Mozilla releases Fennec 2.0 Alpha 1 for Android & Nokia N900

The Mozilla mobile project developers have announced the arrival of the first alpha for version 2.0 of Firefox for Mobile, also known as ” Fennec”, for the Nokia N900 and various Android devices. The latest mobile versions of Firefox are built on the same browser engine as Firefox 4.0, version 2.0 of the Gecko rendering […]

NVIDIA 256.53 Stable Linux Driver Release

Over the weekend there was a new Linux binary driver release from NVIDIA that was the 256.52 driver in a pre-release state. It didn’t deliver on OpenCL 1.1, Fermi Linux overclocking support, or any other radical features, but it did bring a handful of bug-fixes. Today this driver has been released as stable after being […]

Operating System Support: How Long Does Yours Last?

Key to any operating system buying decision is its lifespan for support and maintenance updates. As it turns out, most of the major operating system vendors offer support lengths that, on the surface, don’t differ radically from each other — though there are exceptions to the rule that IT managers need to keep in mind […]

Open Source Problem-Solving Tool Helps FOSS Teams Stay Focused

If you’ve ever been gridlocked in a group decision-making process, you know how quickly things can go from frustrating to downright unwieldy. Even with a common goal in mind, it’s easy to get bogged down in data and competing opinions. Analysis of Competing Hypothesis (ACH) is an open source application that’s been helping the CIA […]

Corporate America’s Cruel Linux Hoax

Corporate America is playing a cruel joke on Linux desktop. Businesses benefit from free Linux, improving their bottom line on the shoulders of Linux — all the while ignoring (and damaging I think) the Linux desktop. Linux servers toil in back rooms bringing big bucks to companies smart enough to use them. What do these […]

PostgreSQL 9.0 Release Candidate 1

The first release candidate for PostgreSQL 9.0 is now available. Please download and test immediately so that we can move rapidly towards final release. All known bugs should be fixed, so users should promptly report any bugs which they find. Note that, due to a system catalog change, an initdb and database reload will be […]

KDE SC 4.5.1 Released

KDE Software Compilation 4.5.1 Released Today, KDE updated the Applications, Platform and Plasma Workspaces to 4.5.1, a new releases bringing a number of important bugfixes on top of 4.5.0. 4.5.0 was released only three weeks ago and receives monthly service updates. 4.5.1 is the first in this series of bugfix and translation updates. Those releases […]

Debian Project mourns the loss of Frans Pop

Debian Project mourns the loss of Frans Pop The Debian Project has lost a member of its community. Frans Pop (fjp) died on August 20th. Frans was involved in Debian as a maintainer of several packages, a supporter of the S/390 port, and one of the most involved members of the Debian Installer team. He […]

PostgreSQL Weekly News – August 29 2010

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – August 29 2010 == PostgreSQL 9.0 RC1 out soon. The more you test, the sooner 9.0.0 comes out! == PostgreSQL Product News == AnyDAC v 4.0.1, a toolkit for Delphi, released. CSV Loader 2.1, a Java tool that loads and merges CSV files into PostgreSQL, released. pgpool-II […]

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 369

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: Under these rocks and stones News: OpenSolaris governing board resigns, Illumos, Mandriva 2010.1 “Xfce Live”, Ubuntu 10.10 proposed wallpaper Questions and answers: Sharing files on home network Released last week: Linux Mint 9 “Xfce”, Chakra GNU/Linux 0.2.0, ArtistX 0.9 Upcoming releases: Zentyal…. Read more at DistroWatch

AMD says goodbye to the ATI brand

Advanced Micro Devices on Monday said it will remove the ATI name from its products by the end of the year, killing a brand name synonymous with graphics enthusiasts for 25 years. AMD offers a range of graphics products under the ATI brand, including the Radeon, FirePro and Eyefinity offerings. The chip designer will instead […]

Google cancels JavaOne participation

Google has announced that it will not be attending Oracle organised JavaOne conference because of the Oracle’s lawsuit which claims Google has infringed patents and copyright in developing Android’s Dalvik virtual machine. Joshua Bloch of Google’s Open Source Programs Office said that “Oracle’s recent lawsuit against Google and open source has made it impossible for […]

The United Kingdom Switches to Drupal and Releases Source Code

In the United States, the White House has led the march towards open source and free software by switching the website to the Drupal content management system. The government of the United Kingdom has decided to follow their lead. acts as a central information repository for many of the UK’s government agencies. The […]

Google scoops up fifth company this month

Google has made its fifth acquisition since the start of August, this time scooping up SocialDeck, a company that develops games that people can play against friends using iPhones, BlackBerry devices, or via Facebook on a PC. Most of Google’s recent acquisitions have been related to social networking and games, fueling speculation that the company […]

Skype launches Skype Connect for businesses

Skype has launched a Session Initiation Protocol-based voice service for businesses that integrates free and low-cost calling into corporate IP PBXs, providing an opportunity to add voice features to corporate Web sites and to cut back on some phone expenses. Skype Connect can enable Web site call buttons that connect visitors to corporate employees who […]

Meet Apertus – A Project Aimed at Building an Open Source Cinema Camera

“Your mother was right, it’s better to share”, that’s the tagline of one of those awesome RedHat commercials that we featured some time ago. The idea of sharing is infectious and is fast spreading. Take Apertus for example, a project aimed at building an Cinema Camera based on the idea of sharing and mutual respect(read […]

27 good reasons to love Linux (part 1)

Operating system not pay $ 400 The operating system is the set of programs responsible for the management and control of basic computer operations. A computer to function, it needs an operating system (there are several: Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. ..). If you take away the operating system, the computer serves only as an ornament. […]

Software Freedom Law Center to Open India Branch

The Software Freedom Law Center has plans for for a new international organization in New Dehli, India, expanding the SFLC’s reach and mission of promoting FLOSS on a global scale. Mishi Choudhary will oversee the SFLC’s New Dehli office. Miss Choundhary has worked the SFLC in India and the US and was the inaugural recipient […]

Chocolate Doom 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 of Chocolate Doom was released recently; the project aims to replicate the behavior of the original DOS DOOM releases. I’m a bit of a DOOM purist, so this is the source port I use when I want to play single player. Moreover, developer Simon Howard was interviewed by about the game: Simon: […]

Gates Foundation Joins Microsoft and Attacks Free Software in Greece

In the troubled economy of Europe Bill Gates and Microsoft try to make the population more Redmond dependent and in the United States too the Gates Foundation shapes (changes) public library policies WHAT clearly contributed to financial problems in Greece was Microsoft dependency and outrageous deals with this monopolist. A couple of years ago Bill […]