Fedora Weekly News 245

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 245[1] for the week ending September 29, 2010. What follows are some highlights from this issue. Our issue starts with announcements from the Project, providing much detail on the release of Fedora 14 beta. In news from the Fedora Planet, details on how FUDCon sponsorships work, new features in […]

Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 5.4 GNOME and KDE

The best, refined blend of GNU/Linux, coming with bleeding edge edges is eventually here! Say hello to Sabayon Five-point-Fourhh, available in both GNOME and KDE editions! Dedicated to those who like cutting edge stability, out of the box experience, outstanding Desktop performance, clean and beauty. Sabayon 5.4 will catch you, anything that could have been […]

Sure Enough, the OpenOffice Community Is Seeking Independence from Oracle

In the wake of Oracle’s lawsuit against Google involving its handling of aspects of Java, we already asked the logical question: “Is OpenOffice Next in Oracle’s Proprietary Plan?” As we noted in that post, after the Java brouhaha and Oracle’s still fairly recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems–long the steward of OpenOffice–“the OpenOffice suite of open […]

DWG CAD on Linux – Ares Commander Commercial Release

Last week I wrote about Ares and Draftsight, and how they where close to go full comercial (Ares only, Draftsight will be free as Mac and Win released versions), so this is it…. So, since 18 Set., what happened here? Let’s go back a few days, and: 22 September – I found out that Draftsight […]

Tiki Wiki closes critical security hole in recent releases

A critical security hole and other security issues have been addressed in Tiki Wiki CMS 5.2 and 3.7 LTS with the release of 5.3 and 3.8 LTS versions. The updates are “highly recommended” to remedy the problems found by John Leitch; further details of the issues have not been revealed. Versions 5.2 and 3.7 LTS […]

10 Killer Firefox Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Firefox browser is the wealth of downloadable add-ons, and the customization options available via the about:config hacks. However, there are some tidy tricks you can employ from within the “as is” browser that can greatly improve your web surfing experience. These simple but powerful tips and […]

Autokey: Make Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts In Linux

Few days ago, we discussed the usefulness of Spark and how it enables you to create custom shortcut keys in Mac. Alternatively, in Windows, we can use the popular AutoHotKey to create custom shortcuts. So what about Linux? Autokey is probably the best answer. AutoKey is a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11. It […]

Linux Mint: the tastier Ubuntu

Launched in October of 2004, Linux Mint has rapidly emerged as one of the most popular desktop Linux distributions. In this review, LinuxTrends takes a look at the latest Linux Mint release and finds it to be preferable to Ubuntu (on which it’s based) in several significant ways. Linux Mint’s website claims Mint to be […]

Synaptic Package Manager Beginners Guide For Ubuntu Users

Synaptic is a graphical user interface (GUI) for managing software packages on Debian-based distributions. If you are using Debian or Ubuntu you will easily find Synaptic in the System Tools menu or in the Administration menu. Synaptic uses the GTK graphic libraries . So, if you are using GNOME on your debian-based distro you will […]

Kubuntu 10.10 (Maverick ) Release Candidate released and download link included

It is almost that time! The next version of Kubuntu 10.10, the Maverick Meerkat, is almost upon us. In preparation for the October 10th release, we are offering users the Release Candidate. This version is appropriate for testing fresh installations and upgrades. As an RC, we are encouraging people to try installing or upgrading to […]

Ubuntu 10.10 ‘Maverick Meerkat’ Release Candidate is Available Now, Complete Review

Ubuntu 10.10 codenamed ‘Maverick Meerkat’ just reached to Release Candidate version. The final version will be released on October, 10. I have been testing Ubuntu 10.10 from 2nd Alpha onwards. The development have been going at fast pace with constant addition of new features and bug fixes. The new version has become a lot more […]

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Release Candidate Is Out – See What’s New!

Ubuntu 10.10 Release Candidate has just been released. There aren’t too many visual changes since the beta version (most of the visual changes happened before the beta so see THIS post), but there are a few things worth mentioning. Read on to see what’s new in Ubuntu 10.10 Release Candidate (since Ubuntu 10.10 beta)! Ubuntu […]

Celebrating the release of GNOME 2.32!

====================================== Celebrating the release of GNOME 2.32! ====================================== Today, the GNOME Project celebrates the release of GNOME 2.32, the latest version of the popular, multi-platform free desktop environment and of its developer platform. Released on schedule, to the day, GNOME 2.32 builds on top of a long series of successful six months releases to offer […]

Zen Cart v1.3.9g — Released!

What’s New In v1.3.9g: Download available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zencart/files/ Contains new Security Fixes Updates include: CHANGE-74 – Security: Fix LFI/FD threat CHANGE-74 – Security: Fix bSQLi vulnerability CHANGE-74 – Security: Fix multiple XSS vulnerabilities BUGSFORUM-1514 – Added admin warning page to prevent admin use if admin folder hasn’t been renamed. (For XSS prevention and other security […]

Best of Proposed Mageia Logo

The Mageia project is a fork of Mandriva Linux. It is a brand new project, announced on September 18, 2010. There is an ongoing discussion about different aspects of the project, and one of those discussion revolves around the project’s logo. There have been some very good and some not so good logos proposed by […]

Stable kernel

The stable kernel update is available. This update, which was released on-stage at LinuxCon Tokyo, contains a single fix for a typo in a previous patch to the Xen code; only Xen users will need to upgrade. Read more at LWN.net

LibreOffice – What it means to End Users

Open Office has been the defacto standard for open source productivity suites for some time now. It provides a high quality, free alternative to Microsoft’s costly Office software and is completely cross-platform. As with many of the larger open source projects Open Office has had a corporate backer for the last ten years, up until […]

Ten Essential Linux Admin Tools

System Administrators (SAs) need a set of tools with which to manage their often unmanageable systems and environments*. These ten essential Linux administration tools provide excellent support for the weary SA. Those listed aren’t your standard list of tools deemed essential by industry bystanders. These are tools that have proven track records and have stood […]

How will GNOME 3.0 be Received?

It could go either way. After a week of using GNOME Shell, the preview of GNOME 3.0, on Fedora 13, that is the closest I can come to a prediction about how GNOME’s new desktop will be received when it is officially released in the spring of 2011. On the one hand, GNOME Shell is […]

Windows users face as many choices as Linux users

A while ago, Graham Morrison wrote: “The trouble with Linux: there’s too much choice”. Implicitly, the article refers to “more choice than with Windows”. The article led to reactions from Carla Schroeder [1], Caitlyn Martin [2], Alastair Otter [3] and Ron Miller [4]. While the articles provided for an interesting discussion, none of them addressed […]