenLogic. CentOS is a freely available clone of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. Until recently, CentOS users had to rely on the community for support, but that changed in […]

Top 5 Free Linux Distributions for Servers in 2010

proliferating array of Linux distros are baffling even for the seasoned pro’s. That said, the range of choice for open source software is what’s so great. We were looking for top 5 free distributions for servers in 2010. With ceaseless options comparisons are not too easy to draw. In case, you are planning to build […]

Mozilla releases Thunderbird 3.1 RC1

The Mozilla developers have issued a first release candidate for version 3.1 of their open source Thunderbird email and news client, code named “Lanikai”. According to the developers, the development preview is considered to be stable, addressing 57 bugs from the previous beta, and is “intended for developers and members of our testing community to […]

Red Hat exec: Oracle’s not an open source company

It’s been said that Oracle is now the industry’s most powerful open source vendor, but don’t tell that to Red Hat executives, who say Oracle doesn’t even qualify as an open source company. When Oracle bought Sun, controller of Java, MySQL and OpenSolaris, Gartner analyst George Weiss argued that the acquisition made Oracle “the most […]

The Huge Disaster Within The Linux 2.6.35 Kernel

For the past six months we have been monitoring the performance of the very latest Linux kernel code on a daily basis across multiple systems. We have spotted a few regressions — both positive and negative — on occasion using our automated daily testing of the Linux kernel, but nothing like what we have encountered […]

Back In Time : System Restore on Ubuntu

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Back In Time : System Restore on Ubuntu
One of the most treasured features by novice computer users running Windows is the ability to easily roll back their system when trouble arises by using the built-in System Restore GUI. Ubuntu offers the same services to take snapshots of your computer when […]

Protect phpMyAdmin On An ISPConfig 3 Server (Debian)

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Protect phpMyAdmin On An ISPConfig 3 Server (Debian)
With this small howto I explain how to protect your phpmyadmin
installation on your Debian server with ISPConfig3 against hack attempts
as much as possible. I assume that you already have an ISPConfig3
server running on Debian, which has been set up according to this
howto and […]