Is Microsoft Linux’s New BFF?

Those of us who have been around the block a few times here in the Linux blogosphere have seen it many times before: With one hand, Microsoft holds out a small olive branch to the Linux community, while with the other it prepares a new patent attack, posts a “cautionary” FUD-filled video, or perpetrates some […]

First Person Shooter ‘Red Eclipse : Supernova Edition’ Released for Linux

A new version for popular Linux FPS game Red Eclipse has been released. Codenamed ‘Supernova Edition’, this release sees many new features and changes. About Red Eclipse Red Eclipse is a Free and Open Source game, built on Cube Engine 2 using SDL and OpenGL. The game is a single-player and multi-player first-person shooter, built […]

Zorin OS 5 Lite is now available

The Zorin OS Team are proud to release the Zorin OS 5 Lite, the lightweight version of our operating system designed for Windows users using old and low-spec computers. We have released this version ahead of schedule. This new version of Zorin OS Lite is based on Lubuntu 11.04 and uses the LXDE desktop environment, […]

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 415

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: Debian’s GNU/kFreeBSD News: OpenBSD 5.0 and Fedora 16 features, farewell for Max Spevack, interview with Debian’s Martin Michlmayr, ten reasons to use Slackware Tips and tricks: Command-line fun Released last week: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7, Ubuntu 10.04.3 Upcoming releases: Mandriva Linux…. Read more at DistroWatch

Canonical Launches Ubuntu Linux Channel Partner Program

Canonical, promoter of Ubuntu Linux, has finally announced a new channel partner program called Ubuntu Advantage (UA).  It sounds like Paul Holt, VP of corporate services at Canonical, essentially becomes the company’s channel chief. Ubuntu certainly has a strong following in certain niche PC markets. But can Canonical finally master the channel? Here’s the update. […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 225

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 225 for the week July 18 – 24, 2011. == Links to UWN == * Wiki page: == In This Issue == * Ubuntu Certification Is Changing * Ubuntu 11.10 Development update * Ubuntu 10.04.3 (Lucid Lynx) LTS released! * New Americas Membership Board Members * Ubuntu […]

Release for CentOS-6.0 LiveCD i386 and x86_64

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CentOS-6.0 LiveCD for i386 and x86_64 architectures. Detailed Release Notes are available at +++++++++++++++++++++++ Overview The CentOS-6.0 LiveCD is meant to be a Linux environment suited to be run directly from either CD media or USB storage devices. It does not need any persistent storage […]

Debian Project News – July 25th, 2011

Welcome to this year’s eleventh issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Happy Birthday, Linux! * Community Distribution Patent Policy FAQ * Bits from the DPL * Bits from the Debian GNU/Hurd porters * Call for DebConf13 bids * 33094 spam messages removed from Debian Mailing […]

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – July 24 2011 ==

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – July 24 2011 == == PostgreSQL Product News == pgbuildfarm client 4.6 released. == PostgreSQL Jobs for July == == PostgreSQL Local == PGDay Porto Alegre will be on August 19, 2011 in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. Postgres Open 2011, a conference focused on disruption of the […]

Linux all-in-one phone and computer so near, so far

For six months I longed for the Motorola Atrix Android smartphone first announced in January. That was, until I got one and reality fell short of my utopian vision. Now I must beseech Motorola, telcos and Linux hackers alike to bring my dream to fruition. Motorola hit headlines as the year kicked off by announcing […]

GNOME & KDE Developers Go To Battle Over A Name

Ahead of the Berlin Desktop Summit, several GNOME and KDE developers have begun a mailing list battle…over a name. In particular, that with GNOME 3.0 their control panel areas is called “System Settings”, which is precisely what the KDE developers call their system control area too. Read more at Phoronix

Softpedia Linux Weekly, Issue 157

Welcome to the 157th issue of Softpedia Linux Weekly! The following Linux-based operating systems have been announced last week: Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7. In other news: Canonical announced the schedule for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Developer Summit event for 2011, which will take place in Orlando, Florida, USA; Canonical published the […]

Mozilla to Enterprise: We Never Meant to Make You Cry

Less than a month after Mozilla evangelist Aza Dotzler blew off enterprise users of the company’s Firefox Web browser, triggering an avalanche of angry responses, the Mozilla Foundation is seeking to make nice with corporate America. The Foundation has announced that it’s re-establishing the Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group. This group will provide a forum […]

Get a Glimpse of Unstable Apps in Ubuntu Without Risk

Sergey “Shnatsel” Davidoff posted today that Alpha testing has just been revolutionized. Sounds exciting, huh? It really is. Glimpse allows users to test new or unstable updates without risk of breaking their current installs. As Davidoff introduced it: Imagine you can try the absolutely latest version of any app, on your real data, safely, side-by-side […]

The responsibilities of ownership

In the open source community we make a very big deal about the rights of ownership. But what about the responsibilities? Any asset comes with attendant costs, risks and responsibilities. And anybody who doesn’t take those seriously is a poor steward of the asset. In the physical world, we know this very well. If you […]

Unigine OilRush Game Receives More Enhancements

There’s still no revised release plans from Unigine Corp on when they plan to officially release their OilRush cross-platform game (the last official update was this “summer” but acknowledged to me delays were likely), but they did put out a new beta version. OilRush v0.72 brings a number of new enhancements to better this inaugural […]

XL Engine For Games Is Being Brought To Linux

The XL Engine, a game engine designed to run enhanced remakes/ports of classic game titles, is being ported to Linux. Not only does this run ports of classic games, but at the same time there’s visual improvements, this cross-platform capabilities, greater support for mods, and other reported benefits. Among the XL Games using this engine […]

What Do You Dislike or Hate About Ubuntu?

When applying to become an Ubuntu developer, part of the application process asks “what [do you] like least in Ubuntu.” This has provided Canonical with a lot of feedback about Ubuntu from potential developers. Only now though is a concise list of these negative items being made available publicly. Daniel Holbach has written to the […]

openSUSE Weekly News 185

We are pleased to announce: Issue 185 of openSUSE Weekly News is out! [0] In this Issue: openSUSE 12.1 Milestone 3 released Google Summer of Code Reports Javier Llorente: New namespace for KDE apps maintained by upstream openSUSE medical Meeting For a list of available translations see the Translations Section in the actual Weekly News. […]

Zentyal 2.2-rc1 available!

Hi Zentyal users, The Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce the availability of the 2.2-rc1 installer! This is the first release candidate for the 2.2 stable series. As the beta releases have ended, it means that this version comes already with all the Zentyal 2.2 features. From now on, all the focus will be […]