FreeBSD 8.1 CDs/DVDs Now Shipping from FreeBSDMall

FreeBSD Mall, Inc. is happy to announce the availability of FreeBSD 8.1-based products. The four CD set and DVD are now shipping to subscribers around the world. If you haven’t yet placed your order, you may do so at You may also elect to start your subscription with the latest release. In addition to […]

Bossie Awards 2010: The best open source software of the year

It is now roughly 40-plus years since Richard Stallman released his text editor with the words “Emacs General Public License” in the documentation and 20 some years since the world first saw the phrase “GNU General Public License.” Back in those days, finding the best open source software was relatively simple. There was Emacs, and […]

Python 2.6.6 released

Hello fellow Pythoneers and Pythonistas, I’m very happy to announce the release of Python 2.6.6. A truly impressive number of bugs have been fixed since Python 2.6.5. Source code and Windows installers for Python 2.6.6 are now available here: The full details of everything that’s changed is available in the NEWS file: Python […]

Google’s 6th Summer of Code wraps up

Google has officially ended its sixth annual Google Sumer of Code (GSoC) event. Each year Google seeks students and mentors from the FLOSS community to take part in it’s annual GSoC event, which takes place over a period of three months. This year more than 2,000 mentors and over 1,000 students from almost 70 countries […]

Oracle takes over JavaOne conference

Next month’s revamped JavaOne conference, the first under Oracle’s jurisdiction, will feature a keynote presentation from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, as well as the latest on Java technologies ranging from the GlassFish application server to the JavaFX rich media platform. Ellison will take the stage Sept. 20 in San Francisco to discuss Oracle’s vision and […]

Debian: Yesterday’s Distribution?

The latest Debian Project News recently announced a code freeze in preparation for a new release by the end of 2010. It’s a sign of the times that the news went mostly unreported. Which makes me wonder: What is Debian’s role today? There’s no doubt that, in most people’s minds, Debian no longer occupies the […]

Firefox 4 Beta Weaves In Sync, Better Tab Management

Mozilla is out with a new beta version of Firefox 4, which is a major upgrade to the browser. You can download the update now, and Mozilla’s Mike Beltzner has a good post up about it on The Mozilla Blog. The new release fully incorporates Sync, which is functionality long found in Mozilla’s Weave project, […]

Make Cool Interactive Maps with Polymaps

Whether you want to display an interactive map of local farmers’ markets on your blog or you’re trying to put together a clickable map displaying branch offices on your corporate Web site, there’s a good chance Polymaps can help you get the job done. It’s a free, open source JavaScript library for making dynamic maps […]

Microsoft Open Source Strategy is Upside Down.

Warnings: * This article represents my point of view. You may think whatever you want. * My native language it is not English. Last April (April-29-2010) there was a local event in Ecuador organized by AESoft, the Ecuadorian Software association. This event was names “Integrated Technologies” and was sponsored by Microsoft, CodePlex, Port25 and The […]

Back to School With Ubuntu?

Earlier today, ZaReason sent me a group email offering back-to-school specials on Ubuntu-based computers. I receive similar special offers from System 76 from time to time. Going forward, I hope Canonical finds a way to turn up the volume on these third-party Ubuntu system promotions. Here’s why. And here’s how. Consider the situation in the […]

Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha: Slouching Toward Ubuntu GNOME

Ubuntu 10.10, codenamed Maverick Meerkat, is still two months from its final release. However, if the first alpha and the forecasts about it are an accurate indication, the release is already taking on a character all its own. Specifically, Maverick may be the release in which the Ubuntu version of GNOME differs from generic GNOME […]

Allison Randal appointed Technical Architect of Ubuntu

Allison Randal has been appointed Technical Architect of Ubuntu at Canonical by Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth. Randal is known for her work as an architect of the Parrot virtual machine and chairman of the Parrot Foundation and is a board member of the Perl and Python Foundations. She announced her new position in a blog […]

5 Short Yet Beautiful Ubuntu Ads For Your Inspiration

Ubuntu is already the most popular Linux distribution and probably the first ever Linux distro to overshoot popularity of Linux itself. Now, what Ubuntu needs is a lot of promotional activism from the community. Here is a few Ubuntu adverts from YouTube that I hope will inspire designers among you to get up and start […]

Joomla 1.6 Beta 8 Now Available

The Joomla Project is proud to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 1.6 beta 8 (download). IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a beta version and is not intended to run any type of production site. It is intended to be used for evaluation purposes only. Since the Joomla 1.6 beta 7 release on August 9, we […]

The Inkscape Community Announces 0.48 Release

After 9 months of development, Inkscape 0.48 is out. This version of the SVG-based vector graphics editor brings a new Spray tool, multipath editing, superscripts and subscripts in text, as well as numeric control of text kerning, tracking, rotation and more, several new extensions for web developers and first take at adaptive user interface. Check […]

North Korea Linux (Red Star OS)

Somebody on Reddit posted a link to a Russian forum. I popped over there, registered and was able to download a copy of North Korea’s version of Linux, called Red Star OS. If you aren’t familiar with North Korea, be sure to watch the Vice Guide to North Korea. It’s entertaining and also quite creepy […]

SeaMonkey 2.1 Alpha 3 Available

SeaMonkey 2.1 Alpha 3 marks a third preview milestone on the way to the future of Mozilla’s SeaMonkey Internet suite and is now available for free download. Please note that this pre-release version is still intended for developers and testers only. As always, we appreciate any feedback you may have and encourage users to help […]

Linux Market Share

In the course of a normal work day I take several little breaks to check the news. On my list of news sites are Slashdot, Linux Journal and Linux Today. Frequently I see something that gives me an idea for an article. Sometimes I even find an article on a topic that I was planning […]

Red Hat: Will SAP Acquire Linux Leader?

Rumors are swirling that SAP may acquire Red Hat. But does it make sense for SAP — the German software giant — to open its wallet and buy Red Hat, which is pushing beyond Linux to promote open source middleware and virtualization? The VAR Guy’s answer: A potential SAP-Red Hat combo makes sense. Here’s why. […]

KDE e.V. Publishes Quarterly Report for Q2 2010

KDE e.V., the organisation supporting KDE has published the quarterly report for the second quarter of 2010. The report covers many KDE events held all over the world, such as the Brazilian Akademy-BR, which was held this year for the first time. Akademy-ES, the Spanish KDE conference is another topic of the report. The report […]