ZaReason Teo Pro Netbook: Test Drive Ready for Takeoff

I’ve had an affinity for netbooks since they entered public consciousness sometime in late 2008. Despite the limitations of my Dell Mini 9, I loved it dearly. Now that Atom CPUs are getting more powerful, drives are getting smaller, and components are maturing, ZaReason has decided to pack together a good chunk of that new […]

WordPress hit by massive DDoS attack

On Thursday 3 March, the world’s largest blogging host, was subject to a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, the largest that it has ever experienced. The first notification on the status page for Automattic Inc., the owner of, stated that “ is currently being targeted by a extremely large Distributed Denial […]

(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 29 released

(IN)SECURE Magazine is a freely available digital security magazine discussing some of the hottest information security topics. Issue 29 has just been released. Download it from: The covered topics include: – Virtual machines: Added planning to the forensic acquisition process – Review: iStorage diskGenie – Managers are from Mars, information security professionals are from […]

Announcing the release of Fedora 15 Alpha!!

The Fedora 15 “Lovelock” Alpha release is available! This release offers a preview of some of the best free and open source technology currently under development. Catch a glimpse of the future: *** What is the Alpha release? *** The Alpha release contains all the beefy features of Fedora 15 in a form that […]

PostgreSQL Weekly News – March 06 2011

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – March 06 2011 == The list of talks and speakers for PGCon 2011 has been released. Selena Deckelmann is organizing a PL developer summit at PgCon. Help make it great! There is now a Spanish language version of Planet PostgreSQL. A webcast in Spanish for PostgreSQL 9.0 […]

Samba 3.5.8 Available for Download

=================================================================== “Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed… I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself.” Delia Smith ================================================================== Release Announcements ===================== This is the latest stable release of Samba 3.5. Major enhancements in Samba 3.5.8 include: o Fix Winbind crash bug when no DC is available (bug #7730). o […]

Thunderbird 3.1.9 Update Now Available for Download

An update for Thunderbird 3.1.9 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux for free download from This release prevents a crash after update that is affecting some users. We strongly recommend that all Thunderbird users upgrade to this release. If you already have Thunderbird 3.1, you will receive an automated update notification within […]

Firefox 3.6.15 compatibility update now available

Firefox 3.6.15 is now available as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux from As always, we recommend that users keep up to date with the latest stability and support versions of Firefox, and encourage all our users to upgrade to the very latest version, Firefox 3.6.15. We strongly recommend that all Firefox […]

Wine release 1.3.15

The Wine development release 1.3.15 is now available. What’s new in this release (see below for details): – Support for changing network passwords. – Reflection support in shader compiler. – Tests no longer attempt to cope with Win9x behavior. – A number of MSHTML and MSXML improvements. – Various bug fixes. The source is available […]

SeaMonkey 2.0.12 Security Update

As part of Mozilla’s ongoing stability and security update process, SeaMonkey 2.0.12 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as a free download from We strongly recommend that all SeaMonkey and old suite users upgrade to this latest release. If you already have SeaMonkey 2.0, you will receive an automated update notification within […]

KDE Ships March Updates: 4.6.1, codename: Helga

KDE Releases March Updates KDE Community Ships March Updates (4.6.1, codenamed Helga) March 4th, 2011. Today, KDE has released a series of updates to the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, the KDE Applications and the KDE Frameworks. This update is the first in a series of monthly stabilization updates to the 4.6 series. 4.6.1 brings […]

Debian wins two of seven categories at the Linux New Media Awards 2011

The Debian project’s representatives were quite busy at this year’s Linux New Media Awards, which were presented yesterday during CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. They first took the stage when the award for “Best Open Source Server Distribution” was presented by Peter Ganten, Managing Director of Univention GmbH. In presenting the award he emphasized that Debian […]

Qt and the Future of KDE

Following Nokia’s recent announcement about its future smart phone development strategy, KDE has received a lot of questions. Many of these questions have been related to the future of KDE and KDE’s commitment to the Qt framework. In this statement we set out what we see as a bright future for Qt and KDE software. […]

Why Did They Take My GNOME Buttons Away?

With the latest GNOME 3 development snapshots came a lot of disappointment. Several blogged and dozens commented about the missing minimize and maximize buttons. Folks had grown used to using those buttons and wondered how to cope without. Mostly they just wondered why were they removed? Where did the buttons go? To answer this, Allan […]

What is Your Favorite Desktop?

Every few years I run a poll on my personal website to gauge Linux users’ favorite desktop. When analyzing the results over the years, some trends do emerge. Is KDE or GNOME king? What has come in third or fourth consistently over the years? How about you, what is your favorite desktop? The first poll […]

LibreOffice Suite Features Unique to Open Source Community

Lest anyone complain that the free-software world doesn’t offer enough choices, there are now two major open source office suites vying for the hearts and minds of choosy end users. But since both of these products — and LibreOffice — derive from the same codebase, what actually sets them apart? Here we take a […]

Fedora 16 Naming: Nominations are now open. Submit your suggestion!

Hear ye, hear ye! Attention, all Fedora fans and release naming enthusiasts: The time has come once again to choose the name for the next release of Fedora.  Potential names will be accepted for consideration beginning March 3rd (in other words, NOW) through March 10. Please note that you *must* follow the instructions and […]

Fedora Weekly News 265

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 265[1] for the week ending March 2, 2011. What follows are some highlights from this issue. Our issue kicks off with a couple outage announcements from this past week, followed by three articles ‘In the News’, including an interview with Fedora Program Manager, Robyn Bergeron. In Ambassador news, summaries […]

Powered by Linux

How many out there use Linux? I bet if I asked 100 people, less than 10 percent would say yes. To be fair, people think in terms of computers, laptops, netbooks, and desktops, and that demographic is 90 percent Windows, 90 percent Microsoft-centric. But computers and OSes that power them permeate all aspects of our […]

PrestaShop v.1.4 RC6 released!

We’re even closer to final version of 1.4– still more efficient and complete—and today we’re announcing the release of PrestaShop 1.4 RC6.   Our team is mobilized to quickly publish the final version, long-awaited by our Community. This week, more than 85 enhancements have been made to our software, including: Optimization of geolocation, and tax […]