PostgreSQL 9.1alpha3 Now Available

The third alpha release for PostgreSQL version 9.1, 9.1alpha3, is now available. This alpha release contains several new major features added since the alpha2 release. Please download, install, and test it to give us early feedback on the features being developed for the future versions of PostgreSQL. Features added in 9.1alpha3 since alpha2 include: * […]

Drupal 7.0 RC 4 Released

We are proud to present to you the fourth (and likely final) release candidate of Drupal 7.0. This is a bug fix release for some critical upgrade path issues. We’re back down to 0 critical issues again! We’ve announced a January 5 release date for Drupal 7! There are release parties being thrown worldwide on […]

Linuxy Hopes, Dreams and Resolutions for 2011

Now that New Year’s Eve is almost upon us once again, there seems little to do with 2010 but bid it a fond farewell and set our sights on what’s to come. We’ve already taken the required look back over the year; we’ve even put the “year of” debate through one more round. Now, all […]

Why I Use Linux

Most people that know me on any level beyond just a basic hello know that I use Linux in my personal computing for about 95% of what I do. Of course purists would say that I should call it GNU/Linux, but that’s a habit I have yet to adopt. Apologies. I thought I would take […]

Reality Check: Open Source Milestones in 2010

It may be a cliché, but 2010 wouldn’t feel complete without compiling a list of the most memorable happenings in the open-source channel over the last 12 months. So, without further ado, read on for a recap of the events that made the greatest ripples in the free-software world since January 2010… First, though, let’s […]

Current State of Ubuntu Unity [Video]

This awesome video screencast of Ubuntu Unity interface in the latest developmental release of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal was made by Jono Bacon, Ubuntu community manager.

New Ubuntu Unity Video Preview
Look more at Tech Drive-in

KOffice 2.3.0 Office Suite Released

The KOffice team is happy to announce the 2.3 release of KOffice. This release brings many small improvements to all the KOffice applications, but not as many large new features. Among the most important new features are: Krita is now ready for professional artist use. This is thanks to the very focused effort by the […]

6 Alternative Ubuntu Desktops Worth Trying

You may have also heard that the next Ubuntu version–Natty Narwhal, version 11.04–will use the 3D-enabled Unity desktop by default instead, along with the Wayland graphics system. Unity is still based on GNOME, so it won’t affect the use of any GNOME-based applications, Canonical says. It will also still be possible to reinstall GNOME, if […]

Bodhi Linux Get Software Page Goes Live

What good is an operating system if the end user is unable to use it? Not very useful really. A large of part of being able to use your operating system is having the right application for whatever task you are trying to accomplish. I have had a number of users ask me since I […]

A New Video Highlighting Unigine’s OilRush Game

Two weeks back we published an exclusive preview of Unigine’s OilRush as we happen to have access to the internal builds of this upcoming multi-platform , real-time strategy game. Besides that preview article where plenty of screenshots can be found, we also recorded a quick video of this oil-themed game. Now though Unigine Corp has […]

PrestaShop v.1.4 Beta 2 is now available!

Our team has just published the Beta 2 version of PrestaShop 1.4, implementing lots of optimizations: Loyalty module has been optimized Guest Checkout has been improved Tax system is now more efficient New features have been added toUPS and USPS modules The Back Office Welcome Page has been improved, Paypal and MoneyBookers modules have been […]

3.0.4 Important Security Update

Version 3.0.4 of WordPress, available immediately through the update page in your dashboard or for download here, is a very important update to apply to your sites as soon as possible because it fixes a core security bug in our HTML sanitation library, called KSES. I would rate this release as “critical.” I realize an […]

Magento Preview Version CE – Now Available!

We are happy to announce the availability of Magento Preview Version CE for download. This release is a preview version. It is likely unstable and NOT recommended to be used in any production environment (for more information about preview releases and the new community edition release process can be found in this blog post). […]

Spotlight on Linux: VectorLinux 6.0

VectorLinux is one distribution that seems to hum along under most users’ radar. This is a mistake because Vector has many of the characteristics that make Linux great while adding some that has often been heralded by competitors as not existing except with larger commercial distributions. Different Versions VectorLinux is based on Slackware Linux, which […]

Russian Government Will Transition to Linux by 2015

Computerworld’s Grant Gross is reporting today that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has set plans in motion to migrate government IT infrastructure away from Microsoft products and toward Linux-based operating systems. According to translated governmental documents, the process will begin mid-2011 and is expected to be complete by 2015. “The transition to open-source, or free, […]

715 Open Source Software Applications

This list of open source software applications covers the gamut – and then some. After all, ’tis the season to overindulge, and in honor of the occasion we’ve put together a list with more open source software than anyone can digest in one sitting. Gulp. We’ve updated last year’s Monster List of Open Source Downloads […]

GIMP 2.8 Is Struggling To Make It Out The Door

GIMP 2.8 has been talked about for more than a year and back in January there was a GIMP 2.8 release schedule by Martin Nordholts that had set the final release for the 27th of December. That date has now passed and, sadly, this major update to this leading open-source graphics program is still not […]

At Year-End, Open Sourcers Have Lots to Celebrate

The year 2010 was a seminal one for open source, which once conjured up–at least for the uneducated–images of troll-like, cave-dwelling developers who eschewed all popular software standards. Open source is everywhere as 2010 draws to a close, and we’ve already weighed in with our assessment of the four biggest open source events of this […]

Microsoft: Novell is toast and the patent Juggernaut rolls on

The end of 2010 has been interesting. Mass defections from Oracle’s OpenOffice team and the software is ported as LibreOffice. Then Mark Shuttleworth announces that Wayland is in, Xorg is out and Unity will be the next Ubuntu desktop. I was just getting my head around all that when the newswires started humming again with […]

9 Important Linux and FOSS Stories for 2011

This year, I’m giving up making predictions. By my count, my record for 2010 was slightly worse than random chance, and my inability to impress readers individually with cold readings makes me conclude that I should leave fortune telling to the tarot readers. Instead, here are the stories that are likely to make headlines in […]