OSS recommended picks for business users

Amid an enterprise environment that is now more receptive to utility computing and focused on service-based contracts, open source software adoption has grown over the past two years and entered the IT mainstream. In an earlier ZDNet Asia report, Vuk Trikovic, senior analyst at Ovum, said the 2008 recession sent a call for change in […]

A slightly less open Ubuntu recovery mode

Ubuntu recovery mode is a basic boot configuration for repairing a broken system. In this mode it skips most configuration files and daemons in order to achieve a functioning root prompt. For the security-conscious administrator this itself is a problem. There have been complaints about unchallenged root access in recovery mode. Ubuntu uses sudo for […]

Pinguy OS – Probably the Best Ubuntu Derivative I have Ever Used!

Pinguy OS – not many must have heard about it. Pinguy OS is basically a heavily modified Ubuntu with an emphasis on the out-of-the-box functionality of the OS and more importantly on the look-good factor. And I got to tell you folks, on every count, my experience with Pinguy OS was well above average. What […]

Ubuntu Wayland: Shuttleworth’s post-Mac makeover

Ubuntu Linux spent the last few months of 2010 dropping bombshells on the Linux world. Founder Mark Shuttleworth is clearly intent on shaking the foundations of his popular Linux distro and pushing it, and Linux at large, in new directions. Shuttleworth is fast becoming the Steve Jobs of Linux – one man, one vision, one […]

Zorin OS 4 Core and Premium releases are now available!

The Zorin OS Team are proud to announce the availability of the Core and Premium versions of Zorin OS designed for Linux beginners. In addition to the easy to use interface and our unique Look Changer, Zorin OS 4 incorporates such new tools and features as the improved File Manager, file previews and the redesigned sound menu which […]

MoLinux 6.2

MoLinux 6.2, an Ubuntu-based distribution sponsored by the Spanish regional government of Castilla-La Mancha and deployed extensively in the region’s public administration offices and schools, has been released. Some of the most important features of the new version include: based on Ubuntu 10.10; new window design for the log-in screen; new icon theme (GNOME-Wine); hardware […]

Sabayon Linux 5.4+ Xmas Gaming Edition

Oh oh oooh! Merry Christmas! While Santa announced the intention of suing me because he thinks I’m stealing his job, for the third time in a row, I am very pleased to announce that THAT TIME of the year has come again! (who cares about Santa! Old fart!) Yeah, I really mean that THAT time. […]

Five Best Resources for Free Games

Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite resource for finding free games. You responded, we tallied up the nominations, and now we’re back to highlight the five most popular contenders. Note: If a web site feature exclusively Flash and HTML5 games, it got a Web-Based designation. If it offered a mixture of […]

Why Indie Games Need GNU+Linux

Indie games are not very popular, on any platform. They are independent of the big game companies like EA, id Software, Infinity Ward, and Crytek. Thus they also lack the kind of funding these companies have. Windows users started taking games for granted a long time ago. With Windows being the dominant operating system, Windows […]

2010’s Four Biggest Open Source Stories

This year marked many milestones for open source, and among the four biggest stories of all, as Datamation notes, one of them was not the rise of the Linux desktop. That goal, in fact, may be a permanent pipe dream, because Linux-based open source offerings are gaining much success off the computing desktop–a trend that […]

Unity Coming to openSUSE too?!

After the announcement by Canonical that Ubuntu would be moving to Unity for its interface, other developers have expressed some interest in porting it to their distributions just for fun. Fedora’s Adam Williamson was one of the first to start building packages for other distributions, but now someone is working on openSUSE packages as well. […]

Mandriva 2010.2 is out

Please welcome the Mandriva 2010.2 release, which is coming to a mirror nearby you right now! As announced previously, Mandriva 2010.2 is an incremental update on top of Mandriva 2010.1, incorporating all the security and bugfix updates since its release. Just to give you some statistics about what changes in 2010.2 when comparing to 2010 […]

OpenBSD: audits give no indication of back doors

So far, the analyses of OpenBSD’s crypto and IPSec code have not provided any indication that the system contains back doors for listening to encrypted VPN connections. The OpenBSD developers started the code audit to investigate allegations made by Gregory Perry, the former CTO of crypto company NetSec. In an email to OpenBSD founder Theo […]

Linux Mint Debian (201012) released!

What a better time than Christmas to bring all the best from 2010 into an updated release of Linux Mint Debian. All Mint 10 features 64-bit support Performance boost (using cgroup, the notorious “4 lines of code better than 200″ in user-space) Installer improvements (multiple HDDs, grub install on partitions, swap allocation, btrfs support) Better […]

Does 0 A.D. Signal a New Era in SaaS and Open-Source Gaming?

Traditionally, the computer gaming market has been among the niches least impacted by the open-source movement. But that could change dramatically if the developers behind the cross-platform, real-time strategy game 0 A.D. succeed in redefining the way games are created, marketed and distributed. Here’s why: Look around the IT world today and you’ll find dozens […]

Wine release 1.3.10

The Wine development release 1.3.10 is now available. What’s new in this release (see below for details): – Support for notification balloons in system tray. – Obsolete AudioIO sound driver removed. – More work on ActiveX support. – Various MSI fixes. – Preloader now used for 64-bit too. – Translation updates. – Various bug fixes. […]

Samba 4.0.0 alpha 14 “randomdata”

We are proud to a announce another alpha release of Samba 4, alpha 14, codenamed “randomdata”. What’s new in Samba 4 alpha14 ============================= Samba 4 is the ambitious next version of the Samba suite that is being developed in parallel to the stable 3.x series. The main emphasis in this branch is support for the […]

PrestaShop v.1.4 Beta 1 is available!

Our team has just published PrestaShop v.1.4 Beta 1, containing even more new features! Check them out below: Guest Checkout has been added to facilitate the ordering process. Now, one can order without creating a client account, OsCommerce import is henceforth available directly in the solution., Shipping modules for USPS and Fedex are all integrated, […]

KDE Releases 4.6 RC1

KDE Software Compilation 4.6 RC1 Released: Codename Chanukkah KDE Community Ships First Release Candidate of the 4.6 Free Desktop, Applications and Development Platform December 23rd, 2010. Right before christmas, KDE has published the first candidate for the upcoming release of KDE 4.6.0. The focus at this stage is on fixing bugs and completing translations and […]

GnuCash 2.4.0 released

The GnuCash development team proudly announces GnuCash 2.4.0, the latest stable release of the GnuCash Free Accounting Software. With this new release series, GnuCash can use an SQL database using SQLite3, MySQL or PostgreSQL. It runs on GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX. WARNING: You should uninstall any earlier GnuCash version from your […]