Announcing the release of Fedora 15 (Lovelock)

Let the celebrations begin! Fedora 15 is officially here! Fedora is a leading edge, free and open source operating system that continues to deliver innovative features to many users, with a new release about every six months. We bring to you the latest and greatest release of Fedora ever, Fedora 15! Join us and share […]

Software AG acquires open source caching experts Terracotta

Terracotta, home of open source projects such as the Ehcache Java cache and Quartz scheduler, has been acquired by Software AG. The acquisition will, says the German company, act as a foundation for its in-memory and cloud offerings, allowing it to run business processes which use in-memory cached data access at “up to a thousand […]

Calligra Announces First Snapshot Release

The Calligra project has announced the first snapshot release of the Calligra suite, five months after Calligra and KOffice split ways. During that time, the Calligra team has improved the core libraries and all the applications. This is a technical preview, not recommended for production work. Inge Wallin, the marketing coordinator for Calligra, says, “We […]

Apple Is Winning On the Business Desktop: Is That Good for Open Source?

“There’s really no other way to say this: The Mac is kicking ass,” reports All Things Digital. What prompted these superlatives? March was the 20th consecutive quarter that Mac shipment growth exceeded PC shipments. According to data from IDC and cited by Needham and Company analyst Charles Wolf, Mac shipment shipment growth rose 27.7 percent […]

Another DoS fix for Apache HTTP server

The update of the Apache HTTP Server (httpd) to version 2.2.18 earlier this month to close a denial of service (DoS) problem appears to have exposed a related DoS vulnerability. The developers have now released httpd 2.2.19 to fix this new problem which has been rated as moderately critical; however, as with the previous DoS […]

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – May 22 2011 ==

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – May 22 2011 == The first Commitfest of the 9.2 cycle will start June 15, 2011, but you don’t have to wait until then to review a patch. PostgreSQL Magazine #00 is out. You can download it, view it online or buy a print copy at And don’t […]

Ubuntu Advertising team launch user experience survey

The community-led Ubuntu Advertisement team have launched a new ‘user experience survey’ whose responses ‘may be used in statistics and publicity.’ The survey itself won’t take up much of your time and you’ll be helping out Ubuntu in the process. Ubuntu Advertising Team Survey For more information on the Ubuntu Advertising team check out their […]

The End Of The Road For Linux 2.6 Looks Likely

It was just a few hours ago that we were the first news site to point out the message by Linus Torvalds on the kernel mailing list about his desire to end the Linux 2.6 kernel series and move future releases to the Linux 2.8 or even Linux 3.0 series. While efforts to change the […]

Stable kernels and

The and stable kernels have been released with the usual pile of important fixes.

4 Proprietary game from Ubuntu software center

Usually i never open Ubuntu software center, i use aptitude or apt-get, casually the other day i opened it and i noticed that in the what’s new area there were some proprietary games. So just out of curiosity I looked at what this game looked like. The games are: Monster RPG 2, Uplink, Family Farm […]

Fedora 15 Spins Custom Linux Distros

For some use cases, a one size fits all operating system doesn’t fit the bill. That’s where customized operating systems can come into play, with Linux being a key enabler. As part of the upcoming Fedora 15 Linux release, there will be multiple ‘spins’ or customized variants of the general-purpose Linux operating system release, to […]

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 406

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: OpenIndiana – there’s still hope News: Fedora 15 declared gold, CentOS 6 release imminent, Attachmate’s openSUSE commitment, Arch Linux release update, sneak peak at Kubuntu 11.10 Questions and answers: Frustrated with lack of “polish” Released last week: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1,…. Read more at DistroWatch

Has Canonical Convinced Linux Users to Pay for Applications?

The Linux crowd has a reputation as a group that doesn’t like paying for things. That stereotype may or may not be fair, but either way, it hasn’t stopped Canonical from introducing more than a dozen for-purchase software packages to Ubuntu Desktop users over the last 10 months. Here’s a look at what the company […]

The Android Empire Rules the Smartphone World

The Android platform tops the list in sales of smartphone operating systems for the first quarter of 2011, according to a report by market researcher Gartner. Total smartphone sales accounted for 23.6 percent of global handset units overall, and various phones sporting Google’s Android OS took 36 percent of that market. They sold more than […]

Google Deodorizes Sniffable Android Security Flaw

Google has begun rolling out a patch to fix a security flaw in versions 2.3.3 and earlier of its Android mobile operating system. That flaw affects all Google services using the ClientLogin authentication protocol. It lets hackers access any personal data available through Android’s application programming interfaces. “The flaw is now fixed for all versions […]

What Not To Expect From The Linux 2.6.40 Kernel

Since the release of the Linux 2.6.39 kernel on Thursday, Linus Torvalds opened the merge window for the Linux 2.6.40 kernel and it will stay open until month’s end. While the 2.6.40 kernel will bring several open-source graphics driver improvements (performance improvements, Intel Ivy Bridge support NVIDIA Optimus, etc), new hardware enablement, and other enhancements, […]

Stable kernel

The stable kernel update is out with another set of important fixes.

What’s Coming Up For GNOME 3.2?

Last week marked the end of the feature proposal for GNOME 3.2, for the first major update to the GNOME3 desktop. The GNOME 3.2 release schedule has the final release set for the end of September. In this article is a list of some of the features that were brought up for GNOME 3.2. The […]

For Enterprise Open Source Adoption, Support Problems Still Loom

The annual Open Source Business Conference (OSBC), sponsored by Computerworld, took place in San Francisco this week, and, as usual at the conference, Northbridge Venture Partners released its Future of Open Source survey results. The survey was done in conjunction with the 451 Group, and we’ve taken a preliminary look at the survey’s top-line results, […]

0 A.D. Receives New Shader-Based Renderer Mode

For those not doing any work this weekend, Wildfire Games has released 0 A.D. Alpha 5 Edetania. This fifth alpha to the game that’s long been in development and then only open-sourced in 2009 has quite a lot of improvements, including a new shader-based graphics renderer. The new shader-based renderer mode in 0 A.D. Alpha […]