Ubuntu Control Center 0.3 “UCC” On Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Great tool to get access to main configuration tools, system tool packages also listed in good way to easily access your configurations, Ubuntu Control Center inspired by Mandriva Control Center looks the same to it. Slightly different between Ubuntu a…

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #199

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is Issue #199 for the week June 20th – June 26th and is available here. In this issue we cover: Welcome New Ubuntu Members Kubuntu Tutorials Day Ubuntu Translations Interviews: Milo Casagrande (Italian Team) Meet Steve Kowalik Debian Import Freeze in effect 100 Ubuntu Users Project announcement Ubuntu […]

Dell’s ‘Love Letter’ to Linux: Now You See It, Now You Don’t?

Well, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster ride here in the Linux blogosphere in recent days, thanks to Dell’s proclamation — and then apparent retraction — of its love for Linux. “Ubuntu is safer than Microsoft Windows” read item No. 6 on Dell’s “Top 10 list of things you should know about Ubuntu” as recently the […]

PostgreSQL Weekly News – June 27 2010

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – June 27 2010 == PostgreSQL is looking for quotes for the 9.0 release. If you are excited about one or more 9.0 features, and represent a company, NGO or government, please send your quote about 9.0 to josh@postgresql.org PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extension Network, modelled on CPAN, has begun. http://www.pgxn.org/ == […]

openSUSE Weekly News 129 is out!

We are pleased to announce: Issue 129 of openSUSE Weekly News is out! [0] In this week’s issue: * Michael Löffler: Let’s beat the drum for openSUSE conference 2010 * SUSE Studio: Share your appliances with SUSE Gallery! * The Geek Stuff/Sasikala: 6 Bash Conditional Expression Examples * Dominique Leuenberger: VLC 1.1.0 “The Luggage” went […]

A Five-Way Linux Distribution Comparison In 2010

With many Linux distributions receiving major updates in recent weeks and months we have carried out a five-way Linux distribution comparison of openSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, PCLinuxOS, and Arch Linux . We have quite a number of tests comparing the 32-bit performance of these popular Linux distributions on older PC hardware. Our test system was a […]

Moving to Linux

Several organizations have been successful in moving to Linux. I’d like to discuss this topic again. How do you move an organization to Linux? What’s the process? It’s not as simple as coming in over the weekend, re-installing everyone’s desktops with the latest Linux distro, and hoping things go for the best. You need a […]

Yet Another Robust Quarter for Red Hat

On its last quarterly earnings call, CEO Jim Whitehurst warned that Red Hat, which has lifted the pursuit of selling support for open source software to an art, wanted to lower guidance for analysts going forward. Yesterday afternoon, though, the company reported its first quarter 2011 financial results, which beat expectations. Earnings came in at […]

First Release Candidate for SC 4.5 Ready to Go

In the month since the second beta the KDE community has fixed hundreds of bugs. Development of features has been frozen for a while now and the Software Compilation is at the point where it needs a good testing to shake out the last issues. So if you can spare some time and can help […]

wattOS R2 – released

wattOS R2 is finally done and released. The ISO is being uploaded right now and will be available to download within the next hour. Notes and version info, details, gotcha’s, etc. to follow later today or tomorrow (I am on an airplane). So if you are an early adopter, just know more info will be […]

Peppermint OS One-06172010

We’re proud to offer the second official Peppermint OS respin, featuring a fully updated system as of June 17 and a few other things including bug fixes and new features.  Like any of our version respins, there’s no reason to reinstall unless you just want to, the version you already have installed is being automatically […]

CrunchBang 10 “Statler” Alpha 2

The second alpha release of CrunchBang 10 is now available. The new alpha 2 builds were created on Thursday 24th June 2010 and are in sync with the Debian Squeeze repositories as of that date. Debian Squeeze continues to develop nicely and the Debian developers are doing a fantastic job. Major updates to Squeeze and […]

Sabily 10.04 (Manarat) released

Bismillah Arrahman Arrahim, Assalamo alaykom, The Sabily team is proud to announce the release of new version of Sabily 10.04, codename Manarat. You can download it here: link What’s new: – New “Manarat” pictures and wallpapers – Zekr 0.7.6 – Thawab 3 – New offline recitation: Al-Muaiqly (48kbps) – New parental web control application: nanny […]

Goodbye Ubuntu, it’s been fun — as part of my withdrawal, I’m running Xubuntu … for now anyway

Come and get me, fanboys. I’m a complainer and a whiner (and a joker, a smoker and a midnight toker), but not without reason. (OK, I’m neither smoker nor toker, but it just sounds so right.) Ubuntu, it’s been a nice ride, and I fully support what your doing in terms of spreading the full-custom […]

Docky – Probably The Best Dock Application I have Ever Used in Ubuntu

Docky is an awesome dock application for Ubuntu/Linux. Docky started off as a simple theme for Gnome DO, another popular dock application, and later own became a dock application on its own. Docky is widely regarded as the most user friendly among the …

Canonical Becomes First Associate Member of the Open Invention Network

Canonical became the inaugural entrant in the Open Invention Network’s Associate Member program Tuesday. While the company that created Ubuntu Linux has been a Licensee for the OIN for sometime, the move to Associate Member is a logical one. The OIN’s site describes an Associate Member as such: “Associate Members are recruited from Linux-related companies, […]

How To Install Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 (Final) In Ubuntu

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 was just released featuring faster search, quick filter toolbar, better migration assistant and many other improvements. A complete list of what’s new can be found @ Mozilla’s website. There is no PPA for Ubuntu providing the latest Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 for now and there are no plans to push an update in […]

MoLinux 6.0

MoLinux 6.0 “Zoraida” is a new version of the Ubuntu-based distribution developed by the regional government of Castilla La Mancha in Spain and designed for use in public offices and schools around the region. The release comes with the following enhancements: new login, splash and start screens; new icon theme (GNOME-wise) as well as panel […]

Linux Game Publishing: “We Are Very Much Alive”

Over the night on Phoronix an article was published entitled Is LGP Going The Way Of Loki Software? Linux Game Publishing has been around since 2001 when Loki Software had collapsed, but in recent months LGP has been eerily quiet, has stopped responding to inquiries from customers and other Linux gamers, and their only announced […]

iso-localize: Produce official ISOs in your language

A new command line utility called “iso-localize” is now available. With this tool, users, magazines and communities from various parts of the World can now produce official Linux Mint ISO images in their language and distribute them as such. From a technical point of view, the utility reads from an existing ISO file, downloads the […]