PA-DSS and Upcoming New Releases

There has been a lot of buzz and speculation lately about what’s happening with Zen Cart development activities. Here’s an update: If you’ve been around the Zen Cart community anytime in the last year, you would have seen the fact that we released a new version, v1.3.9, and over the ensuing months we published several […]

Stable kernel

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of the stable kernel. “Many thanks again to Maximilian Attems who dug around in a lot of different distro kernels and forwarded to me the original git commit ids that should be applied to this tree. Red Hat didn’t make this very easy due to their “one giant […]

Lubuntu: Finally, a Lightweight Ubuntu!

Ubuntu Linux has millions of fans. What’s not to like? A free operating system with ten thousand free applications, websites covering everything you might ever want to know, tutorials, active forums, and more. Yet for all these benefits, situations pop up when you want a faster, lighter operating system. Perhaps you have an older computer, […]

Has Ubuntu Linux Lost Its Luster?

With its focus on usability, Canonical’s Ubuntu is held up by many as the best Linux distribution of all time, and its Distrowatch rankings tend to reinforce that belief. Not only is the distro currently the most frequently downloaded from that site, but all the many ground-shaking changes it has announced promise to keep it […]

Interview: Ted Gould on Ubuntu Unity

Quick Look: Ubuntu 11.04 Beta

Canonical will release tomorrow, March 3rd, the third and last Alpha version of the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) operating system, due for release at the end of April, 2011. We thought it will be a very good idea to inform you guys about a few nice changes that will be packed in the Beta […]

Ubuntu Live CD Will Let You Upgrade To Newer Ubuntu Versions [Ubuntu 11.04 Development]

An update to the Ubuntu 11.04 installer (Ubiquity) finally brings upgrade support to the Ubuntu Live CD. That means that for instance if you use Ubuntu 10.10, when you’ll boot the Ubuntu 11.04 Live CD you’ll have an option to upgrade (without losing your documents and installed applications). Besides this change, there’s also a redesigned […]

Ubuntu’s money problem: How much (if any) should Canonical take from Banshee’s Amazon sales? (And did Canonical split the baby right in the final compromise?)

You want a kerfuffle? Here it is. Canonical makes “affiliate” revenue from sales via its Ubuntu One music store, which works through the Rhythmbox music player/manager. Now that Ubuntu is changing to Banshee as its default music-management application — and Banshee happens to have a plugin for the Amazon music store, things have gotten a […]

Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Customization Guide

At the request of our readers we have decided to revive our old desktop customization tutorial for the Ubuntu OS (and other major Linux distributions powered by the GNOME desktop environment). This step-by-step tutorial was created for the Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) operating system and it will teach you how to change the looks of […]

PC-BSD 8.2 Released!

The PC-BSD Team is pleased to announce the availability of PC-BSD 8.2 (Hubble Edition), running FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE, and KDE 4.5.5 Version 8.2 contains a number of enhancements and improvements. For a full list of changes, please refer to the changelog. Some of the notable changes are: FreeBSD 8.2-Release KDE 4.5.5 Added ability to select file-system […]

Is it Fair to Criticize Canonical and Ubuntu for Going Commercial?

Of the various Linux distros that I use, I still favor Ubuntu over all others. It presents me with fewer usability and compatibility problems than other distros do, I’m used to it, it couldn’t be easier to try, or to add and remove applications, I run into zero security problems with it, and more. However, […]

Ubuntu Compromises on Banshee Revenue Recipients

Canonical and Ubuntu encountered quite a bit of resistance from its community recently when it changed the default Banshee profit sharing recipient. By default, in Banshee The GNOME Foundation was to receive a portion of revenue from music sales through the AmazonMP3 store. But in a recent Ubuntu 11.04 snapshot, users noticed that recipient was […]

Firefox 3.6.14 and 3.5.17 security updates now available

Firefox 3.6.14 and Firefox 3.5.17 are now available as free downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux from As always, we recommend that users keep up to date with the latest stability and support versions of Firefox, and encourage all our users to upgrade to the very latest version, Firefox 3.6.14. Firefox 3.6.14: Firefox […]

Thunderbird 3.1.8 update is now available

An update for Thunderbird 3.1.8 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux for free download from This release makes several improvements to Thunderbird’s performance, stability, and security. Thunderbird 3.0.11 was the last security and stability update for Thunderbird 3.0.x. Thunderbird 3.0.x users will be prompted and encouraged to start using Thunderbird 3.1. We […]

Debian Project News – February 28th, 2011

Welcome to this year’s third issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” released * New layout and website related news * Backports for “Squeeze” easier for users * Volatile replaced by new updates suite * Bits from the Debian Project Leader * DebConf […]