Canonical Proposes Major Changes to Ubuntu Desktop Edition

The latest Ubuntu Developer Summit has only just begun, but Canonical has already announced objectives for the next Ubuntu release that could drastically alter the look and focus of millions of Linux desktops around the world. Here are the details, along with some thoughts on how this news affects the rest of the open-source ecosystem. […]

Ubuntu Aims for Linux Desktop Unity

The next release of Ubuntu Linux could have a very different interface than regular Linux desktop users are used to seeing. Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth today announced that the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwal release would use the Unity interface as its default Linux desktop shell. To date, Unity has been available to Ubuntu users as […]

A Peek Into The X.Org Stack For Ubuntu 11.04

The general X.Org planning summit for Ubuntu 11.04 just ended at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando. Here’s a few key highlights from this hour-long discussion about the make-up of the X.Org / graphics stack for the Natty Narwhal release due for release in April. X Server: It’s a toss-up at this point whether X.Org […]

Compiz Will Find It’s Way Into Ubuntu Unity, Awesome!

Compiz 0.9.2 was revealed recently with a number of major improvements, new features and even new plugins. But the future of Compiz became uncertain since both Gnome with its GNOME Shell and KDE with its new KWin has decided to go forward with the new integrated desktop approach. But hold on, Compiz might just become […]

What’s Next for Ubuntu?

One of the reasons Ubuntu developers gather at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) is to figure out what the next version of their Linux distribution should be about. At the Natty UDS currently underway in Florida, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has provided a new desktop direction with a move to the Unity shell, instead of […]

Ubuntu drops GNOME in favor of homegrown Unity UI

The “Unity” user interface that debuted in Ubuntu 10.10′s Netbook Edition will be standard on the next version of the Ubuntu Desktop Edition as well. Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 will replace the Linux distribution’s default GNOME desktop environment in favor of the multitouch-enabled Unity interface, says Ubuntu sponsor Canonical. Making the announcement at a keynote Oct. […]

Microsoft’s Pressure for Software Patents in Europe Carries On

Microsoft keeps pressuring Europe to give up its sovereignty and restrict the use of Free/libre software for newly-conceived legal reasons (European parliament photographed above) ON the heels of FFII actions and FSFE-BSA stand-offs [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] the FSFE’s head Karsten Gerloff writes to rant about software patents at WIPO […]

Zentyal Desktop 0.1 published (first alpha version)

Hi Zentyal users, As we have already mentioned, we’ve been working on Zentyal Desktop and we’re now glad to announce the availability of the first alpha version! Zentyal Desktop is an Ubuntu package intended to be installed on the desktop clients (workstations) of a network managed by Zentyal Server. It offers authentication against Zentyal LDAP […]

Fedora 15 release name voting information

The time has come to vote for the release name for Fedora 15. The Fedora community has submitted quite a few suggestions for the Fedora 15 release name, and that list has been narrowed down to the final five candidates. Now you can vote on these names and assist in the final selection for the […]

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 377

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: Introducing PiTiVi News: RHEL hits release candidate status, Fedora 14 features, understanding Debian release process, Linux Mint 10 look and feel Questions and answers: Virtual Machine options Upcoming releases: OpenBSD 4.8, DragonFly BSD 2.8 Released last week: Ultimate Edition 2.8, LinEx 2010…. Read more at DistroWatch

OpenOffice Council Shows LibreOffice Fans the Door

With all the Oracle-related antics going on this fall, it seems safe to say that those of us in the FOSS community haven’t really needed to watch much TV. After all, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve dropped our jaws in amazement, all just by observing the drama going on right around us with regard to […]

With Open Source Bug Bounties, 12-Year Olds Can Win Too

We’ve written before about bug bounties–cash prizes offered by open source communities to anyone who finds key software bugs–ranging from FOSS Factory’s bounty programs to the bounties that both Google (for the Chrome browser) and Mozilla offer. As we’ve noted, commercial companies focused on open source and open source communities at large can benefit from […]

5 Myths About / LibreOffice

Most free software accumulates myths. Most people only know about it second hand (if at all), but few are slowed by the fact that they don’t know what they are talking about. As a large desktop application that is also cross-platform, (or should I say LibreOffice?) seems to have attracted more myths than most. […]

Linux Root Access Vulnerabilities

US-CERT is aware of public reports of multiple vulnerabilities affecting Linux. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to access the system with root or “superuser” privileges. The first of these vulnerabilities is due to a flaw in the implementation of the Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) protocol in Linux kernel versions 2.6.30 through 2.6.36-rc8. […]

Compiz Brings New Eye Candy to You and Ubuntu

A mere four months since the 0.9.0 release, which was the first release in quite a while, Compiz developers brought out version 0.9.2. Sam Spilsbury, developer of Compiz, announced this release on the Compiz mailing list as well as his personal blog on Sunday, October 24. This release brought a few new features and lots […]

Unity Confirmed As The Default Desktop Interface For Ubuntu 11.04, New Icon Theme Should Be Ready By 12.04

The UDS-N (Ubuntu Developer Summit – Natty Narwhal) started today and Mark Shuttleworth already announced that Unity will be default for Ubuntu 11.04 desktop: “11.04 will have Unity as the default desktop for new users” – via popey I’m not exactly sure what “new users” refers to, but it might mean that those who will […]

Ubuntu moves away from GNOME

Earlier this year, Canonical representatives had to deny that they were forking GNOME with the work on the Unity interface. (Quick disclaimer, I’m a GNOME Member and help out with GNOME PR.) Unity is a Canonical-sponsored project that was initially delivered for the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. GNOME Shell is the interface being developed for GNOME […]

Linux Virtualization Performance Of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Through Ubuntu 10.10

Earlier this month we delivered Ubuntu 10.10 benchmarks from some different hardware comparing the performance of this “Maverick Meerkat” release to that of Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04.1 LTS. The results were interesting, but since then we have had the time to complete additional tests. In this benchmarking roundabout, we decided to see how the performance […]

Warzone 2100 3.0-beta 1 is released!

The Warzone 2100 Project staff bring you 3.0-beta 1! Please submit all bugs via this link, and follow the directions listed at the link, we need every bit of that information in order to fix bugs! NOTE: the command line arguments need a “=” between parameters now. For example: –mod_mp=blah Changelog will follow as soon […]

0 A.D. Alpha 2 Bellerophon

Wildfire Games proudly announces the release of “0 A.D. Alpha 2 Bellerophon”, the second alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source game of ancient warfare. This release comes with victory conditions, fog of war, formations, a new in-game GUI and many other features that make 0 A.D. feel more like a real RTS than […]