The last Zentyal beta installer (2.1-2) available!

Hi fellow Zentyal users, We’re glad to announce the availability of a new beta installer, Zentyal 2.1-2! Please note that this is the last beta version: from July to September we’ll publish a series of release candidate versions and in September the next stable release (Zentyal 2.2), will see daylight. This installer contains all the […] adopts Linux Professional Institute Certification

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world’s premier Linux certification organization (, announced that ( , the world’s largest domain name registrar, has initiated a program of LPI training and certification for their technical support staff. The program began this past March and an initial group of IT professionals at have successfully obtained […]

Drupal 7.4 released

Drupal 7.3, a maintenance release which fixes security vulnerabilities is now available for download. Drupal 7.4 also fixes other issues reported through the bug tracking system. Download Drupal 7.4 Upgrading your existing Drupal 7 sites is strongly recommended. There are no new features in these releases. For more information about the Drupal 7.x release series, […]

Open source based company wins industry award

Voice over IP services provider Gradwell has won the Federation of Communications Services (FCS) “Communication Provider of the Year” award. Managing Director Peter Gradwell accepted the award, presented at FCS’s 30th birthday celebrations, saying it was a “great reflection of all our hard work… being recognised by the FCS is especially important as they represent […]

Arista Transcoder: Media Conversions Without the Technical Inquisition

Converting media files can be a huge chore. The lack of standardization results in competing audio and video file standards. The file conversion fiasco is further compounded by a lack of choices that do not require a computer degree to use. Frustration mounts in using various media players and conversion tools that handle some but […]

Linux Foundation announce 20th anniversary T-shirt design winner

The annual contest to design a T-shirt for Linux required the designers create something special this year as it is Linux’s 20th anniversary. After narrowing the entries to a short list the panel of judges have announced that they have selected “Flying Penguin” by Sweden based designer Kim Blanche as the winner. The design will […]

Netrunner 3.2 Released

We just released Netrunner 3.2 for download: (Size: 1.32 GB, Md5sum: d6d4d7f3ff127131b89d6ef7b20cb269) Changes from the last version are as follows: Newly installed: added Libre Office (Office Suite) 3.3.2 to replace added Clementine (Music Player) added Deluge (Torrent-Client) added Dropbox (incl. Kfilebox for Dolphin) added Skype (VoIP) added (gnome) network-manager to replace knetworkmanager Updated from […]


FreeSynd is a cross-platform, GPLed reimplementation of the classic Bullfrog game, Syndicate. The original Syndicate introduction: As the world’s multinational corporations grew, their profits began to rival those of small countries. Soon they owned small countries and corporate influence was felt at the highest level of world government. Smaller corporations were swallowed up like plankton […]

WordPress 3.1.4 (and 3.2 Release Candidate 3)

WordPress 3.1.4 is available now and is a maintenance and security update for all previous versions. This release fixes an issue that could allow a malicious Editor-level user to gain further access to the site. Thanks K. Gudinavicius of SEC Consult for bringing this to our attention. Version 3.1.4 also incorporates several other security fixes and […]

Surprising Power Consumption Of Ubuntu 11.04 vs. Windows 7

After recently tracking down the major Linux kernel power regression that’s present for a vast number of mobile users in Fedora 15, Ubuntu 11.04, and other recent Linux distributions shipping the 2.6.38+ kernel, the sights were turned to see how the power management of Ubuntu 11.04 compares to that of Windows 7 Professional Service Pack […]

Cloudmin 5.6 released

Hi Cloudmin users, Cloudmin version 5.6 is now available for download from our YUM amd APT repositories. New features in this version include : * IPv6 addresses can now be managed on Xen and KVM instances and assigned at creation time. The IP Addresses page also allows entering of IPv6 allocation ranges for use by […]

Mandriva 2011 RC1 is at the door..

..and waiting to be released in the coming hours! as promised some weeks ago, we told you that Mandriva 2011 RC1 should be expected this week. The images are built and are undergoing an internal testing right now, and unless any critical issues are discovered, they will be pushed to the mirrors in the coming […]

PrestaShop v1.4.3: a Stronger, Safer Code and a Simplified Update! by Bruno Lévêque

My first concern when I co-created PrestaShop back in 2007 was to provide merchants with a powerful Open Source e-commerce solution, as well as precious help: being at their sides, getting interested in their projects, and accompanying them effectively in their growth. Developers, you know as well as I that your first source of inspiration […]

Is Opera 11.50 bigger than the Death Star?

Almost 1.2 million stormtroopers, droids and janitors can fit into a fully operational Death Star. Nearly 11 million people follow Lady Gaga on Twitter. Now, Opera aims to put those numbers to shame with the number of downloads for its newest browser. The world can follow our milestones with a live download counter on, […]

Instantbird 1.0 released in 11 locales!

The Instantbird team is pleased to announce a polished Instantbird 1.0, released today in 11 locales. Instantbird is an extremely easy to use and highly extensible instant messaging client that aims to respect its users! Building on the experience available via open-source software, Instantbird is able to harness the power of Pidgin (via its libpurple […]

What does the future hold for Firefox?

Firefox was always the coolest browser but it is rapidly losing that crown to Google’s Chrome I’ve been a fan of Firefox for the longest time. Over the years I have faithfully installed just about every version of the open source browser and, while I chopped and changed between e-mail clients, web-editors and word processors, […]

Zend Server 5.5 Beta Advances PHP Automation

Enterprise PHP vendor Zend is now testing a new version of its Zend Server in an effort to improve PHP application deployment automation. Zend Server 5.5 will be the first major update to the PHP middleware platform since the 5.0 release in October of 2009. The Zend Server 5.5 release has a key focus on […]

Joomla! 1.6 update closes security holes

The Joomla! developers have released version 1.6.4 of their open source content management system (CMS), a maintenance and security update to the 1.6 branch. The latest version addresses a total of four security vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities include two medium priority cross-site scripting (XSS) issues, a medium priority problem related to inadequate permission checking that could […]

Linux Mint 11 LXDE RC released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 11 LXDE RC. Linux Mint 11 LXDE RC New features at a glance: The Software Manager UI improvements New splash screen Fonts category More accurate package information More application icons by default More accurate search by default The Update Manager Performance boosts Improved dependencies […]

Peppermint OS Two review

A self-styled ‘hybrid OS,’ Peppermint Two has a lot to offer those looking for a lightweight web-friendly distribution, but is it a realistic alternative to Lubuntu? Gareth Halfacree finds outs… Pros: A lightweight distribution, Peppermint Two is perfect for those who rely on web-based applications day to day. Cons: If you lose your Internet connection, […]