Future Ubuntu Releases Will be Shipped With LibreOffice, Says Mark Shuttleworth

OpenOffice’s future was doomed from the day when Oracle acquired SUN Microsystems. The eventuality became even more obvious when they pulled the plug on OpenSolaris. Thankfully, OpenOffice is an open source software and leading contributors of the original project has forked OpenOffice and the new project will be called LibreOffice. The Document Foundation OpenOffice development […]

Ubuntu Gamer

After a low-key start, the boys have publicly declared the new Ubuntu Gamer site open for business. You will know Ed Hewitt‘s work from Full Circle’s Ubuntu Games column and from the Full Circle Podcast, whilst Tommy Brun is himself a game developer. So, why should you visit Ubuntu Gamer? Well, they have… The latest gaming […]

Dell Servers Certified to Run Ubuntu Server Edition

It’s a small step for Dell and symbolic victory for Ubuntu Server Edition, Canonical’s Linux distribution. Specifically, selected Dell PowerEdge servers are now certified to run Ubuntu Server Edition. Does that mean Dell is shifting away from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell SUSE Linux? And what are the implications for Linux channel partners? Hmmm… […]

vtiger CRM 5.2.0 Released

Hi All, We are glad to announce the availability of vtiger CRM 5.2.0 today. This release addresses more than 50 features/enhancements and around 350 bug fixes along with performance improvements. We would like to thank all those in the community who have reported issues and provided feedback during the validation phase in the last 4 months. We appreciate your patience […]

ZFS creator leaves Oracle

Jeff Bonwick has left Oracle to begin an start-up business. Bonwick, who lead the team that developed the ZFS file system, announced his future plans in a blog posting. After twenty years at Sun, now part of Oracle, he said he decided to try something new after recently identifying an opportunity to create a start-up. […]

Estonian Government publishes open source policy

According to a report on osor.eu, the Open Source Observatory, the government of Estonia has published its policy on open source software. Estonia plans to recommend use of the EUPL for code developed or funded by Estonian public administrations and plans to create a software forge for this software. The open source policy is a […]

A New ATI X.Org Driver Has Been Released

While most of the exciting action for open-source graphics now occurs within the Linux kernel for the DRM and KMS and there is all the work being poured into the 3D side via classic Mesa and Gallium3D drivers, the DDX drivers continue to play a role for 2D acceleration and other X.Org features. AMD’s Alex […]

Open Source Databases Have Come of Age

When the Internet and World Wide Web finally went mainstream in the mid-1990s, new Unix-like operating systems running on PCs went mainstream too. Developers working on these systems had access to a wide range of development tools, but these platforms didn’t initially offer anything like the mature, SQL-based and 4GL-based database frameworks common on traditional […]

LibreOffice is Born!

A new foundation, The Document Foundation, has been established to develop and extend OpenOffice.org into a truly free, independent, community supported office suite, called LibreOffice. From the mission statement: Our mission is to facilitate the evolution of the OpenOffice.org Community into a new open, independent, and meritocratic organizational structure within the next few months. An […]

A Big Bag of 60 Great Open Source Development Tools

If you’re looking for good open source developer tools, you literally have thousands to choose from. For this list, we focused on 60 of the best and most well known. Rather than trying to rank them, we’ve arranged them into categories and listed them in alphabetical order. That said, we’re sure to have left off […]

WordPress Becomes Default Blogging Platform in Windows Live

Windows Live and WordPress.com are partnering to make WordPress the default blogging platform in Windows Live. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt Dharmesh Mehta, director of Windows Live product management made the announcement, which moves away from Windows Live Spaces, the current blogging platform. The move to WordPress instantly gives the open source blogging CMS an additional […]

The eternal antitrust case: Microsoft versus the world

“The worst thing that could come of this is I could fall down the steps of the FTC building, hit my head and kill myself,” quipped Microsoft Chairman William H. Gates in 1992, as the Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation of his company. But nobody joked on the third day of April, 2000, as […]

Linux Mint 7 Gloria to reach end of life

Linux Mint 7 Gloria will reach end of life on October 23, 2010. This release was based on Ubuntu 9.04 which is planned to reach end-of-life at the same date. Repositories will remain open for another while but no more updates or security fixes will be made available. Users of Linux Mint 7 Gloria are […]

Announcing the release of Fedora 14 Beta!!

Mark your calendars, and get ready to break out and have some fun: Fedora 14 will launch in early November. Fedora is the leading-edge, community- developed, free and open source operating system that continues to deliver innovative features to users worldwide, with a new release every six months. But… what’s that, you say? November is […]

OpenOffice.org Community announces The Document Foundation

OpenOffice.org Community announces The Document Foundation The community of volunteers developing and promoting OpenOffice.org sets up an independent Foundation to drive the further growth of the project The Internet, September 28, 2010 – The community of volunteers who develop and promote OpenOffice.org, the leading free office software, announce a major change in the project’s structure. […]

ISPConfig 3.0.3 RC1 ready for testing

The release candidate 1 (RC1) version of the upcoming ISPConfig 3.0.3 is available for download. This version is feature complete and will be released as final if no major bugs were found. RC versions are released for testing purposes, it is not recommended to use them on production systems. Changelog http://bugtracker.ispconfig.org/index.php?do=index&tasks=&project=3&due=28&status[]= Download http://www.ispconfig.org/downloads/ISPConfig-3.0.3-rc1.tar.gz Update instructions […]

PrestaShop is a finalist in the Best E-Commerce Application category at the Open-Source Awards!

Thank you all for your votes! Thanks to you, PrestaShop is selected among the finalists in the Open-Source E-Commerce Applications category at the Open-Source Awards, an annual event organized by Packt Publishing. Prepare yourself to vote for this second and final stage of these Awards! You too, support PrestaShop to see your favorite e-commerce project […]

Bunker Session from GigaOM: The Open Source Enterprise

On the morning of Sept. 29, around 75 entrepreneurs, executives and investors will gather at the GigaOM offices in San Francisco to engage in a town hall-style forum. The topic of discussion will be to consider when IT applications and infrasructure based on open source will realistically form the complete IT delivery chain. Free, open-source […]

Open Source: OpenERP Takes Channel Partner Program Global

Open source isn’t anything new in the channel. But an open source ERP suite provided by a 100% channel company that offers its resellers 90% margins across the board? That’s got The VAR Guy’s interest. And now OpenERP has announced they’ve signed up partners in 17 new countries — and opened their first US outpost […]

Linux networking made easy

Ten years ago, most of us thought we would be able to live a full and happy life without worrying about whether we were getting maximum throughput across our networks, or whether the point-to-point latency on our machines would preclude us from popular gaming. But things have changed. Televisions, games consoles and Linux machines all […]