Quick Look: Super OS 10.10

I just finished reading a fun and interesting book about Superman and his struggles with Hollywood. So I thought it fitting that I write one of this week’s Quick Looks about Super OS 10.10. No, Super OS is not from the planet Krypton and it’s not vulnerable to Kryptonite. It’s an Ubuntu remaster that takes […]

Ubuntu 11.04 ‘Natty Narwhal’ Will Have Unity as Default Desktop Environment

Mark just announced at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando that we will be shipping the Unity environment in the Ubuntu desktop edition. Unity is the environment we shipped on the Ubuntu Netbook Edition for the first time in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, and users and OEMs have been enjoying the experience. It is an […]

Canonical To Sue Apple?

Apple published an Mac OSX Lion sneak peak that includes a launchcer which “gives you instant access to your apps – iPad style”. And this launcher is called [drums….. ] Launchpad. Hmmm were have we heard of this before? “Launchpad” is a registered trademark of Canonical Ltd. A bug regarding this has been submitted to […]

openSUSE Weekly News 146 is out!

We are pleased to announce: Issue 146 of openSUSE Weekly News is out! [0] In this week’s issue: * openSUSE ass-kickin’ keynote * openSUSE News: The openSUSE Build Service 2.1 released * Rares Aioanei: Kernel Weekly News 23.10.2010 * Make Tech Easier/Tavis J. Hampton: Advanced KDE Administration * Nelson Marques: openoffice.org and Libre Office… For […]

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – October 24 2010 ==

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – October 24 2010 == New Survey: What do you think of Hot Standby / Streaming Replication? http://www.postgresql.org/community Andreas Scherbaum did a talk in German on PostgreSQL. Podcast is at http://andreas.scherbaum.la/blog/archives/743-POFACS-PostgreSQL.html == PostgreSQL Product News == Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 2.3, a tool for database diffs, released. http://apgdiff.startnet.biz/ plproxyrc, a tool […]

Apple products are banned in Bill Gates’ house

Being the brains behind Microsoft has made Bill Gates the wealthiest guy in the world. So he can pretty much afford to buy his kids any gadgets they want. However, Apple devices are banned in the Gates’ house. This is surprisingly not a rule set by Bill Gates. Melinda Gates has made it very clear […]

Coming Soon: X.Org 7.6 Release Candidate

X.Org Server 1.9.1 was released yesterday, which led us to wonder about the status of the X.Org 7.6 katamari that was supposed to come at around the same time as this first stable point release. We hadn’t heard anything about the X.Org 7.6 release schedule in weeks and before that the target to ship this […]

Here’s Compiz 0.9.2; Should Be Ready For General Use

Sam Spilsbury has just announced the release of Compiz 0.9.2 as the successor to Compiz 0.9.0, which was released in July of this year. We knew that Compiz 0.9.2 was on the way and that it would offer many improvements from new animations to plug-ins that would make you feel as though you are drunk […]

Leaving the OpenOffice.org project

Today is a special day. I feel both sad and relieved, happy and somewhat disgusted. I have officially resigned from all my duties, roles and positions inside the OpenOffice.org project. My resignation is effective immediately and I am leaving the project. I will now be contributing to the Document Foundation, while of course continuing to […]

7 of the Best Free Linux Online Backup Solutions

If you do not value the information stored on your computer, data loss may not represent a significant issue. However, for the majority of users, the loss of their data is likely to have profound implications, such as financial loss, time and effort, and emotional distress. Typically, users who are casual about data protection have […]

Glom 1.16.1

*** Glom With Glom you can design table definitions and the relationships between them, plus arrange the fields on the screen. You can edit and search the data in those tables, and specify field values in terms of other fields. It’s as easy as it should be. More information and screenshots are at http://www.glom.org *** […]

AMD Catalyst 10.10 For Linux Officially Released

While users of Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat” have had access to an early release of the Catalyst 10.10 Linux driver that AMD had sent over to Canonical in advance in order to provide X.Org Server 1.9 support, the rest of the Linux-using public now finally has access to the official Catalyst 10.10 build. Those that […]

Drupal 7.0 Beta 2 released

Our last Drupal 7 beta version was released about a month ago. Today, we’re proud to announce the release of the second (and possibly final!) beta version of Drupal 7.x for your further testing and feedback. The first alpha announcement provided a comprehensive list of improvements made since Drupal 6.x, so in this announcement we’ll […]

KDE to Attend Rome Linux Day Tomorrow

Italian KDE blogger Giovanni Venturi will be presenting KDE software and Linux to attendees at the Rome Linux Day (website in Italian) on Saturday 23 October. If you are near the Italian capital tomorrow do drop by. The event is organised by La Sapienza Linux Users Group, which grew from the “Sapienza” University in Rome. […]

Pidgin 2.7.4 closes DoS vulnerability

The Pidgin development team has released version 2.7.4 of its open source instant messenger application. According to the developers, this maintenance and security update addresses a medium-risk vulnerability (CVE-2010-3711) in the libpurple library used by Pidgin and other instant messaging clients, including Adium and Meebo, that could lead due to a remote denial-of-service (DoS) attack. […]

Thomas Fischer on KBibTeX, the KDE Reference Manager

While they are not busy doing (crazy) research, most scientists do a lot of technical writing: papers, presentations, posters, reports. Such writing is usually accompanied by large number of references; managing them by hand can be tedious and long. That is why scientists use bibliography managers. In the FOSS world, a popular choice is BibTeX, […]

Asterisk 1.8 Released with Support for Google Voice, Calendaring, and More

Open source telephony vendor Digium released the newest version of its popular free VoIP software Asterisk today, and it’s packed with more than 200 enhancements, security updates, and new features — including calendar integration and support for Google Voice and Google Talk. Asterisk’s fully- featured PBX includes call waiting, hold and transfer, caller ID, and […]

Should Servers Be Rebooted?

A question that comes up on a pretty regular basis is whether or not servers should be routinely rebooted. Should they be rebooted once per week, or should they be allowed to run for as long as possible to achieve maximum “uptime”? To me the answer is simple: with rare exception, regular reboots are the […]

What’s new in Linux 2.6.36

The new kernel version is notable because it hasn’t grown in size – yet it contains hundreds of advancements which will be obvious to end users, who don’t often notice changes in their Linux distribution’s kernel. After 80 days of development Linus Torvalds has released Linux version 2.6.36. It got the name “Flesh-Eating Bats with […]

The Real Free and Open Source Exchange Replacement

Recently, the SOGo (http://www.sogo.nu) developers at Inverse developed together with the OpenChange (http://www.openchange.org) team a storage provider that reuses much of the SOGo code. This means Microsoft Outlook can talk to SOGo just like if it was an Exchange server. This is a major step in the FOSS groupware world as costly MAPI connectors can […]