Schedule Your Emails With Boomerang For Gmail + We Got Invites

New tutorial added to HowtoMatrix database. Schedule Your Emails With Boomerang For Gmail + We Got Invites I have been an avid Gmail user since the first day it launched. I like the way that it integrates my calendar, tasks, contacts all in one place and allows me to manage multiple email accounts simultaneously. I […]

The Chzo Mythos Gets An Update

The Chzo Mythos gets an update; 1213 and Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment are released for Linux After receiving a generous amount of feedback, I have created an updated build of The Chzo Mythos. Changes included revised documentation as well as the inclusion of libraries, ,, and . This […]

How Much Does Linux Need the Desktop?

Does the true future of Linux on computing devices lie outside of desktop computers? It’s no secret that on the desktop Linux has held steady at only about one percent market share for many years, and that has caused many pundits to proclaim that it will never be a truly meaningful player on the desktop—especially […]

Translations: The User Guide

The Linux Mint 9 User Guide is now available in the following languages: English French Chinese Previous versions of the guide are also available in the following languages: Italian ( version 8 ) Bengali ( version 8 ) Portuguese/Brazil ( version 7 ) German ( version 6 ) Russian ( version 5 ) Greek ( […]

Zentyal 2.0-rc2 released!

Hi Zentyal users, The development team of Zentyal (formerly eBox Platform), the Linux small business server, is glad to announce the availability of a new 2.0-rc2 installer. This is going to be the last release candidate before the final 2.0 version. There is an important change in the way you log into Zentyal on this […]

Firefox 4: One generation ahead of everyone else speedwise

Mozilla’s Chris Blizzard in an interview about the rising competition by Google Chrome, the evolution of the web platform and the prospects for WebM Over the last few years Firefox enjoyed the role of the rising star in the browser world. Nowadays Google Chrome seems to have taken that very spot, currently even grabbing some […]

Og returns with a new batch of stable kernels

Fever-induced dreams of Og—evidently the result of consuming salmonella-infused eggs—mark the release of multiple new stable kernels. Og’s alter-ego, Greg Kroah-Hartman, has released the (“Og wondered about these people, constantly relying on the old kernels to save them for another day”), (“Some people dressed in odd clothes, red swirls, green lizards on their […]

Google polishes Chrome tablet

HTC and Google in apparent alliance to launch Chrome-based tablet later this year More details are emerging of a Chrome-based tablet PC expected to be launched by Google before Christmas. The tablet PC is expected to run Google’s Chrome operating system and will be manufactured by HTC. To date Chrome OS, a web-focused operating system, […]

Access Thousands of Free Movies with New Version of Boxee Beta

Open source media center application Boxee released a new version of its software today that now includes a new Movie Library that offers thousands of free movies from several streaming content Web sites. The team also reorganized the settings screen to make it more user friendly, added support for Google Buzz, and included an offline […]

How You Can Help Patent Attorneys Help Free Software

I would like everyone to watch tridge’s talk [.ogv] [mp3] on patents and how engineers can interact efficiently with patent lawyers, to get your knowledge across to them. More formats are linked from End Software Patents, if you prefer audio only. Focus, please, also on what he’s learned about patents, how to invalidate them in […]

PlayOnLinux 3.8 is available

Hi everybody! PlayOnLinux 3.8 is now out! A lot of bugs have been fixed – Fixed Bug #22, – Ukranian file should be called uk.po instead ua.po, – PlayOnLinux can no longer run in it’s own environement, – The program does not alert the user that 3D acceleration is not present when mesa-utils packet is […]

Free-Source 3D Engine And Framework PixelLight Released !

PixelLight is a free source, cross platform 3D engine and framework released under LGPL3 and GPL3 licenses. About PixelLight is a cross-platform application framework for any kind of 3D applications like games, interactive simulations or visualizations. It’s based on a highly flexible scene graph system that allows you to compose and visualize any type of […]

Some more (L)GPL strategy game love

Ok, quick update before too much dust gathers around here Just yesterday I stumbled upon this gem of a strategy game over at LGDB: They call that simple bot??? Its name is Quantum, as some of you might have guessed it is a clone of Dyson/Eufloria. But the game is quite mesmerizing with the strange […]

Ubuntu One taking care of Windows users … not so much users of other Linux distributions

A look at the roadmap for Ubuntu One reveals the following feature planned for Maverick: Windows file sync * Addresses the needs of the many Ubuntu users who operate in a mixed platform environment of Ubuntu + Windows * Will support syncing files between Windows desktops and your Ubuntu One personal cloud Read more at […]

Making Ubuntu look like Windows 7

Although it won’t help Linux run Windows-specific software applications, this easy hack produces an Ubuntu desktop that looks and feels a lot like Windows 7. It’s particularly suitable for reviving older PCs or laptops on which the main activities will be web-browsing, email, document writing, and streaming music and videos from Pandora, YouTube, and elsewhere […]

Ubuntu 10.10 New Default Wallpaper Revealed, Updated Community Wallpapers And Light Themes

The new Ubuntu 10.10 default wallpaper came in an update today and looks… well, take a look for yourself:

The community wallpapers were also updated and they now include the wallpapers from the community contest:

Read and look more at WebU…

Debian Project News – August 26th, 2010

Welcome to this year’s tenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Debian turns 17 * Screenshots * Some bits from ARM porters * Join the DebConf Team * Progress of the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD port * Bits from the MIA team * … and much […]

11 Apache Technologies for the Enterprise

The Apache Software Foundation, best known for the self-named popular open source Web server, has a variety of other technology that can help enterprises with databases, search, development, and more. Here’s an overview of the best. Now more than 10 years old, the Apache Software Foundation has become a repository of some of the most […]

Zenwalk Live 6.4 is ready!

Zenwalk Live 6.4 is ready! I am happy to announce Zenwalk Live 6.4, which will allow more people to discover the fastness and simplicity of Zenwalk without having to install it first. It’s consisting of standard Zenwalk ISO packages following the main Zenwalk release with same set of applications, latest XFCE desktop, and so on… […]

Fedora Weekly News 240

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 240[1] for the week ending August 25, 2010. What follows are some highlights from this issue. This issue begins with announcements from the Project, including details on the availability of Fedora 14 alpha, some orphaned packages in Fedora 14, and news of various outages. In news from the Fedora […]